I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

60.2. The Witch’s Dwelling is Floating on a Puddle (4)

“You, you shitty, scummy, jerk…!”

“But, isn’t that an undeniable truth?”

Roze is a witch. A witch doesn’t lie.

Her body trembles—

“…You shitty, scummy, forest slug, jerk…!”

Even after Roze has gnashed her teeth, Harij stays unfazed.

He leans his body on the seat, before sitting upright as if he has recalled something.

“…I see.”


“Roze. After all is said and done, you’re shy because you’re not used to seeing my face, aren’t you?”


I—I’m not shy at all! Who’s embarrassed—!?

However, Roze can’t exactly speak that out loud.

If she were used to seeing such a beautiful face from birth, she would have been rendered senseless.

His beauty isn’t just something you get accustomed to once you’re familiar with him—!

Nevertheless, Harij is blind to such a fact.

Harij is also blind towards the fact of how Roze has to chew the inside of her mouth every time he smiles at her.

“—then, you can stare at my face up close all the time. I’m fine with that. Yes, we shall do that—we shall do that now, after all, there’s still time until we reach the mansion.”


“—come at me.”

Harij hits his own knee, to the utter amazement of Roze.

She can’t comprehend that man’s nerve, no matter how hard she tries.

…she feels that withholding all her curse words would poorly impact her health. In fact, she feels as if her mouth is stuffed with them.

“That’s absolutely impossible.”

“Why is that so? Even children do that. How about we do that game, instead? That game where we have to put up staring at each other’s face until one of us burst out laughing.”

“I have never heard of such a game, it sounds otherworldly to me—and on top of it, to do it with you, Harij-san? That’s absolutely impossible.”


“—absolutely, impossible.”

“—don’t repeat that so many times…”

Because he’s repeatedly rejected by Roze, he sinks again on the seat.

“…I often play that with my niece.”

“Your niece?”

“Yes, she lives in the Azm’s territory. Haizlan is a nature-rich place, rather than a lady, she’s a little explorer.”

“She sounds reliable…”

“Indeed. Well, I haven’t meet her in five years, though…”

five years, Roze begins to ponder.

Five years ago, her grandmother died. Roze at that time was not only desperate, but also lifeless.

That was how she fell in love.

Looking at the man in front of her, who she has been in love with for many years, she realizes he’s gaping.

“—five years ago, never would I’ve thought that my love would come true.”

“…so you fell in love with someone back then, huh?”

Oops. Wrong topic.

Towards Harij’s question, Roze can’t even close her mouth. She turns red.

“Please, forget about what I just said. I want you to forget about it.”

Please—she even clasps her hands together, as if in prayer. But Harij lowers his face.

“…and here I thought that was all in your past—“


“—someday, if you get to meet with that man you love, just… about how it goes—about everything—just don’t bother telling me about it.”

Harij says, his expression terrible. It’s as if a day’s worth of exhaustion has come raining down on him all at once.


Roze notices that Harij has misunderstood and shuts her mouth.

Seeing Roze being mute, Harij frowns.

Looking at her expression, Harij unnecessarily becomes intuitive.

“…could it be, it’s someone I know?”




The carriage is wrapped in a heavy silence.

Roze insists on staying silent—

—after all, he did say to not even bother telling him about how it goes…


“—then, you can stare at my face up close all the time. I’m fine with that. Yes, we shall do that—we shall do that now, after all, there’s still time until we reach the mansion.”

“—come at me.”

No don’t kill Roze– NO, DON’T KILL US ALL, LORD HAVE MERCY!!!

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