The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

32. The Returnee Noble Lady (31)

“I hereby declare my utmost gratitude for your kind reception despite the suddenness of my visit. Now, the content of the discussion…”

Geraldo, who sat across the table inside the spacious drawing room, grew more inaudible with each passing sentence. Behind his glasses, puzzlement could be seen.

Well, that’s only natural… Jill thought.

On the Emperor’s left cheek, a clear, red, palm mark could clearly be seen. Due to the smallness, it was easy to guess that it was Jill’s. Also, the Prince should had heard a ‘bachin—!’ sound right before they entered the room.

Furthermore, even though Jill sat next to Hadith, she obviously didn’t want to look at his face, turning away from him.

“What’s wrong? Do continue speaking.”

Nevertheless, Hadith kept smiling. It seemed that he was on the offense.

“N, nothing… well, first of all, let’s talk about Lady Jill Saber’s predicament…”

“You heard him.”

“Regarding that, there’s nothing to talk about.” Towards Jill’s cold remark, Geraldo frowned.

However, Hadith stayed on track.

“Forgive us. Just a moment ago, we had a little quarrel, you see…”

“A LITTLE quarrel—!?” Jill turned around unintentionally, only to be told off by Hadith.

“My cute Amethyst Princess, we’re in the presence of a guest right now…”

At such times, he actually can act like an adult, huh—!? Which makes everything even more irritating—!

“I apologize to you, Prince Geraldo. Won’t you overlook it this time? However, it’s important to keep in mind that part of this is also your responsibility.”

“…I did not quite catch what you mean by that.”

“When I became aware that you’re coming to pick her up, I became quite jealous.”

Jealous—!? Which part of you—!? Jill thought, as she looked at his relaxed, generous, expression.

Hadith crossed his long legs.

“Then, I asked her if she wanted to go home—hence why, my current state of appearance. I was beaten—‘Did you doubt my feelings for you—!?’ she said.”

I never said any of that—! But, when Jill saw Geraldo’s eyes getting narrower, she decided to say nothing.

Hadith spun such tale using Jill’s current angered state.

Did he perhaps calculated all of this—!? She didn’t know whether or not that was true, but was still annoyed either way. Even more so when she consider the possibility of her being tricked.

From now on, I won’t let my guard down around him anymore—!!

“Due to some inconveniences, I failed to contact the Saber Family right away. Other than that, I have no excuse. I will apologize to them straight away. I don’t want any rumors to swirl around about me kidnapping her. It would be bad if she hit my other cheek, after all.”

“… For an Emperor to be beaten by a small child, is it a cold day in hell?”

“I’m an Emperor who bows to his wife.”

Hadith resolutely unfolded his legs as he stood up.

“Alright, I shall therefore excuse myself. Take your time to sightsee and stroll about.”

“Our discussion is not yet over!”

“Can we even discuss anything amidst a lovers’ quarrel?”

Geraldo stared at Jill as if he was slapped. In the end, apparently, he believed that they had a little quarrel. Thanks to her last remark, she felt somewhat refreshed.

So I can also get revenge in this way…

…albeit she wished she could had couple that remark from before with an adorable smile.

Jill stared at Hadith, noticing him narrowing his eyes—although it wasn’t too noticeable, due to them being in public.

…why do I feel like I’d be a sore loser if I keep being angry at him…?

“…I think a quarrel can be avoided as long as Your Majesty sincerely apologizes…”

There was nothing wrong with what she had just said, and yet, she felt her cheeks reddening.

I feel like I’m really quarrelling with him…

Nevertheless, Hadith, also the Cause-of-Everything, kept that generous expression on his face.

“Yes. I’ll apologize until you’re satisfied.”

Jill, who exhaled a deep breath, stretched her back and looked at Geraldo.

“We apologize for the inconveniences we have caused, but from now on, you shan’t have to worry anymore. Please also inform my family that.”

“…You’re still young. There’s a possibility that you’re being deceived.”

“If I’m truly being deceived, do you think someone like His Majesty would let me slap his cheek?”

“…so you also won’t be returning to Kratos? I have asked you to be my fiancée. By doing this—not only will you be throwing away your future as the Crown Princess, you’ll also be abandoning your family, your home—why would you go to such an extent?”

“Because His Majesty needs me.”

Towards Jill’s answer, Geraldo squinted.

“He needs you, huh…? Then, how about we eliminate said need? What do you think, Your Majesty the Emperor?”

Hadith didn’t respond. Geraldo leaned his back on the sofa.

“I heard about it—you’re looking for a girl under the age of 14; a girl with magical abilities who can perceive the Dragon God. That’s for the sake of lifting your own curse, isn’t it?”

Jill couldn’t help but stare at Geraldo—when he realized it, he grinned.

Hadith sighed and sat next to Jill again.

“As expected of the insightful Prince from the magical Kingdom of Kratos. I won’t deny any of that.”

“So, you’re admitting that your curse hasn’t been dispelled yet?”

“My, you shouldn’t spout baseless things like that.”

“The recent incident that happened in the naval port reached my ears. Heard that you made Marquis Veil compensated for the entirety of it. Even if it’s just, your reputation has taken a turn for the worst. In light of the political situation, you have made a brilliant decision, though. If this goes on, then the rumors about, ‘The Cursed Emperor’ might vanish—however, if the curse is still lingering, I foresee that Marquis Veil will be killed. Well, in the end, no one knows for sure.”

Kon—the door was suddenly knocked.

For a news to arrive at such a time—it couldn’t be anything but bad.

“—come in.”

“Pardon my intrusion, I’m deeply aware that you’re in the middle of an important discussion.”

The one who entered was Mihari. Although he had gained some recognition in the previous battle, he realized that it was more important to ensure his survival. Therefore, he changed his position of being a member of the Northern Division to joining the Castle’s guard.

When Mihari saw Geraldo, he saluted him.

It wasn’t a good thing to intrude, especially when there was a guest present. However, it seemed that it was very important for them to know.

Hadith said, without taking his eyes off Geraldo.

“—is Marquis Veil dead?”

After bowing, Mihari gave a resolute answer—“Yes.”

Both corners of Geraldo’s mouth rose. The way he lowered his eyes told that now, the discussion was truly over.

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