I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

6. The Castle (3)

“My, my, they sure are at it…

His Highness Lyon muttered so.

‘They are at it,’ what? The flirting?

Certainly, they looked like a lovey-dovey couple that cared not about their surroundings.

At this point, my favorable impression of His Highness was already below zero—it was minus.

Despite the formality of having a fiancée, he still dared to be with another unmarried girl. Was it perhaps because we hadn’t officially married yet?

Married or unmarried—those were nothing but excuses! I didn’t want to listen anymore, my ears would rot!

It would be a terrible crime to speak of such regard concerning His Highness, but as long as I did it in my heart, I wouldn’t be punished—unless thinking was a sin. My brain was filled with curses.

Kevin entered the room, followed by me and His Highness Lyon.

I have no obligation to remain here, right? Couldn’t I go home instead?

“Your Highness Williant, His Highness Lyon has visited.”

“Eh? Ah, Lyon, huh… long time no see. It’s been so long since we last spoke, I can’t help but feel nervous.”

Perhaps because he couldn’t see me, currently hidden behind Kevin’s back, His Highness was addressing His Highness Lyon sloppily.

I glanced at Kevin’s back, before looking inside. His Imperial Highness sat in the office chair, and Baroness Schmia was entangling her arm around his neck, as if hugging him from behind.

Yup, they’re a lovey-dovey couple, alright.

I utterly despised the sight—even here, they were shameless.

I didn’t want to get involved there. I wanted to go home.

I glanced at His Highness Lyon.

He looked at the room, the corner of his lips raised. Then finally, he stepped inside.

“The Royal Palace of this kingdom sure is built intricately—as a result, I wandered off. Thankfully, I had her show me around.”

“Eh, kyaa—!”

My hand was lightly caught and pulled—the shield, namely Kevin, disappeared, and I too, entered the room.

Uwa, uwaaa!! Uwaaaaa!!!

What have you done—!? What do I do now—!? If I exit the room now, everyone would think that I’m childishly going to cry—!!

After looking at His Highness Lyon, his gaze flew straight to me. I could hear His Highness’ surprised voice.


The moment I heard that voice, I realized I really shouldn’t had come.

The voice wasn’t the sweet one he used to talk with Baroness Schmia earlier. His current voice only contained surprise.

“Lady Tiarize—!?”

Then finally, the voice of that Baroness. You’re fine. Or more like, it would be fine if she didn’t talk at all. Otherwise, things would get even more complicated.

However, my prayer wasn’t answered. No, even if I had secretly plead to her, she wouldn’t understand.

After all, she placed the top rank in ‘the Noble Lady That Can’t Read the Situation’. There was no way she would understand.

“How unusual for you to be here, Lady Tiarize! You’re in Lord Williant’s office! This is the first for you, right?”

As I’ve said before, who are you to talk like that to me?

Are you the owner of this room?

I was irritated by her, whom was obviously rubbing it in my face.

Do you have any problem with me being here? Did you even consider your own place?

Who are you to His Highness? His lover?

I almost spat that out, however, I managed to stop myself in time. Don’t do it.

If I cry right now, it would become even more troublesome.

…as I thought, I really had to do something about my engagement right away. If this kind of thing went on forever, I would go crazy for sure.

“Lyon, why is Tia here?”

“Huh? Haven’t I stated the reason previously? She guided me.”

“That doesn’t sound like the only reason, could it be, you…”

“Haha, as expected of Williant’s instincts! Yep, that’s not the only reason! You’re not called, ‘The Second Coming of the Prodigy Emperor’ of Haulfa Kingdom for nothing! You probably understand how urgent it is… ah, right, the noble lady over there—“

“—ye, yes?”

The Baroness’ shoulders shook due to being suddenly called.

His Highness Lyon narrowed his eyes at her, before laughing gently.

“I’ll support your relationship with Will. You’re the only one who can do something to Will’s rough heart.”



Towards such unexpected words, that Baroness looked stunned for a moment. However, a moment later, she showed a humble, troubled, smile, as if she had grasped the meaning of the words.

However, her expression, it contained an unmistakable sense of superiority, which made me even more irritated—this little…

…the way she vaguely smiled, she just wanted to imply that their relationship wasn’t that of a lover yet—but they would soon be. Such was what her ‘embarrassed’ smile entailed. With the same smile, Baroness Schmia continued.

“No, Will and I aren’t in that kind of relationship… we’re in good terms, but that’s it…”

—right? That Baroness stared at Will. Will nodded lightly.

But, what’s with that distance? Why are you guys so close?

It’s not only too close for comfort, but he also has a fiancée, you know?

Fuun, I see. You’re really different than most girl, huh.”

“Yes, to an extent that I can’t decide what to do.”

His Highness replied immediately to His Highness Lyon’s remark. The speed was just odd—however, I couldn’t grasp the intention of the conversation.

He couldn’t decide what to do, he said? Was it about breaking off the engagement?

I see. What a coincidence, I’m also unsure of how am I supposed to approach that issue.

“…Kevin, see Baroness Schmia to the carriage.”

“Right away.”

“Tia, go home for now.”


Even without being told, that was what I was planning, anyway. Yes, yes, I’m going home.

What is it? The moment I stared at His Highness, he lowered his gaze.

At the corner of my eye, Baroness Schmia made a dissatisfied voice.

“Eeh? I have to go home too?”

“Schmia, I’m sorry, but we need to discuss the national state of affairs right now. See you again.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter, because tomorrow will absolutely come! It’s okay if I visit you tomorrow too, right, Will?”

“I understand. Recently, it gets cold at night. Be careful not to freeze when you return to the carriage. Ah, that’s right—Schmia, this is for you.”

His Highness opened his office desk while removing Schmia’s arm, which was wrapped around him. …even though his fiancé is present. I narrowed my eyes involuntarily.

They absolutely lack manners…

His Highness placed a black, fine-quality, leather case in the hand of Baroness Schmia. Not only compact, from a mere glance, anyone could guess that there was jewelry inside.

“Schmia, wear this the next time you come.”

“W-Will—!! But, is it okay—? Something this precious… and you have a fiancée…”

Yes, said fiancée is here. She finally attached those words into her statement.

But she could just treat me as if I wasn’t here, which was fine by me. Not like I wanted to spend any more second in that place.

How long would this farce last? I glanced at His Highness Lyon.

He was quietly staring at His Highness and Baroness Schmia.

No way, have you fallen for her too? Oh my god, that girl was the definition of a curse. How scary.

“…no problem. More than that, do you like it?”

“Will, but…”

“As I’ve said, it’s alright.”

The Baroness, whom received such firm statement from His Highness, responded, as if troubled.

Yes, yes, be done with it already.

It’s useless to show off to me, I don’t care.

After all, I didn’t love His Highness—as such, it would be impossible for me to be jealous of Baroness Schmia.

***T/N: Umm, but Tia… you got so mad over everything, and you’re clearly not just ‘merely’ annoyed at the sight of the Prince thoting around with the thot… could it be, you’re jealous? We got a tsundere mc? Other than that…


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