Translation Yankee wa Isekai de Seirei ni Aisaremasu.

13. I’m positive, you’re the daughter of a corrupt merchant.

A wall, there’s a huge wall. I can see a gate in the middle of the wall. Through the gate is a town and a castle. We’ve finally reached the royal capital.

“Zero-san, over there is the royal capital of the Orphan kingdom, located in the center of the Orphan continent.”
“Wow, it’s huge…”

Back in my world, there were tons of massive buildings. Wicked huge walls, not so much.

Ahre? Could it be, Zero-san, eetto… I see! Are you ne-nervous? Looks like you truly are a rustic countryman.”
Aagh? I ain’t nervous. Anyway, what was with that act earlier? That was one too many ‘ne’s.”

I don’t get it.  For some reason, Gusu-oyake starts repeating “nervous” and “ne-nervous” under her breath. She also keeps saying words like, “countryside.” Maybe I should show her a car later? I bet that would really make her jump.

“Well, how’s about we get a move on for now? Looks like there’s a line up head and at the rate it’s moving, we’re gonna be there for hours.”
“Oh, that is not a problem. Right this way.”
Ah? No, hold up a sec.”

What’s with this girl? She ignores what I say and heads straight for the gate.
“Hey, listen to me… Yo, don’t just stop outta nowhere!”

But her stopping is exactly what I need. Wait, what? She’s taking deep breaths? And she’s muttering something too…

“Alright! Let us proceed!”
“Ye- yeah?”

I don’t get it. For some reason, she just keeps saying, “Everything is fine, everything is fine,” with loads of spirit.

Gusu-oyake then tells me, “Wait here for a moment,” and heads off to talk with some guy who looks like a gatekeeper.

The heck is going on? Do we line up after getting a ticket or something?
Huh? Now I’m being called over for some reason.

“Yo, what’s up?”
“Yes, we have received the go ahead. Let’s enter.”
Fufun, what do you think? Are you surprised? As you can see, even I am able to get passage through something like a gate.”

Just what is this girl saying? Is she stupid? For now, I lightly whack her head.

“Oww! What was that for?!”
“Fool, even though those other guys have been waiting in line, you’re just gonna cut?  I don’t know if your family is anything special, but you’re just throwing your authority around. Sorry, but I ain’t doing it! I’m lining up![1]
“Yo- you bastard! Such insolence!”

Huh? What’s this gatekeeper guy going on about? Or is cutting lines the norm in this world? I think I’ll just watch for now… except, this is starting to get dangerous.

“Attention! A-all hands! Gather up if you’re free! He’s under arrest!”
Haa? Wait, hold up a sec! You bastards are making a mistake here!”
“Silence! You anarchist[2]!”

Anarchist? Hey, hey, ain’t that a dangerous thing to say? No, this is bad.

“Yo, Gugu-oyake, snap out of it!  We gotta bolt!”
“Is this the time to be taking deep breaths?! The police are after us! Don’t you get that right now we gotta move?!”
“Please settle down!!”

What a powerful voice. The gatekeepers coming to surround me all freeze. Incidentally, I was right next to that shout. My ears are ringing.

“Gusu-oyake, yo-you bastard! The heck was with that shout from outta nowhere!?”
“Please be silent.”
Augh!? Be silent?”

Just as I’m about to explode, “Says the moron who just shouted out!”, the chibi smother my mouth. Are you jerks taking me for some kinda mountain to climb?[3]

“He is my friend and also my guest. While he may be somewhat rough, he is a good person. I ask that those of you trying to arrest him to desist at once.”
Ha-hahaa! Excuse us, Grace-sama!”

Grace-sama? Why’d he call her Grace-sama? What’re these guys kneeling to Gusu-oyake for?

While I’m still confused by everything, Gusu-oyake takes my hand and pulls me through the gate. I’ve already forgotten what I was going to say for cutting the line.

“Zero-san, Zero-san!”
“Good, you fell into a daze and stopped responding. I was starting to worry.”

I look around. This place is… in front of the castle. Eh? What am I doing in front of the castle? Didn’t we just go through the gate?

Eetto, Gusu-oyake, you,”
“I am sorry, you seem to have found out. I planned on bringing it up, but I wasn’t able to bring myself to mention anything.”
“What are we doing in front of the castle?”

What kinda response is that? Did I say something strange?

Ano, Zero-san, what about my identity? Did you not uncover who I am?”
“No, that is not what I meant!? I ordered the gatekeepers to stop and now we are before the castle!?”
“…Did you get a hold of their weak points? No, being in front of the castle ain’t got nothing to do with that. You something like a gatekeeper’s daughter from the castle?”
“Incredible, you seriously haven’t figured it out…”

Is that something to get ticked about? Can’t I get a hint? Able to cut through the gate. Can order about the gatekeepers. In front of the castle.
Huuh? …Ah, could it be that?

