Translation Yankee wa Isekai de Seirei ni Aisaremasu.

14. Bastard, you a faker?

Looks like this is Gusu-oyake’s room. What’s with this place!? It’s filled with antique looking furniture.

The bed has a ceiling? For what? Why does it have something like that?

Ohh, the cushion is fluffy too.”
Ahaha, something like a canopy bed must not be an item the average person gets to see very easily.”
Ah, yeah, a canopy. Is that what that thing connected to it is called?”
“Well, isn’t that what it is?”

What’s that supposed to be? Is it used like a mosquito net or something? Right, I don’t get it.

Since I ain’t got a clue about it, I plop down on the sofa across from Gusu-oyake.
She says, “Tea is being prepared at the moment.”
“Tea? Yeah, sure. I guess I was somewhat thirsty.”
“Please ensure to say such earlier.”

For some reason, Gusu-oyake is sitting all stiff and proper like. Me, I’m siting like I normally do. There ain’t no reason to sit like that.

“I am the Orphan Kingdom’s second princess, Grace Orphan. I give my deepest apologies for concealing my position up until now.”

Ehh, the princess? In that case, she got us in the castle with a face pass? Then, she must have done a face pass at the gate too.

“This, I earnestly intended to discuss this earlier, but bringing it up was difficult… Whenever I tried breaching the subject, I felt something would change between us. As such, this…”
“Certainly, you must be angry… wait, ehhhhhhhhhhhh!? What is with that, ‘Fu—n,’!?”

What’s this girl getting so worked up for? Seriously, so annoying.

“Yeah, I see. Can I get some tea for the chibi too? Since there aren’t any cups, can ya bring some over here?”
Ah, yes, I understand. No, no, no, no! That’s not the issue here!? I, am a princess! A princess!?”
“I heard you mention it just earlier.”
“No, how are you completely unphased!? Usually, the reaction would be, ‘I apologize for my discourtesy up until now,’ or something along those lines? Shouldn’t you be saying something like that!?”
“Discourtesy? You’re the one who’s been a pain here.”[1]

Gusu-oyake is stumped. She’s grasping at what to say. Oi, Chibi, that furniture looks expensive. Don’t break it!

“Put short, it don’t matter if you’re a princess, a king, or a god. Gusu-oyake is Gusu-oyake. Or, what? You want me to start being all respectful?? Don’t be stupid.”
Eh? No, except…”
“You’ve definitely looked after me, and I’m grateful for that. But that was because you’re Gusu-oyake, not because you’re a princess. Whatever your title, it ain’t mean squat to me.”

Right after that, Gusu-oyake smiles just like always. “Seriously, you are always saying that. Won’t I be troubled if you keep calling me things like idiot?”
“Even without me saying it, you’re an idiot. I’m saying you care about it too much, idiot.”
“Idiot? Aren’t you calling me an idiot too much!?”

We return back to our normal, usual, conversation. It’s while we’re talking that there’s a knock on the door.

“I have brought the tea.”
“Please enter.”
“Pardon my intrusion.”

A small maid with silver hair tied up behind herself comes in. This is my first time see a maid up close like this.

“Tea and cookies have been prepared for your enjoyment.”
“Thank you.”
“I also have a message from His Majesty. Once you are rested, the both of you are to grant him an audience.”
“… I understand.”

With that said, the maid stands behind Gusu-oyake. I thought she’d be set to leave once she finished. Is there still something else?

“Zero-san, after a long wait, allow me to introduce my personal maid, Lilly.”
“A pleasure to meet you, I am called Lilly. Please remember me from now on.”
“Yeah, I’m Zero. Best regards.”

She bows and then steps back behind Gusu-oyake. She’s a shorty, but she’s reliable.

“Anyway, what’s His Majesty want to hear from us?”
“Zero-san, please make sure to be mindful about your speech in front of father-ue[2], okay? Really, may I request this of you?”
“Right, I’ll be careful.”
“Not just careful, you absolutely need to do it!”
“Go- got it. I won’t slack off on this.”

Gusu-oyake stares me down, hard. Her eyes are asking me, Will you really be okay?

Haven’t I grown quite a bit these past few days? Well, she’s just gonna have to trust me.

Haa, I guess I believe you? I shall step out for a moment.”
“Cool, it okay if I wait here?”
“Yes, I shall return at once. Lilly, I request you attend to him.”
“By your command.”

I guess there are tons of things to take care of before meeting with the king like her hair and changing her clothes. Either way, I don’t think I’ll get any talking done with this shorty here. Maybe I can play with the chibi?


