The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

29. The Returnee Noble Lady (28)

Jill seriously felt bad—the reason was, obviously, Hadith.

“It is to my utter satisfaction. I believe today’s roasted duck has been prepared exquisitely.”

“I, it seems so…”

“I sandwiched the duckbetween baguettes, complete with cheese and boiled eggs. The sweetness of the sauce is perfect, too. Come on! Sate your appetite!”

Hadith took out some food out of a knitted basket and arranged them. Instead of the dining room, they were under the shades of some trees in the courtyard. He made and served baguette sandwiches consisting of duck meat.

Jill, who received the offer, ate a bite—she almost cried due to the flavor.

“Is it delicious?”

“Ye, yeah…! It’s very, very delicious…!”

“Then, have you fallen for me now?”

The excited Jill, once asked so, turned pale instantly.

“I haven’t. How many times do you have to ask me that until you’re satisfied?”

“Until you nod, obviously?”

Hadith smiled—albeit his expression seemed sad. Those eyes were definitely the eyes of a predator eyeing its prey.

I feel like those eyes are perceiving me in a strange way…

But still, the rice was delicious. Hadith was quite simple-minded—he was set to paving his way through Jill’s heart solely through her stomach.

As soon as the case concerning Marquis Veil had been settled, Hadith stayed cooped up in the Castle of Veilburg under the pretext of, “I’m not welcome by the townsfolk.”

She thought that he would assume the role of the leader immediately, but no. Before anything else, Hadith re-interviewed all the servants of the castle; reformed the Northern Division—with Hugo as a new addition; forced the renovation budget out of Marquis Veil’s pocket; and started to arrange trading for this city.

He had demonstrated ample amount of administrative prowess, including post-administration, and quickly reigned as the new lord of Veilburg.

When asked if he didn’t need to return to the Imperial Capital, he said that if no one picked him up, he would just relocate the Imperial Capital to that city. During that time, she saw him casually draft a strategy for ‘Imperial Capital Annihilation’. Basically, something nobles would do when they had too much time on their hands.

I honestly don’t know if he’s serious or not…

If that was all, she would be tremendously impressed by this young Emperor’s excellent competence.

However, this Emperor, who had too much free time, had started using said time to manage Jill’s diet.

At first, she thought it was to avoid poisoning, but she immediately realized the reason was …different.

“Then, at the very least, can’t you tell me the type of man you like?”

Apparently, it seemed that Jill was being appealed to right now.

‘I don’t want to be hated, I want to be liked.’—she had oftentimes heard such things from Hadith. But it was more because he didn’t want to be hated. Back then, Hadith wasn’t as aggressive.

For security reasons, they slept in the same bedroom. As such, Jill had to be on guard.

“Don’t ask a ten-year-old child that kind of question with such a serious expression…”

“Regardless of your age, you’re still a woman. Age shouldn’t matter.”

“A very good notion, but, don’t you realize how rude that question sounds to a woman who’s going to be your wife? It sounds more like you’re suspecting me of having an affair, instead.”

“Not making any advances towards his wife is blasphemy for a husband.”

Towards Hadith’s exaggeration, she sent a chilly gaze.

For some reason, he smiled happily. She found such a face, albeit adorable, annoying.

“Recently, it has become my habit to be the receiving end of your cold eyes.”

This guy might be a true pervert…

“If you fall in love with me, I will prepare your favorite dish every day.”

“I respect your consideration, but I’m full, already! Thanks for the feast!”

“But there’s still dessert?”

Turning around, Hadith took out a pie wrapped in paper.

Jill, catching the sight of the object, silently sat back.

“Aah~ found you! Jill-chan, and also… His Majesty the Emperor.”

Camila jumped over the brook near the courtyard as Jill resigned herself and ate the pie. Zeke was also present.

They had changed jobs.

Both of them knelt down simultaneously. Not to Hadith, but Jill.

“We are truly happy to see that our beautiful Dragon Princess is in good mood. But, it’s time for your study, Jill-chan.”

“We didn’t realize that His Majesty the Emperor was also present. Pardon our intrusion.”

“I see… it’s time for us to part…” Hadith seemed dejected, to which Zeke scratched his head.

