The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

24.1 A Purchase by the King and his Sworn Sisters and Gathering Intelligence on the Side

Before attacking the fort, we first need to gather information. As such, Lizette, Haruka, and I decide to head to a human settlement to purchase some supplies.

The development around the village is going smoothly. Furthermore, mamono can be hunted more easily now.

This is thanks to the barrier. Not only can mamono not enter the barrier, it’s an invisible wall to them. That allows for them to be cornered against it and surround. Afterwards, while the mamono are distracted, another attack against them can be launched from within the barrier. It’s cheap, but with mamono appearing more and more often, there isn’t all that much choice. Now, thanks to the Harpy patrolling the skies, we can know the exact location of the mamono.

Everyone from the village says, “The hunts we’ve had until now feel like they were just a lie!” They are delighted.

Everyone from the village comes to see us off.
[Thanks to the heaps of mamono we’ve hunted, we were able to accumulate a lot of magic crystals.]
[I’ll exchange this for money and feed Aniue-sama tasty food!]
Lizette and Haruka both cry out with enthusiasm.

We are now on a highway beside a city. It is ruled by, “Kitoru Viceroy.” Of the human territories, this one is the closest to the border.
[I heard the Viceroy-san himself lives in a castle further south from here.]
[He seems worried. Walls like these aren’t enough to give him any peace of mind.]
[I think the protection provided here too is more than enough.]

The city is surrounded by a tall wall. Even from here, archers can be seen lining the top. Although another magic circle from the era of Dragon Emperor may lay inside, using it is impossible. I must be appointed as King first.

[Shouma-nii-sama, are you tired?]
Suddenly, Lizette peers at my face.
[Lizette was just holding on to nii-sama while nii-sama was flying this whole time.]
[It’s fine. I’m not tired. I still have plenty of mana left.]

It’s difficult for me, who is from a different world, to walk one and a half days (with camping). Halfway through, I used, “Flying Species Awakening” to take to the skies for a shortcut.

[Even so, I think Lizu-nee is being unfair.]
By the time I notice, Haruka glares at Lizette with her hands on her waist.
[I also want to hold Aniue-sama. I’m always carried by the Harpy.]
[It can’t be helped. Wasn’t it decided fairly by lottery?]
[I wonder if it was really fair…?]
[This Lisette Ryuge won’t commit an injustice that affects the state of the world!]
[And how does Aniue-sama have anything to do with that?]
[….This Lisette Ryuge won’t commit an injustice that affects the state of the world.]

Hey you. What are you looking away for, Lisette?

[St-still, Haruka can have a turn on the way back. It’s only fair.]
[Yeah, that’s really fair.]
Haruka is grinning.

By the way, we already told the Harpy what time to come and pick us up for our return. Until then, I’ve requested they perform “Surveillance.”

[Well then, from here it’s the human territory?] Even though I’m also a human, for some reason, I’m more nervous about this than I was entering the domain of the aijin.

Lizette has a bandana wrapped around her hair while Haruka wears a hat. They do so to hide their horns.

Even though gates are placed on the east, west, south, and north parts of the city, we choose to walk around and enter from the west gate. If we enter from the north gate, which leads to the border, our identities as aijin will immediately be discovered. If that happens, we might end up being charged an entrance fee different from normal. Gatekeepers who’s follow such practice seem to exist. Of course, there are also good gatekeepers too.

[The gate closes before sunset and opens by dawn. You won’t be able to enter during that time, so please take note of that.]
The gatekeeper-san watching the west side lets us through with those words.

[…..This is, a human city of this world?]
Naturally, there’s more people here than in “Hazama village.” I pass under the gate and instantly step onto the main street. This area seems to be the busiest with lots of people walking about. Stalls run down both sides of the road.

Soldier carrying swords are all over. Could it be because the “Land Enlightened Cult” is also causing trouble around here? There’s certainly a lot of people, but they aren’t all that lively. Everyone gathered along the roadside is talking with uneasy expressions.

As I walk down the main road, I pass by a horse pulled wagon that is being protected by more than ten soldiers. It is heading south with the people pointing at it and talking. The direction it heads in is the castle where “Kitaro viceroy” lives. It’s surrounded by multiple walls, secluding Kitaro viceroy inside where he waits for the turbulent period to end. That’s what everyone is talking about.

[So, what do we do now?]
[First, let’s convert the “Magic Crystal” into money.]
[Right, then how about some shopping afterwards?]

I stop along the roadside to discuss the situation with Lizette and Haruka.
[Understood. Right, have this.]

I take out a leather bag from “King’s Vessel” and handed it to Lizette. The magic crystals are inside.

“King’s Vessel” is a storage skill. What’s inside can only be taken out by me. It’s just right for storing valuables.

[Thank you very much. Well then, Lizette will exchange these for money. What are you going to do, Nii-sama?]
[I’ll listen to the gossip around here for information.]
[I understand. Well then, Haruka, bodyguard.]
[Leave it to me, Liz-nee.]

Haruka, with those words, clicks the sheath of her long sword. Since using a konbo would probably expose her as an Oni, I also gave her an enchanted “Super tough long sword.” While Haruka essentially fights by swinging with all her strength, her combat ability is no different from Lizette’s. However, when taking her Oni strength and regenerative ability into consideration, her offensive power is actually higher than Lizette’s.

[Well then, let’s meet here by noon.]
[Understood, Lizette will also be careful.]

Haruka and I separate from Lizette and start walking.

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