Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

55.2 Asher-san’s Melancholy

“Overcoming an opponent thy is disadvantaged against would be a true display of strength. Should the young lass be watching from nearby, she would discover the strength to triumph over her timidity.”
“While I understand what jii-san is saying, this is getting annoying.”

Old Sleigstar and Asher-san must have been close friends for ages now. Even though their words and retorts are covered in thorns, they’re jabbed out quite lightly. It feels more like fun banter than a bitter argument.

“Not at all, this tomboy of a lass was a fright to mine’s eyes back then.”
“What are you saying? With all the trouble you caused, Jii-san? Your flippant attitude hasn’t changed at all these past six hundred years.”
Fufun, thy says such after how we met in the past? Did thou not often shriek thine’s duties to come visit me? The last time was ten years ago, I believe?”
“Wha- what are you trying to say?”
Ah, that’s true. When mother quarrels with father, she disappears every now and then, nyan.”
“Ny- Nymiaa.”

Asher-san winces at Nymia’s counterattack.

“Gahahaha, thou has been exposed by the lass. If thy wishes to regain thine’s honor as her mother, thou should exterminate the decaying dragon.”
Kuu, I’ve been lead around just as how jii-san predicted. How vexing.”

Asher-san has been lead around, she has been completely and utterly lead around.

Although Asher-san too has lead a long life as an ancient dragon, Old Sleigstar has protected the Dragon Forest for two thousand years. Everything has been moving around on the palm of his hand. Just as I’ve thought, he’s incredible, truly amazing.

Seeing her mother flustered like this must be a novel experience for Nymia. She’s staring at her in astonishment.

Nntto, Priscilla will go too.”

Priscilla-chan, without anyone realizing, had stopped crying. After curiously watching over our exchange, she enthusiastically holds her hand overhead.

“No, no, that’s too dangerous. We’ll stay here and watch over this place.”
Fumu, what art thou saying? Thy shall also go and observe.”

I shriek out. Why do I have to watch a battle between a combat dragon and a decaying dragon? I’m not just scared of watching that fight, I don’t even want to go anywhere near the place.

“Thou can ride upon Asher’s back.”

This time, Asher-san cries out.

“Why do I have to fly around while carrying a humanoid on my back?”

Yes, yes, that’s right. Don’t allow for a human like me to ride on the back of an ancient dragon-sama.

“What’s this? This one allows it. Ride on her back.”
Nntto, Priscilla wants to go too.”

Priscilla-chan puffs her cheeks in protest.

“Such is too dangerous for thou. Remain here together with the shine maiden.”
“No, no, no.”

Priscilla-chan runs up to Old Sleigstar and swings down her fists on him in protest. Her fists sound, poko poko, as they collide against his jaw, leading to wry smiles from all of us.

“Well then, Ernea. Should thy not begin waking the shrine maiden?”
Ohh, that’s right.”

By no means did I forget. Even though I’ve be worrying about Ruiseine this entire time, I was busy dealing with the situation in front of me with everything I had.

I head towards Ruiseine and gently shake her while calling out to her. Her eyelashes flutter.

“My, my, well, well, is it morning already?”
“Alright, looks like you’re still half asleep. It isn’t.”

I place my hand against Ruiseine’s back and wake her up. Then, I explain the situation and my future plans to her.

Ruiseine looks around as she listens. Her eyes widen as she notices the gigantic dragon, Asher-san. She then covers her mouth with her hands upon hearing my explanation.

While me and Ruiseine are talking, Priscilla-chan continues to protest to Old Sleigstar. He doesn’t give in and grant her request and she gets sulky.

“Everyone is leaving out Priscilla.”

Priscilla-chan clings to Ruiseine with tears welling in her eyes.

“My, my, well, well, isn’t that troublesome.”

Ruiseine hugs Priscilla-chan tight to herself.

Eetto, do I really have to go too. I think Priscilla-chan might give up if I stay behind too.”

My faint hope is crushed.

“To witness the battle of a snow dragon, thou shall undoubtedly receive an irreplaceable experience.”

Certainly, seeing an ancient dragon fight would be interesting. While I’ve seen flying dragons rampage in the royal capital countless times before, there’s no way those can be compared to this.

But, in all honesty, this is terrifying. I have to ride on that Asher-san’s back?

“Good grief, if I don’t somehow or another deal with the decaying dragon, I won’t be able to return home with peace of mind for various reasons.”

Asher-san seems to have resigned herself to subjugating the decaying dragon. She’s sighing as though she has given up.

“While this one realizes it will be defeated, how about this one sees you to its vicinity?”

Closer, we’re going to be sent closer to the decaying dragon?

“This one will see you to the southern area of Dragon’s Peak where it meets with the forest. However, this one does not know the decaying dragon’s exact whereabouts. Thy will have to personally seek it out afterwards.”
Haaa, as expected, you haven’t changed from the old days. Getting dragged into trouble only to then leave it to someone else.”
“It’s more exciting than preparing everything in advanced.”

Old Sleigstar’s burst of laughter shakes the trees of the ancient forest.

“It can’t be helped. If it’s like this, then I will go.”

Asher-san grabs Nymia with those words.

“Make sure to tightly secure yourself to my hair so you don’t get shaken off.”
Niaa, scary, nyan.”

Is her mother scary or what will come after that’s scary? Yeah, she probably means both.

Nymia flies towards Asher-san’s back and secures the fur on her tail to the fur on Asher-san’s back. From a distance, Nymia vanishes within Asher-san’s fur. Will Asher-san’s battle be visible from there?

While I’m watching from the side, Asher-san gives me a push.

“What are you doing? This time is an exception. Get on my back, quickly.”

So, I really am going too? It can’t be helped. As I begin to go, my clothes are pulled.



Eetto, since I’m only going to observe, there won’t be any souvenirs.”
“No, no, no. If there are no souvenirs, Priscilla will hate onii-chan.”
“So-something like that…”

I plead to Asher-san with my eyes. Please prepare something as a souvenir.

Fun, I won’t look for something as troublesome as that. You can solve this yourself.”

However, the fridged words Asher-san hurls at me sink my hope.

Uuugh, this is all because of Old Sleigstar. With this, I can see just how frustrated Asher-san feels.

“I- I’ll search something to be your souvenir, okay.”

With a forced smile, I head towards Asher-san. It’s while I’m wondering how to climb her back that she picks me up and tosses me onto her back.

Just like a bag!?

Without any resistance, I fall toward Asher-san’s back. There’s no impact. Her fur is fluffy just like Nymia’s. It softly wraps around my body.

I slide down to where Nymia is and wrap some of Asher-san’s fur around my waist.

“If you don’t bring a souvenir, Priscilla will hate you!”

Priscilla-chan forces her willfulness on me. The way she looks up at us with her cheeks puffed out and her hands on her hips is just way too adorable.

I wave towards Ruiseine and Priscilla-chan.

“I’m off.”
“Yes, have a safe trip.”
Nntto, souvenir.”

Priscilla-chan’s forceful attitude makes us laugh.

T/N: I guess this is a bonding experience between Ernea and his future mother-in-law?? Could be worse
~Gandire Alea

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