I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

49. The Clear Lake, Thinness, Sukiyaki, and the Witch’s Carelessness (5)

After uttering her sixteenth “waist”, Roze closes her mouth for a while.

Then, she mutters, “Okay” and backs away from Harij.

“I got the gist of the problem. I see… it’s all because of my habit of speaking in a roundabout way, because I’m a witch. That’s why, give me a moment…”

After a few seconds, Roze opens her mouth again, pondering what to say.

“The comfortableness of that mansion is amazing. I feel very comfortable living there. If it’s allowed, I would like to be indebted to you for a long time. I was very happy when you brought up the marriage talk. Other than that—“

After raising and lowering her hands, squatting and standing, fluttering, she finally stares at Harij.

“I, I too, am…”

Harij seems to understand what words her trembling lips are trying to spin.

He straightens his back in anticipation.

“…lo, lo…”

The atmosphere is like grandparents watching their grandson standing for the first time. Harij swallows his saliva as he watches.

“…love the clear lake we passed through.”

A cold breeze blows over the crystal-clear lake between them.




“P, please wait for a moment!”

Towards her half-crying voice, what else could he says beside “I understand.”?

“I, I might be slim[1] but I am growing…”


“Su, Sukiyaki, Sukiyaki is the name of a food somewhere…”

“I see…”

“Lo, lo…”

She warily stares at Harij, but the moment he returns his gaze, Roze lowers her face instantly.

“The, there’s a gap[2]…”

“Do you want to fill it?”

“W, w, wa, wait, I was wrong, wait—“

The words sink into Harij’s chest. Roze is embraced to fill said gap. She starts having difficulty breathing.

“What’s next?”

“Would you not please play around—!?”

“Of course.”

How can he not further ‘play around’ with her? Harij strengthens his embrace.

How much does she think he really wants to hear that word?

Roze is silenced by Harij’s seriousness.


Here he thought this Witch would use the same air, the same kind of casualness in delivering such a word…

…but Roze, who is currently squeezed tightly to Harij’s chest, utters in a voice Harij would absolutely miss if he doesn’t listen carefully.

“—I love you.”

A sense of joy spreads in his chest. Inspired by joy he had never felt before, Harij hugs Roze even tighter.

I didn’t know she could be this adorable.

Harij didn’t know someone that cute and loveable could exist.

He pulls off her hood and caresses her light crimson locks. Then, he gently drops his lips on the top of her head.

His fingers stroke her cheek, before placing strands of her hair behind her ear. He buries his nose in her hair, kissing her temple. He inhales Roze’s feminine scent, which is a lot like nature, and smells a little like the herbs she uses in potion making.

She’s too cute, so cute that I can’t stand it.

His fingers start caressing her ear, but, when he thinks that he want to keep doing it, Roze pushes him away.


“Whawhawhawhawha—what do you think you’re doing—!?”

He wraps his palm around Roze’s cheeks, which to him, are as precious as stars falling from the sky.

“Now that we feel the same for each other, may I at least touch you?”

He hits the tip of his nose against Roze’s, which causes a lot of numbness.

Harij is overjoyed, while Roze is beet red.

“C, could it be that Harij-san loves me too?”


How many times has he told so already? He is terrified by her question.

“Be, be, because, with such eyes, with such hands…”

‘With such eyes, with such hands’—what, I’ve always lived with these same pair of hands and eyes…

Is it only now that she’s registering his feelings?

Then, Harij tries to stop Roze’s lips from uttering anything more outrageous, using his own.

“W, w, wait—! That will have to wait—!”

Roze, who pushes Harij’s body using her thin arms, mutters that, “I’ll die!”

Blood drains from Harij. Because he knows Roze can’t tell a lie.

“Why? What’s wrong? Do the witch’s rules also state that there’s no kissing until after marriage?”

“No, there’s no such thing, but it’s too much for me!”

“Why is that?”

“…I, I’m not ready!!”

“Why is that? Should we talk about it?”

This time, Roze grabs Harij’s cheeks as a last minute safety measure, and pushes his cheeks away so their lips can’t touch each other.

“—Harij-san, please, wait.”

She tells him in a crying-like voice, Harij clenches his fist.

He has never been under such a crisis before. Thinking about it, he has never been this patient in his life. Not even when he was wandering through the borders of life and death—which is what his job entailed, it wasn’t that hard.


Clenching his teeth, Harij somehow manages to respond with, “I understand.”

Hearing so, Roze sighs in relief. But, she’s careless, her soft sigh, coming out of her sweet lips, touches Harij’s own.

Harij, who had made a difficult decision, says in a determined voice.

“After we get married, we shall make up for this.”


“After we get married, I won’t hold back anymore.”


“Do you understand?”


“…Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Such is the answer extorted from the Witch.

[1] Slim/ thinness: susuki

[2] Gap: sukima.

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