I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

62. The Witch’s Dwelling is Floating on a Puddle (6)

“Didn’t you previously say that you studied about marriage? The book didn’t cover this?”

“It’s only written as exchanging vows. Never would I’ve thought that it would require a physical contact such as that.”

“It’s not really that huge of a thing… after all, it’s merely touching each other.”

“M-merely touching each other—!?”

So to him, kissing is an equivalent of ‘merely touching each other’—!? Or, by his definition, kissing means ‘merely touching each other’—!?

Roze opens and closes her mouth.

“It’s alright. I’ll be gentle.”

“…I, it’s as if you are saying there’s another way to do that other than being gentle!”


“Why are you silent!? Speak up!? Is there a need to stay silent!?”

Roze hugs her knees and buries her face in pain.

“Impossible… in a ceremony… for the first time… no way…”

It seems that the sight of Roze’ shoulders trembling has succeeded on garnering his sympathy. Harij gently rubs her back.

“…Roze, are you saying that you need practice?”

“Please don’t spin my words around.”

“Well, I won’t force you. We can proceed the ceremony without doing that, then—“


Harij glances at Roze who suddenly becomes energized again.


“But, what I’ve just said…”

Roze gets up and leaves the room. But, she recalls how he was laughing, and peeks inside his room again—



“Do you remember your promise?”


Towards the man who seemingly forgot his promise, Roze looks sour.

“The promise you made in exchange for me to wear the wedding dress.”

“Oh, that, I remember—but why do you bring that up right now? Don’t you think that’s too abrupt of a change?”

“I also don’t want to be thought of as such, but to me, it’s really important for you to wear that.”

Roze worries that in concession for letting her not kiss him in the ceremony, she has to give up on seeing him in full knightly attire.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time. When will you wear it?”

Recently, Roze has begun to welcome Harij back home at night by the door. Partly because Harij has been coming home less and less these days. Well, the main reason is because she’s excited about seeing him return in his knight uniform.

But unfortunately, there’s no sign of such in the near future.

“At least tell me when you plan on wearing it.”



“I shall wear it when the time is right.”

“The right time? Isn’t that when you’re guarding at the castle? Then I’ll never see it! What are you implying!?”

When Roze thinks that he might not keep his promise, Roze gradually becomes sad and infuriated.

“Why are you in such a panic?”

“…I’m not panicked…”

She almost forgets her identity as a Witch. Roze takes a deep breath and stares at Harij.

“Are you going to betray your promise?”

“No. I’ll upkeep it.”

Harij answers with a serious face. Roze, somewhat relieved, turns away.

“Alright, I shall believe you then.”

She thinks Harij will laugh at her, however, his face at the next moment is very sweet, it can melt her anytime.

“…that’s good.”


Roze is so surprised, she runs to the hallway before the sweetness makes her cease to be.

Late at night, a man is sitting in the dark office room.

The open curtain welcomes a moonlit night into the room.

The winds are strong, as such, the usually singing insects have become quiet. The clouds encircling the moon are thin, shining in a whitish glow.

The castle is asleep under the ceiling of stars. It’s so quiet, a gust of wind can be heard clearly from time to time. In the political office, the sound of a running pen can faintly be heard.

Footsteps approaching from a distance reach the office.

The man who is bathed in the moonlight glances at the documents with a difficult face. He’s carrying a small lamp.

“Did you figure anything out?”

Yashm, bathing under the moonlight, glances at the open door. The man has apparently entered without knocking. The man—Harij—looks into Yashm’s exhausted face.

“I’m sorry for the abrupt visit.”

“I don’t mind. Sit down.”

Yashm points at the sofa with a pen in his hand. His eyebrows are furrowing. Harij sits down quietly in the recommended seat after showing his respect to him.

“Let’s get to the point.”

“Alright, then. Five out of the seven nobles who have collapsed for unknown reasons testified that they had just had a drink. Four out of five are wine.”

“…then, wine manufacturers.”

“I’ve asked and confirmed who provided the wine. The brands, production areas, and routes are all different.”

“I see.”

Harij and Yashm have recently been exploring a mysterious phenomena in which nobles have been collapsing one after another for unknown reasons. Although it’s not part of Yashm’s duties, one of his acquaintance has fallen.

Fortunately, all those who have collapsed recovered in less than half a day.

Also, the symptoms are mild and the side effect not particularly noticeable. However, the damage might become larger in the future.

“Can’t you get your hands on something more solid?”

Harij replies quietly, “…I shall.”

“Well then, continue searching. That’s it for today.”

Harij quietly bows and leaves the office.

While listening to the footsteps echoing from the corridor, Yashm heaves a long and deep sigh.

***T/N: O_O an Assholey Prince… who actually didn’t neglect paperwork and ruling the kingdom… O_O I’m not sure how to feel, wow, WOW!!!!

But oi, who do you think you are? Slaving around our National Treasure like that, CAUSING HIM TO GO HOME LESS AND LESS, KEEPING HIM TO YOURSELF SO HE CAN’T MEET ROZE…!!!!! *crack fist —wait, my statements make him sound like

–other than that, yep, something’s definitely going to happen before/ during their wedding ceremony.

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