I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

53. The Witch that Became a Mannequin (4)

Roze once more looks at the dress brought by Tien.


Roze is speechless. Her face is completely tense.

Roze is a witch. A Witch doesn’t dress in more than is necessary. Roze is more than ashamed to be fashionable.

She can’t even wear red without feeling embarrassed.

For a day to come where it’s required for a witch to be stylish—then, it’s probably also required of her to discard her shyness. In her heart, she dies a little.


Harij suddenly declares out loud.

“I’ll be clear to you—I want you to wear this formal dress. Please, I must ask this out of you.”

His face is incredibly serious.

“Is such a glamorous dress a wedding’s necessity?”

“Not really—but I really want to see Roze wearing this.”

Roze again can only be stupefied when Harij throws such a straight ball.


To be requested like that by someone she loves, how could she not be flattered? However, of course, she’s still embarrassed.

Earlier, Tien said that people would be invited. If that’s the case, wouldn’t the color make her identity as a witch apparent?

She knows that she isn’t a beautiful woman. But she doesn’t want for people to think that she is trying too hard to become one.

“If you wear it, I will reward you. I’ll grant your wish.”

Roze lifts her face. If that’s the case, the story changes.

“…no matter what it is?”

“As long as it’s within my capability.”

Most importantly, Roze is worried.

Inside her heart, she puts her own wishes and the ridicule of others on a balance. Not to be shaken, Roze’s balance tilted greatly.

“—understood. It’s a promise, okay?”

Roze is a witch—and fulfilling promises is very important for witches.

If there’s mutual benefits, then she has enough power to ignore the embarrassment she would feel later after dressing up like that.

“What, so you’ve already decided on your wish?”


Roze flatly answers.

“Then ask away. That way, I can prepare it.”

To Harij, who sounds utterly serious, Roze feels embarrassed to put her wish into words.

When she glances at Tien, he acts as if his thoughts are occupied by something else but—she knows he’s listening.

“Not now…”


“There’s another besides us…”

Looking at Roze’s face, Harij stiffens.

The edges of his ears redden slightly, before he clears his throat.

“—alright, I get it. Then, when we’re alone next time…”

“Harij-kun, I’m sorry to destroy your expectations but, I don’t think it’s a problem for you to declare your wish now, Roze.”

See? He’s listening!

She glares at Tien, who only smiles. This fox! Roze curses in her heart.

“…so what is it that you want?”

Harij no longer looks as expectant as before…


Does she have to say it here after all? Roze is at loss for words.

“T, Tien is here with us…”

“It’s exactly because I’m here with you. So, which is it, do you want to buy a chicken? Or perhaps insects to feed them?”

“No way! I would prefer to buy that myself, without inconveniencing Harij! I just want Harij to wear his full knight attire—“

Roze closes her mouth with her palm. Just now, she blurted out her wish…

She’s embarrassed to tell Harij. Even more so when Tien is present. She must’ve sounded ridiculous just now.

For the time being, Tien chooses to ignore her and instead looks at Harij.

Harij looks at them with a severe, grim, face.

“…is it too much to ask?”

The first time Roze saw him, and subsequently fell for him, he was wearing his knight attire. There was also that time when she saw him in that parade and fell in love for him all over again.

For some reason, she wants to observe that figure up close. Roze has never gone to his station. Besides, it would be more likely for her—the suspicious witch—to be captured by other Knights.

As the repayment for her wearing the dress, he would be wearing his knight’s attire.

Personally, she thinks that such an exchange is well balanced. But, judging from Harij’s expression… is it forbidden to bring his uniform home?

While she wallows in bitterness, Harij suddenly approaches her with an unsteady gait, before embracing her strongly.




Roze screams again.

Hitting his back for some time finally gains her release.


“—enough of that!?”

Roze closes his mouth with both of her hands. Harij looks satisfied for some reason.

“I’ll make sure to find the chance.”

“Absolutely, okay?”

“…are you guys always like this? No way, right…”

Roze rarely hears Tien’s puzzled tone.

“…How lucky of you, huh, Harij-kun? You’re loved. Back then, she made me pluck 666 fleas from cats as an exchange.”

Roze’s gaze pierces Tien from under her hood.

“Tien, its fine for you to go home now. We’ve decided on the fabric already, right?”

“No, he doesn’t need to go home. You might still want to run through the design with him. Besides, I will be leaving soon.”

Harij says so, while wearing his jacket—helped by Safina, who’s there before she knows it.

“As for the dress, it’s up to Roze. Safina, I’ll leave the rest to you.”


Harij goes out of the salon while saying so. He’s probably going to work—Roze hurriedly chases after him.


on a side note, wtf with Coffee and Vanilla’s author, man? It’s clear that her age preference rose along with the older she gets, but not her mentality I guess? Like, can you imagine how disgusting it is to read about a 30-40-sh “”Hard boiled”” “””detective”‘”” guy sneaking inside the high school premise to catch criminal make out with a highschool girl!?  ewewewewew

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