I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

11. I Think it’s Important to run Away

Eh, …eeeeeh—!?

I never wanted to meet her again! I didn’t know what I was going to say if I met her! What if she burst into tears again—!?

I, I don’t want to meet youuuuuuu—!!!

From the bottom of my heart, I bemoaned so. However, I was also the Duchess, as such, there was no way for me to act it out in reality.

Why!? Why would you come here—!? For what reason—!?

What about the basic manner of first sending a messenger to inform that you’re going to visit—?! What about the arrangement to visit—!? The letter—!? Isn’t she too insane—!?

No, I couldn’t go on like this. It was beyond my scope of understanding. I now understood my Mother’s ‘Well, well…’ coping mechanism.

I definitely didn’t want to end up like that.

The situation was insane. Why would a Baroness suddenly visit a Duchess? Was she playing some kind of punishment game—!? This was too much—!!

Afbad called out to me. “Lady Tiarize?”

Stay strong, Tiarize.

The fact remained the same, despite how utterly senseless she was, despite how utterly stupid she was—she was just a Baroness, while I was the Duchess. Yes, I was the Duchess…

As if I can agree with this—!!

Now that I thought about it, unpleasant things kept happening to me one after another after I had met her.

Why would she come visit me without her brother, or mother, or father?!

I swallowed my sigh and answered curtly.

“…I’ll be there shortly, Afbad. Prepare the guestroom.”

I don’t want to meet you—!!

I truly, truly don’t want to see you—!!

I truly felt sick now.

Vioris returned just in time.

“Sir Vioris…”

“Tiarize, what happened?”


How was I supposed to answer to that?

Should I treat her with hospitability? When she came without an announcement? When she was below my rank? Nope, that was too extreme…

Should I act calm and graceful in her presence? In this kind of situation!?

That would only put my position in peril…

Ugh, I can’t do it!

“A, a person wants to meet me.”

I wasn’t wrong, she was indeed a person—however, she wasn’t a friend of mine.

In my mind, I no longer felt fed-up towards Baroness Schmia because the feeling had evolved to hate.

“A person?”

“Would Milady be okay? I’ve only ever heard bad things regarding her. Madam seems to think so, too.”

Not okay. There was no way I would be okay. But if I left her to stay at the front gate, it would become even more troublesome. First, I needed to know the reason behind her visit.

If she came here to see if Stupid Highness was here, then she was just wasting her time.

Well, I didn’t do anything wrong.

But I was afraid of the consequences of leaving her there at the front gate.

“…Tiarize, there’s no one else in this house with the title of dukedom but you right?”

“Eh, yes…?”

“Since the Duke has entrusted you to me, will you let me attend the discussion with your friend? It’s okay, I’ll be by your side as your escort.”

What was with this guy—!?

My heart almost leaped out of my chest.

How could this person say such a thing so easily? At this rate, I would end up falling for Vioris!

“But, Sir Vioris is my guest…”

“Tiarize, I’m your guest, indeed. But before that, I’ve been tasked by the Duke. If anything were to happen to you, how am I supposed to face the Duke?”


Afbad urged me.

“Lady Tiarize, should I just tell her to go home after all?”

“Sir Vioris, will you come with me?”

I changed my attire while Marie combed my hair. Then, I went to the guestroom alongside Vioris.

Afbad should be preparing the tea. What has she doing up to now, that Baroness?

What happened to her promise with His Highness in the first place?

While thinking silently, I headed towards the guestroom. Before entering the room, I inhaled.

She’s just an incomprehensible girl!

I can’t back down now…! It will be fine. After all, I’m the Duke’s daughter…! Recently, I realized my dream of becoming an adventurer…! Yes…! Everything will be okay…!

I opened the door, feeling really unsure. Vioris casually escorted me. It helped ease my tension a little.

In the guestroom I was familiar with, sat an unfamiliar guest.

Baroness Schmia stood up with great vigor the moment she saw me. She looked overjoyed—

why, though?

On the contrary, I wasn’t happy at all.

I would rather she returned home in all haste.


She had successfully shortened my name from Lady Tiarize to Tia…

Nonono, wait! When did we become friends!? Only Mia and Amilia are allowed to call me by name!

Of course, I didn’t recall ever giving her a permission to call me that.

A Baroness calling a Duchess without honorific… not to mention, shortening my name as she pleased…

Calling her uncouth would be too kind!

I started feeling dizzy.

“…Baroness Schmia, good day to you. So, for what purpose have you come today?”

My response totally sounded cold, but it wasn’t like I cared. I truly disliked her. In short—this little…! Thinking about derogatory terms I could use to slam her in my head, a lot came up at once. Such was the result of frequenting the downtown.

“H-hiii…! I’m s-sorry, did I do something…? Tia, you sound angry.”

Obviously? You call my name as you please.

My headache grew terrible within seconds. I held my breath.

“W, well, umm, Baroness Schmia? First, there’s something I would like to ask you… why are you addressing me so familiarly like that?”

Why are you acting so close! I wanted to blurt that out, but at the last second, I managed to rephrase it to a gentler line…

There were beautiful colored cups of tea on the table, but of course, I wasn’t in the mood to drink.

Some modest teacakes had also been prepared, and it seemed that Baroness Schmia had treated herself to some. I wondered if this girl knew what ‘courtesy’ meant…

“Eh? Eh? Because, am I not Tia’s friend?”


From when—!? Me—!? Your friend—!? Stop joking—!!

I laughed and uttered.

“Well, is that so? I wasn’t aware of that, as such, I found it surprising… this may sounds strange, but it feels like we’ve only have a proper conversation like this about twice?”

“Tia sure is forgetful~!”

I’ll kill this wretch!!!!

Wha—!? Huh—!?

Forgetful!? When our meetings really could be counted by hand—!? Was the flower field in your brain too vast it caused you to develop dementia—!?

To muffle my scream, I sipped tea instead. Keep calm, and drink tea—!!!

“I… I’m forgetful, you say? What an interesting thing you, a Baroness, says regarding me, His Imperial Highness’ fiancée…”

This girl only remembered the part that she liked—!!! I was discovering more and more of her disgusting skills—!!!

“Haha, you’re basically saying that I’m special, right?”

this woman!

I’ll absolutely kill her! Must. Definitely. Kill. Her!!!

In my mind, I already punched her face for the tenth time and struck a victory pose.

“Uh… yes, right. You’re indeed different than most, I’ll give you that. …So, why have you come?”

It was useless to speak to her. I realized so.

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