“…Such an exaggeration… it’s only one or two hours. In the meantime, you can always prepare some sweets, Emperor.”

“That’s right~ wait for our return, Emperor! Now, now, let’s go!”

The eyes of Camila and Zeke shone when they spotted the cookies held by Hadith.

Jill groaned involuntarily.

“Pay attentions to your manners! You guys are basically begging for food! Also, honorifics! Courtesies!”

“Well but~ the one who told us not to be too formal is the Emperor, Jill-chan. Otherwise, he would feel left out, it’s pitiful~”

“That’s right, I’m not offended at all. After all, we’re close. You guys have taught me a lot of things.” Hadith seemed happy—on the contrary, Jill had a bad premonition.

Said premonition turned out to be true after Zeke uttered so;

“Then, how is it? Have you been making progress with our Captain?”

“One thing at a time, such is my principle—therefore, I’m currently working hard to master more recipes…”

“That’s not good! You have to attack from various angles! What about giving her a present next time? After all, Jill is a young lady.”

“Wait a minute, what are you guys feeding the Emperor—!?”

Jill stared at both Camila and Zeke and suddenly suffered a headache.

“‘What’, you ask… ways to seduce a woman, of course? However, the opponent is a little girl. As such, we’re also unsure of what to do… it’s just that I’m curious to what will happen next…”

“That’s right~ besides, I can’t help but think that the earnest Emperor is cute.”

“I, I see, this Emperor me is cute, huh…”

“Your Majesty, why are you making such a happy face—!? Argh, I don’t understand anymore—!” When Jill covered her face with both hands, Hadith blinked and shrugged his shoulders.

“I see, so cute guys aren’t to your liking…”

Nooo~ Jill-chan, you made the Emperor cry!”

“Even though you’re the Dragon Princess, you’re still in the presence of His Majesty the Emperor, you know? How about considering your wording more?”

“Why am I the one who’s at fault here—!? You guys are supposed to be on my side—!! After all, you guys are the ‘Dragon Knights.’ You’re supposed to lift your swords for my cause—!!”

Camila and Zeke no longer had any intention of continuing their previous jobs. When Hadith asked what they preferred as a reward for reclaiming the naval port, they conveyed their wish to become Dragon Knights.

As according to the custom of the Rave Empire, the Emperor was also known as the Dragon Emperor. The soldiers who pledged their allegiance to the Princess would also be known as the Knights of the Dragon.

The title wasn’t only respectable, but the profession it entailed was also honorary—in short, they couldn’t easily be thrown away.

When asked for the reason, Camila’s reason was “Cause’ it seems fun~” While Zeke’s was, “I desire power.”

Hadith said he would refuse them if she didn’t approve, but Jill accepted them.

They might still be inexperienced, but she would be glad if she could start bonding with them again.

But said decision was also the reason why Jill was in such a disposition.

“Don’t mind her, Emperor~ She might say so, but we witnessed it ourselves, how much Captain cares about you~”


“Yes~! I think this relationship has the potential to succeed~! I’ll support you, so do your best~! Besides, Jill-chan is our precious Master. You also love Jill-chan, right?”

“H-huh? M, me? That can’t be!” Immediately denying it, Hadith blushed and muttered so while averting his gaze. “M, me? Loving the Amethyst Princess? That kind of thing…!? No way…!? L, love, me? The Amethyst Princess? I love the Amethyst Princess—I love her…!?”

“No way, this Emperor…”

“I, I love her… eh? The Amethyst Princess, loves me—!?”

“Wait, wait, Emperor~ don’t switch it as you please! That’s a dangerous way of thinking, you know—!?”

“I understand.” Hadith nodded.

Zeke and Camila were sighing greatly—they looked impatient. Jill herself had no sympathy.

These guys are deciding as they please…

Jill, whose complaint about Hadith’s homemade dishes had gone off tangent, jumped off the chair.

“Thanks for the feast, Your Majesty. It’s time for me to go, excuse me.”

“I understand. I shall make a cheesecake as I wait for your return.”

Still baffled, Hadith continued to smile and waved at her as she took her leave.


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