Hm? Just now, did someone click a tongue? I look around to be sure, but yeah, the only ones here are me, the chibi, and the maid.

Eh? It can’t be, was it her? I stare are the shorty. Somehow, I get the feeling I’ve been staring at people quite a lot today.

“Hey, what’s with the staring? I am only here at Grace-sama’s request. Amuse yourself by staring at the scenery outside, you shitty bastard.”

Augh? What was that? What did this shorty say?

No, there’s no way a silver haired shorty with such an earnest and prime face would say something like that. I, must be tired…

“Did you not hear me? Don’t look at me with those dreadful eyes that would send monsters running. Next time you look at me, I’ll smash your face in.”

No way, this girl. I wasn’t wrong. What a sharp tongue. Isn’t her mouth terrible?

“Bastard, you a faker[3]?”
Ah? Does that have anything to do with being a bastard?”
“Nothing, still, what’s with that tone?”

Ah, she fricking clicked her tongue again. Hey, what kinda maid gives that sort of terrible lip? My image of a maid is crumbling here cause of you.

“Keep in mind, I am tolerant in Grace-sama’s presence. As Grace-sama is not present at the moment, there’s no longer any reason for my tolerance. If you understand, then die.”
“Die!? Did you just tell me to die!? Hey, cut it out you bastard!”

Gusu-oyake? She came back at a great time. Just what kinda training did this shorty get? I’m gonna give her an earful!

“Hey, Gusu-oyake!”
“My apologies, Grace-sama. I seem to have offended Zero-sama.”
Eh? Offended? That, Lilly is always excellent. Zero-san, I do not know what happened, but could you over look it for me?”
Ah? Augh? No, that girl—”
“I am certain this is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Would you please?”

If Gusu-oyake is gonna say this much, then it can’t be help. Well, getting mad at that speck would just be immature of me, yep. Except, I see that! From an angle Gusu-oyake can’t see, that damned speck is sneering at me.

“This damned speeeeeeeeeck!”
“Ze-Zero-san!? Did something happen!? Please calm yourself!”
“Grace-sama, as I thought, this is because of my…”
“N-no, Lilly committed no mistake! Zero-san, what is the matter?!?”
“It’s this damned from hell speck! She’s already like this! For now, I’m gonna smack her once!”
“You cannot do that!?”

Damn it! Damn it! Damn iiiiiiiiiit! There’s nothing I can do. I slump onto a chair as Gusu-oyake pacifies me. That damned speck again sneers at me from behind Gusu-oyake. That girl is absolutely doing this on purpose[4]. This speck is nothing like the chibi!

“Ze-Zero-san, have you regained your composure? Are you alright now?”
“Yeah, I’m good, I’m calm. Sorry for the trouble. Now, let me hit that shrimp.”
“Like I said, you cannot do that!?”

Shit!! That girl is sneering! I swear I’ll knock her down a peg! Uzeeeeeeeeeeeee![5]

Bare it, bare it. This won’t last forever, I just need to endure it for now.

“Fo-for now, Zero-san, since you’ve calmed down, I think we should meet father-ue… You’ve calmed down, so we can please go, right?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s get going. Better than staying here, let’s hurry up and go.”

“In that case, I shall lead the way.”
The speck opens the door.

Eh, eh, etto, does this mean Zero-san is going?? Is everything fine?”
“Yeah, let’s hurry up and move!”

I continue behind Gusu-oyake as she leaves her room. As I’m leaving her room, I hear the speck mutter, “Don’t ever act so self-important before of me again, you dimwit.”

“You damned speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck!”
“Zero-san!? Like I said, you cannot! Please calm yourself!”

Gusu-oyake drags me along and we leave her room behind. What’s with this sense of defeat!? I’ll get back you, you speeeck!! Once I’m through, there won’t be enough of you left to scrap underneath the chibi’s fingernails! I’ll rip you apart till I’m satisfied!!
Manai Zero
Skill:    The Person Loved by Spirits
Special Feature: Intimidating Eyes
Items:   Stone Ax
              (Mithril) Pipe
              Light Armor
Objective: Have Gusu-oyake be recognized

A/N: This chapter got tricky towards the end, but I’m satisfied with this. Yankee slang is just really hard >.>

~Gandire Alea

[1] 「無礼ってなぁ。俺に迷惑かけてたのはてめぇの方だろうが」
[2] A very respectful, samurai age, suffix.
[3] It’s an expression that literally translated into, “Are you a hidden cat?” It means someone that only pretends to be friendly.
[4] こいつ絶対ぇしめっからな。
[5] おちょくってやがるんだ!うぜえええええええええ!

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