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52. The Witch that Became a Mannequin (3)

“You two look sullen… what, did I perhaps intrude when it was just about to get good? Regardless, until marriage, it’s important to protect your chastity, you know?”

Roze, who’s lost in thought, is suddenly whispered so by Tien. His blatant remark earns him a stomp to the foot from Roze.

“—should we go to the salon soon?”

Tien, who is painfully clutching his foot, is invited by Harij to go to salon.

Roze follows Tien. Apparently, there’s no more to be carried inside. Dresses, clothes, and shoes hang on screens and hangers, and are being carried into the salon of the Azm mansion.

“Oh, I’m sorry. That dress shouldn’t be put under direct sunlight like that, and those ornaments, too…”


Harij heeds Tien’s order. As Roze had thought, Harij’s attitude towards Tien has softened considerably. It seems that Harij and Tien exchanged words—which are of course, unbeknownst to Roze.

Harij once said that Roze shouldn’t receive any presents from Tien, but that changed once he learned that Roze considers Tien her family.

“I’ve carefully selected them, but I want you two to be satisfied, too. As such, I brought a lot more with me.”

The two people in front walk quickly and leisurely in the salon. The products have been spread to the point there’s almost no place to step.

“I’m grateful—Roze, come here.”

Beckoned by Harij, Roze sits down on the sofa. She somehow manages to fit herself between the scattered products waiting to be chosen.

Before Roze, Tien opens the catalog. The embroidery on Tien’s sleeves, which are foreign to Roze, shine.

Tien, a merchant who travels around the world, is so flashy her eyes hurt. Due to his different ethnicity, albeit he’s much older than Roze, he actually appears younger than her.

“Roze seems to be more suited towards Western attire.”

The design catalogues pile up like a mountain as they are spread on the table.

“You can choose the design that you deem fit.”

“I should also account for the tastes of the couple, you know. Harij, how about you? Do you have any preferences?”

From the flow of conversation, it seems that they’re talking about tailoring a dress for Roze.

However, she has already received enough dresses from Tien and Harij, They can hardly fit in the closet.

Roze gulps her saliva.

Harij sits down next to Roze who’s about to flee.

“Do you have any preferences?”


Realizing that her escape plan has been botched, Roze glances around the room. What should she choose from the sea of the dresses and the endless waves of clothes?

Coupled with their close distance, Roze starts sweating.

“Even if you ask me…”

In the first place, Roze doesn’t even know why Tien suddenly visited today.

Roze, who can only look down at the design book with an uneasy expression, has to stand up as Harij and Tien start matching some dresses against her.

All she can do is stand upright. Although it’s still morning, she’s already exhausted.

As she stares out of the window, she notices the purple sky is already dyed blue. Sometime has indeed passed since Tien’s arrival.

“…Huh. Harij, shouldn’t you be going to work—!?”

“I have a noon shift today, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

On Roze’s shoulders, who’s impatient that Harij might miss work, bright scarlet and purple clothes hang.

“Wouldn’t it be better if the color is brighter?”

“Elegant colors suit Roze, too.”

“I know you’re also thinking about Roze’s world—but dark colors look dull, okay? A bride should wear vibrant colors.”

“—stop right there.

There’s no way she could ignore what Tien has just said. But Tien shows no effort whatsoever of rephrasing himself.

“There are also rose red , fresh green, dark gold…”

“Wait, shouldn’t the color be more soothing…?”

The brilliance of the cloth flashed by Tien makes Roze squirm.

“You don’t have to decide everything today, but at the very least, the fabric needs to be decided.”

She still hasn’t decided on anything, yet… Roze’s throat is clogged.

Tien is always like that. He would spread some products, then suddenly, Roze already has to decide upon something.

“—would it be okay if I just pick one?”

“Of course. Well, pick as many as you want.”

She pulls her lips and looks around the room.

Tien’s personal recommendations aside, it seems that he has indeed brought fabrics of various colors and patterns. Roze doesn’t know what to choose, but finds something that catches her eyes. It’s the color that Roze is most familiar with.

“…that one should be fine.”

Roze points at a black fabric—it’s exactly like the winter lake at night.

“So you’ve decided—” Tien glances at Harij, seeking his approval.

“…Would it be fine if I choose that one?”


Harij casually answers. He holds no disapproval towards Roze’s decision.

“Yes, this fabric is so shiny—it’ll be gorgeous. Moreover, you’ll likely be the only one wearing the black dress. The color will suit no one but you.”

“That sounds challenging.”

“Since I’m a merchant, that’s basically what I like. Besides, a black wedding dress is entirely witch-like.”


Seeing Roze tilting her head, Harij and Tien become amazed. Tien’s shocked face is too exaggerated…

“…what the hell. I totally didn’t see that coming. I thought you had more common sense than that.”

Tien stares at her. His gaze is like one coddling a baby. With a concerned face, Harij utters.

“Roze, do you know what ‘wedding’ means?”

“Do you need some special ceremony to get married…?”

Witches do not get married. Forest animals also do not get married.

Roze, who thought that all they needed to get married was a vow, ultimately lacks the knowledge regarding wedding ceremonies.

“Yes. People are invited to attend the special ceremony. For such an occasion, you need a glamorous dress. Naturally, you can’t wear a robe.”


Is that how it’s supposed to be? Roze nods.

What Tien has picked up has no cloth covering the shoulders. The formal dress starts from the chest. It’s completely different in design and purpose from the simple garb Roze usually wears to disguise herself as one of the townsfolk.


In the silence that returns, Roze finally realizes something.

“…Must wear this without a robe? Who? No way, me?”

I’m the one who’s supposed to wear this…?

She’s immediately answered with nods from Hari and Tien.


She can only give a dry laugh.

***T/N: ROZE PLEASE X’DDDDDD and huh… I personally never seen a black wedding dress before, it’s usually white–how about you guys????

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