The Witch Who Once Was Called A Saint Translation

Chapter 11. Fortress Battle (6)

“…Eos is pretty strong.”

That was Astraea’s honest impression upon seeing Eos fight for the first time. She knew that Eos should be quite strong to an extent since he was a knight, but he was much stronger than she expected.

Since Chimera had an overwhelming attack power, Astraea expected the battle to turn into a mostly defensive fight. However, Eos parried the Chimera’s attacks. At times, he would even aim for the weak point on its neck whenever he found the slightest of openings.

His were actions taken after determining his limits.


Astraea realized Eos was being serious when he said that he would defeat the Chimera no matter what.

He alone fought on against an enemy that earlier annihilated a pair of knights after driving them into a corner. Astraea couldn’t believe that the man in front of her was the same person who made an oven in her house.

Rather than buying some time, he’s seriously aiming to take it down.

Despite such, Astraea couldn’t help but smile when she saw that kind of Eos.

He’s pretty good.

Astraea’s mouth moved, but she didn’t voice out her words.

Regardless, what is the most effective action I can take in this situation? She intended to act as a decoy, but launching a surprise attack would be better in that situation. The Chimera was completely focused on Eos.

…Even if I failed, I can use large-scale magic to switch its attention to me.

Thinking so, Astraea drew a pattern on the ground with her feet. She focused her mind and adjusted her breathing to match the waves of her magic. The magic power in her body had been considerably depleted. As such, she needed to perform magic power operation to squeeze out more of her power than usual.

Her body writhed with pain, but she wouldn’t have a second chance.

Astraea raised her hand to the sky. In the next moment, numerous icicles appeared in the air. Those countless sharp tips are aimed straight at the Chimera.

At the same time, Astrea waved her left hand and raised an ice wall around Eos to guard him from the attack. Eos, at around the same time, jumped back from where he stood.

The Chimera was pierced by those icicles. However, none reached its neck. It protected itself with its tail. Instead, the tail was pierced ragged by a large number of icicles and dropped to the ground.

It’s not a fatal wounded!?

Immediately afterwards, a screaming sound pierced her eardrums. The Chimera’s body writhes from side to side. Its attention is completely focused on the pain.

Although I didn’t bring the Chimera down, it shouldn’t be able to use that annoying tail anymore nor be as energetic.

On the contrary, the anger might increase its attack power, but it also became easier to defeat it. The Chimera’s target moved from Eos to Astraea.

“I’m sorry for the wait, Eos. The recovery of those two has begun. As long as we defeat this Chimera and secure the crossroads, they’ll be fine.”

“…How shameful, I intended to defeat it before returning to you. Nevertheless, my concerns have been alleviated. I’m truly relieved. Thank you.”

The edges of Astraea’s mouth rose at Eos’ words. She couldn’t discern whether he was joking or telling the truth.

“I’ll leave the sweet part to you. Aim properly, okay?”

After saying so, Astraea stepped towards the Chimera. Several small, but endless, fireballs spewed out from the Chimera’s mouth at Astraea, but she blocked them using her ice shields. Shattering with each hit, they were disposable shields that disappeared with each use, but they were enough for Astraea to keep moving.

However, the Chimera’s attack had become increasingly more intense. Does that mean it’s focusing its attention on me?

But this should make it easier for Eos to aim.

Even so, Astraea was not planning to remain defensive. In order to fight back, she refined several ice arrows and aimed them at the Chimera’s neck. They, however, are stopped by the Chimera’s endless fireballs. Regardless, Astraea again released another batch of ice arrows.

Large icicles should be enough to break through that much fire, but my remaining magic is not enough to make any.

That thought passed through her mind for only a moment. She noticed the Chimera’s growing frustration with its relentless attacks by how it widened its maw as wide as it could. Seeing that let her realize her goal had been reached.

Immediately after that, the Chimera stopped moving altogether. It was only for a moment. What followed right after was a voice that couldn’t be called a voice cut across.

Then, Astraea saw Eos’s sword pierce through the Chimera’s throat. In that moment, Astraea couldn’t help but feel that Eos looked like a hero from legend. That’s why she was late to notice.

 The snarling Chimera eye’s, just before it collapsed, glowed.

Not good.

She didn’t know what was going happen. She just knew that something would happen. At the next moment, the Chimera roared. It was compared with anything from before.  

Astraea knew that they needed to keep their distance from the Chimera, but she couldn’t move her legs properly after letting herself relax just once. She had clearly used too much of her magic power and her body would no longer listen to her… Astraea clicked her tongue at the situation.

This is the worst, there’s nothing I can do. But I don’t want people to see me resurrecting. Also, Eos will be in danger if he stays there―!

As she thought such, her body moved backwards with a force uncontrolled by her own will.

Astraea wasn’t sure which happened first, the realization, or the feeling of being wrapped by a human body. Her view became pitch black. She felt a cloth on her face.

“Lay down!!”

Astraea returned to her senses at that voice. She spread her arms and pushed them forward. She could feel the sudden rise in temperature from the fallen Chimera.

Astraea imagined making an ice shield and poured all of her remaining magic power into it.

After that, there was an extraordinary roar and rumble across the ground. Following it dominated a scream full of agonizing death.

Astraea heard ice snap and crackle. She felt hot wind blow against her skin through the gaps in the shield. She realized the Chimera was a self-destructing upon feeling the tremors against her back.

It’s over…

It should be safe to release my tension now.

The ice wall she made to protect the knights at the beginning didn’t crack.  Astraea breathed a sigh of relief, but then remembered one thing that she had forgotten. Why am I lying sprawled on my back?

“Are you alright?”


Her heart jumped out to upon seeing Eos’s face was right in front of her. She is even more surprised than when they confronted the Chimera.

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