I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

10. The Sword Instructor (3)

“Tiarize, what element of magic are you most proficient with?”

I walked together with Vioris in the garden.

While listening to me, Vioris unsheathed the sword that was hanging on his waist and touched the blade.

“Eh, uhm, ice, I think?”


There was magic in this world. Regardless of one’s status in the society, everyone had magic slumbering inside their body. However, only a few could manage to awaken such power.

The son of a noble that couldn’t awaken their magic could either join the Knights or aim to become a civil officer. While those who’s magic were awakened could either be a swordsman or a magician.

To be a magician, a high magical prowess was required—as such, there was only a handful of them in the kingdom.

By the way, one of them is His Highness Williant. His Highness Williant had a very high magical prowess, not to mention a tremendous amount. That earned him the rank of the third best magician—not in the kingdom, but in the entire world.

Magic power, in the other words, defined the quality of magic.

Having more magic meant that you could use that magic to unleash a considerably powerful attack.

One of the reasons that made the Kingdom of Haulfa powerful was His Highness’ powerful magic. Other kingdoms couldn’t best him.

“It’s ice, huh. Well then, use this. Don’t get distracted and try to link your thoughts with the sword.”

When I was lost in thought, Vioris handed me a slender sword.

this is… a rapier?

I received the rapier and proceeded to close my eyes. I recalled what Vioris had said.

…don’t get distracted… don’t get distracted…

I tried to somehow connect my consciousness, however, nothing happened.

“Hmm… how about we try something different? Tiarize, do you have anything you hate?”


What was that all of a sudden…?

The moment I heard the word ‘hate’, Baroness Schmia appeared in my mind. No questions asked, I definitely disliked her.

I opened my eyes, feeling dubious. Vioris only smiled in reassurance, though. This guy’s smile sure was cheap…

“Close your eyes and keep thinking about it—then, imagine the freezing sensation of ice, yes, like that…”

As I was told, I pictured a scene where the two of them were together.

Guh, how annoying!

I was upset immediately.

Surrounded by flowers, I imagined them being, ‘kyakyaufufu,’ and I seethed with murderous intent.

If you two are going at it, make sure to do that after our engagement is annulled—!?

At that time, the sound of, Pakin! Echoed in my mind.

“…yes! That’s the way!”

I heard Vioris and opened my eyes. It seemed that I was too focused… the sun was a tad too dazzling.

“Look, Tiarize, that is your sword.”

As prompted, I looked down.

There was a white, dazzling rose made of ice, entwined together as an engraving on the rapier.

To put it simply—


Towards my involuntary amazement, Vioris smiled.

“Tiarize, even though I said to imagine something you hate, it seems that your emotion itself is a thing of beauty…”


Ah, uhm, my emotion was beautiful?!

Well, the reason why it looked so pure was probably related to the purity of my murderous intent…

…but that wasn’t the problem—!?

I was so surprised, I became speechless. Vioris explained with a gentle expression. He was truly like a teacher.

“Look, what a beautiful rose it is. Because it’s made of ice, it’s vivid blue …like a blue rose. I’ve heard that in flower language, blue rose signifies the ‘blessing of God’, or ‘miracle’. Can you tell me what you imagined to attain such form?”

When he said so with a smile, I wasn’t sure how to come up with the answer.

There was no way for me to admit that I imagined massacring that stupid couple!

But perhaps, it was also the genuine feeling of me wanting to change my future.

In addition, a blue rose could also mean ‘impossibility’ and ‘dream comes true’—which was what my desire now. I looked at the rapier in my hand and thought about how I could possibly change the future.

My training with Violis truly began with basic physical training. Though it was light and easy to hold, a sword was still a sword. It was when I started swinging it around that I felt the burden on my arm.

As of the current, I was about to finish swinging my sword as per his order.

Suddenly, a butler came.

“Lady Tiarize, I’m sorry to intrude your busy schedule, but can you spare some time?”

“Afbad, what is it?”

The butler, called Afbad, was the oldest servant of my family. He had served since my father was but a kid.

Vioris, who guessed something had happened from the appearance of Afbad, read the situation and proceeded to fetch me a towel to wipe my sweat. Then, he excused himself.

“—then, what happened?”

“…uhm, that’s… there’s a noble lady who wishes to see you.”

As of now, I was the only noble in the house. That was probably why Afbad came—to ask for my permission.

However, I didn’t recall any such arrangements, much else that I would be receiving a guest…

…Who was it?

I tilted my head.

“Who is it?”

“She introduced herself as Baroness Schmia Bergner.”

Baroness Schmia—!?

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