The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

25. The Returnee Noble Lady (24)

“Fine! Bring her out!”

“The moment we open the door, you won’t attack, right—!?”

“Of course! We’re getting ready to escape now, we don’t have time to deal with you!”

Then, the door was opened from the inside—gi.

Behind Jill, everyone took cover behind the barricade.

The outside was still bright. A man who seemed to be the leader stepped forward. He was a youth.

The guy was quite a looker. His appearance was frivolous, exuding the charm of a lady killer.

“Alright, that’s the kid we’re looking for. I have to say ‘good job’ and also—”

As soon as he confirmed such, the mercenary leader, whom was dressed in a Northern Division uniform, raised his hand. The mercenaries behind him pulled the strings of their bows. Their arrows were blazing.


Jill slammed her knee into his face faster than the bowstrings could be pulled. His head almost spun backward, before he tightened his neck—

“—if you guys still treasure your heads, drop your weapons!”

“This kid’s bluffing! Don’t mind me, take care of this kid first—“

The moment she swung her right fist, all the enemies around her were blown away.

The lookout in front of the cathedral broke in half and landed on the other group that was about to release their arrows.

“Wh, a…?”

“By the way, before I returned here, I’ve destroyed all the ships.”

Jill snapped her finger, stomping on the back of the fallen leader’s head.

“Choose. Do you want to die here or stop resisting and calmly surrender?”

“…fuhaha! You let your guard down, didn’t you?! Oi, now—!”

The leader of the mercenaries couldn’t quite finish his words, after all, a moment later, someone was kicked out of the cathedral by Zeke.

It was none other than the priest whom Sufia confided with.

“Too bad for you, Lady Sufia is safe.”

“Priest now carry knives and attack people—ah, what has our world come to?”

Listening to Zeke’s and Camilla’s words, the leader became powerless immediately.

“…you can seize me, but please let my subordinates go.”

So he still possesses some gentlemanly attitude?

Zeke and Camila exchanged glances with each other.

Jill answered simply.

“Sure, if you confess who ordered you.”

“…as if you need to ask that, it’s Marquis Veil.”

“Can you pass that to the Emperor?”

“As if he would listen to my words! To him, we are but garbage! I tell you—“

“—L, Leader!! Leader!! Marquis Veil is turning against us!! He’s attacking!! It’s different from what was promised—“

The man who ran up to them was suddenly pierced by an arrow. He died immediately.

Sufia, from inside the cathedral, screamed.

As the Leader tried to free himself, Jill held him down yet again. She whispered to him. His eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“Hold on.”

“That bastard—!!”

“Do you want your entire group to be annihilated—?! You guys are but abandoned peons, now, you do understand that, right—!? I will help you guys as much as I can, but for now, hold on!!”

The Leader widened his eyes.

Behind the fallen scout, came out the knights. Their movements were fluid and orderly, it was unthinkable for a mere private army—they had to be well trained.

“…are you the child who seduced the Emperor?”

There was a single man who rode a horse. He came out from the gallant garrison of knights.

“Father…” Sufia uttered in a fleeting voice.

The man seemed fearless. There was contempt held in his gaze as he stared down at Jill.

Jill often saw such gazes in the Castle of Kratos.

“Such a young age, but already practicing witchery—foul monster! I expect no less from Kratos.”

Jill’s laugh echoed back.

“Nice to meet you, Marquis Veil. The naval port has been reclaimed by the Northern Division!”

“What are you saying, I’ve just arrived here.”

Jill kicked the Leader she was trampling to Zeke. They must prevent Marquis Veil from seizing the credit with all their might.

Marquis Veil raised his hand with a laugh. At the same time, a large shadow was cast upon them from above.

She stared up at the skies—there was a dragon. The flame exhaled from its mouth wasn’t a normal flame.

It was the fire of judgment bestowed by the Dragon God.

“The moment I get rid of you all, that’s when the job is considered finished.”

“Everyone, retreat into the cathedral!”

If Jill was alone in such a situation, there would be no problem. However, the others were also there. The cathedral burning down would be troublesome, thus she had no choice but to prevent that from happening.

She made a stance and looked up again—in the sky, the dragon opened its mouth.

…here it comes!

Smoke came out of the dragon’s maw.

The moment Jill blinked, the dragon expanded its wings and then—

—came crashing down onto the ground.

The army of Marquis Veil was crushed by its body.

As a commotion started, Marquis Veil himself was in an uproar.

“Wh, why suddenly—!? Get up! Attack—!!”

“As if he could do that in the presence of the Dragon Emperor.”

A voice pierced through the clamors—however, the tone wasn’t as gentle as the voice.

The confusion subsided, as if everyone were submerged in cold water.

The pressure from the magic power brought goose bumps.

It was the same sensation from when she was still in the Kratos Kingdom. Jill exhaled deeply.

Marquis Veil, having managed to crawl his body out from underneath the dragon, said while gasping.

“Y, Your Majesty the Emperor!”

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