The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

38. The Returnee Noble Lady (37)

I see—Jill laughed.

In truth, she was trying to hide the cold sweat drenching her back. She couldn’t appear intimidated.

“To kill me and the Goddess… is that it? Was that your plan from the beginning? Is that why you made me a Dragon Princess?”

“No—well, saying that would be a lie. More like, I’ve already foreseen this happening. After all, I am the Dragon of Reason.”

Rave’s laidback tone overlapped with Hadith’s expression from before—

don’t fall for me, he said that, while turning his back on her.

“Then, why are you protecting me right now?”

The Dragon of Reason became silent.

Jill continued—the only way she could get through was with persuasion.

“By doing this, you’re contradicting your plan of making me a decoy to kill the Goddess.”

“Or maybe I’m just protecting you to fuel the Goddess’ anger?”

“Then you’ve already succeeded. Remove the barrier, let the Goddess come to me. If what you’re saying is true, there’s no need to lock me up like this, right? Why are you doing this, then?”

“Why do you think am I doing this?”

“I’m the one who’s demanding an explanation to that—”

Suddenly, Jill stopped speaking.

‘I don’t understand love or like,’ the Dragon Emperor did say something like that before he went off on his own.

“Ain’t he an idiot? I can’t comprehend him at all. Even though the easiest solution to kill the Goddess is right before his eyes…”


“Saying so, I’m also wondering as to what I am doing right now. Why would he go battle the Holy Spear without me? In the first place, did he forget the reason for marrying you? It’s so he could attain a shield from the Goddess.”

Indeed. Hadith’s behavior was strange.

If he truly wanted to take advantage of Jill, that was the perfect chance to do so.

“I don’t know why.”

The Guardian Dragon said gently, in a form of a sword that could tear everything asunder.

“But, I can’t stay this way. I must protect that Idiot.”

“—then please, let me out of here!”

Instead, the sword only inched closer. He was warning Jill.

“No, I already know you’re not just a mere girl, Little Miss. It would spell a serious problem if you were to escape. Hence why I agreed to become the barrier.”

“I won’t escape! I will fight the Goddess!”

“That’s impossible. Only the Dragon Emperor’s sword can hold ground against the Goddess’ Holy Spear.”

“Then let me use you—!”

The sword seemed to falter a little, but an objection soon came.

“Still not possible, no. With your enormous magic, you could utilize me until a certain point, but do you recall the condition needed to beat the Goddess?”

“Just your affirmation that we could stand a chance is enough! Let’s go now!”

The impatient Jill shouted and grabbed the sword. Rave was surprised, as the cocky blade went to wriggle from side to side.

“We don’t have time! You have to let me out! All we have to do is strike that Goddess! That’s all there is to it!”

“As always, your way of doing things is too extreme!”

“I came from the future!”

The heavenly sword—Rave, stopped moving.

“Not only will Veilburg be destroyed, the Crown Prince is colluding with Prince Geraldo to hunt down His Majesty! Eventually, a war will begin with Kratos! His Majesty fought all the time to protect his empire. Nevertheless, His Majesty continued to be alienated from his surroundings, can you accept such a future—!?”


“We can stop that future from happening right now! If you don’t believe me, that’s fine! If I am defeated by the Goddess, stab the two of us from behind!”

That’s why—Jill gazed at Rave.

“Cooperate with me until then!”

“Are you okay with that…? Moreover, all this time, we planned to use Little Miss as a decoy…”

“It’s okay! That’s a good idea!”

Taken aback, Rave became quiet.

Jill immediately lashed out.

“Why didn’t you use me until the end, then—!? I would have been fine with that, I would have fought until the end—!! But instead, why are you protecting me like this—!? I’m so angry, not only was I not used, I was protected—no one bothered to ask me for help!”

She took the silent Rave to the terrace.

Townsfolk were gathered in front of the castle. They were carrying logs. They were attempting to break the gate. If they got into the castle, there would be many deaths.

However, right now, they still had time!

“Little Miss, hey? No way, could it be, you, towards Hadith…”

“I am angry at him. He did praise that Goddess, saying she’s a cunning woman or something like that.”

“Th-that’s not true! Ever since he was little, he hated that Goddess with a passion!”

“That means their relationship began a long time ago. Love and hate are just two sides of the same coin. He’s never even laid eyes on me.”

Rave chose silence, which was the correct decision.

Whatever he said would only come off as an excuse.

—ah, didn’t I tell myself to not fall for him first?

She still didn’t know if that was indeed love. But she would like to go to help him.

She wouldn’t let the Gods have any say in such.

“…Little Miss, the reason Hadith has never called your name… it’s because he didn’t want to alert the Goddess of your presence. He wants to convince her that he doesn’t care about you.”

Rave talked without hesitation.

“The truth is, he really wants to call your name. He wants to call your name so much—the same goes with me.”

—and if they actually did, they would be beseeching the Goddess’ wrath.

Aah, be it God or an Emperor; men are troublesome…

Yet, she couldn’t help but hold those troublesome follies dear…

***T/N: My God, I fall over and over for Jill. Those unwavering determination of her, never once has she ever doubted herself. When she decides sth, she goes with it til the very end…


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