“Got it.”
Ahh, that is a relief. Having to explain this to you myself would have been a bit embarrassing.”
“I’m positive, you’re the daughter of a corrupt merchant.”
“Since you’re often transporting illegal stuff, you go through the gate quite a lot. Then, because your bribing the gatekeepers, you can somewhat tell them what to do. As for being in front of the castle, this is where your shady merchandise gets brought to. So, how is it? Flawless, right?”
“You can just die already.”

Shoot, she said that with a smile. Gusu-oyake is totally raging right now. Or, that’s what it feels like anyway.[4]

Haa, very well. For now, please come this way. You will come to understand if you do.”

Just like that, we get a pass into the castle too. The heck is going on here? Alright, I can do this. All I have to do for now is go along with Gusu-oyake. Just, this girl, where is she going?

“Hey, Gusu-oyake.”

The instant Gusu-oyake turned to face me, someone calls out from ahead. Gusu-oyake jumps and shivers at the call.

Something the matter?

“You rushed out of the castle on your own whim and return out of nowhere. In the end, you’re sneaking back to your room. For now, how about properly giving a greeting and apologizing?”
“P-please excuse me, onee-sama…”

Onee-sama? That mean this chick is Gusu-oyake’s onee-chan? Long, blond hair, sparkling eyes, and a girl. She’s also wearing something like armor and carrying a sword. They fit her pretty well.

“After returning to my room, I intended to inquire about greeting…”
“Grace, who is that riffraff behind you? I ask that you expel him from the castle at once.”

Riffraff? Where? I look around, but we’re the only ones here. Who the heck is this amateur looking at?[5]

“What are you looking around for? Bastard, I’m talking to you. Why don’t you hurry up and leave?!”
Onee-sama! He is my friend…”
“Be silent! Can’t you hear that I’m speaking?!”

Gusu-oyake was overpowered and now quietly looks at the floor. They seriously duked it out.[6] Hm? Wait?

“Hey, you talking about me when you say riffraff?”
Hahaa. Is there anyone else? If you’ve figured it out, hurry it up and be gone!”

Hey, hey, this chick’s saying some funny stuff. She’s picking a fight with me. Acting like I’m some harmless chump.[7] If I take off this hood, will Gusu-oyake complain?

I take of my hood and stare at the damned amateur. Alright, I wouldn’t be a man if I stood down here[8].

“Argh!? Bitch, I don’t really get it, but I’m pretty sure that ain’t what you say on a first meeting! If you’re selling a fight, then I’ll buy it!”
Fun! Your mere words make the status of your birth clear. Taking your uncouth behavior into account, how am I wrong in calling you a riffraff!?”

…Ahre? This girl, is she looking me in the eye? Ain’t she feeling anything? Looking me in the eye? Ahre? Ain’t she gonna turn away? She ain’t losing her cool?
The chibi for some reason always hide and quiver with fear. This girl isn’t scared? No, looks more like she’s laughing to me. The heck is this person?

Without realizing it, I end up staring at that damned amateur. 

“Wh-why are you staring?”
“No… Well, just a bit.”
“Ce-cease this?!”

Uoh. Me and that damned amateur turn towards Gusu-oyake at her cry.

Her shoulders are shaking as she stares at the damned amateur. “H-He is my friend and guest. Please refrain from speaking such words to him. Accept our apology for this discourtesy!”

“Please wait, Grace!”

Uoh, nice, Gusu-oyake. Ain’t this your best? It’s so perfect, my knees are shaking from laughter and I can’t do anything about it. Keep at it, don’t let up.[9]

The damned amateur calls out to me, “Wait.”

Chii, I am disciplined. We not done yet?[10]

Kisama, I don’t know who you are, but don’t think it’s over with this.”

The howls of the loser? She just says what she wants and leaves.

For now, I hurry up and chase after Gusu-oyake. Somehow, this is all turning out to be pretty fun.


Manai Zero
Skill:    The Person Loved by Spirits
Special Feature: Intimidating Eyes
Items:   Stone Ax
              (Mithril) Pipe
              Light Armor
Objective: Have Gusu-oyake be recognized

A/N: I said last chapter that translating has become easier.  I’d like to point out that yankee talk/slang is still way beyond me. ;~;
If you find any errors, point them out below, thanks.
~Gandire Alea

[1] みっともねぇことしてんじゃねぇよ。さっさと並ぶぞ」
[2] The term is violent person, but that doesn’t really fit
[3] てめぇら俺でロッククライミングするんじゃねぇって言ってんだろうが。
[4] これはグス公ガチギレしてやがんな。
[5]  何だこのアマ、やべぇもんでも見えてんのか?
[6] 本当こいつ喧嘩よえぇなぁ。
[7] こんな人畜無害なやつに向かって良く言ってくれたもんだ。
[8] いっちょ前にガンつけてくれてんじゃないか。
[9] 後は膝が笑ってるのを隠せれば完璧だったな。っと、このままじゃ置いて行かれちまうな。
[10] ちっ。しつけぇなぁ。まだ何かあんのか?

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