The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

24. The Returnee Noble Lady (23)

For a moment, the earth shook. Jill reflexively stopped moving.

An earthquake… no, magic?

No way… did something happen to Hadith—?

She thought that as long as Rave was there, he would be fine. But now, when she thought about it—in the first place, can Rave even fight?

Hadith should be outrageously strong, but the moment he won, he would bleed and collapse—such thoughts made Jill anxious.

Actually, she had already thought of what she was would do if such a situation were to happen—

—that was, she would prioritize her husband’s safety first. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able focus on the battle in front of her.

For Jill, all that man had to do was cook delicious rice and sweets while quietly waiting for her return. That would be more than enough for her.

“Oi! Hurry up! We don’t know how much longer the cathedral will hold out!”

Swinging his great sword, Zeke opened the way while shouting. Camila, who kept firing arrows from behind him, aimed towards a carriage that carried some heavy logs. She fired on the rope tying said logs, and the logs rolled down.

Because she was concerned about Hadith, she was constantly losing focus.

“This is the last ship! We should go back now!”

Suddenly, Jill leaped, grabbing the collars of Zeke and Camila—“Uogh.” Zeke exclaimed.

“Don’t speak when you’re flying! Otherwise, you’ll bite your tongue!”

“Jill-chan, seriously, what are you—!?”

Jill returned to the cathedral and headed towards its roof. They were ready to complain to her, but she had no time for that.

She kicked off the wall and leapt to the roof of the cathedral to avoid the enemy’s detection. Then, she hopped inside.

When the inside clamored, thinking it was an enemy, Sufia greeted her.

“Jill-sama! Everyone!”

“How is it going?”

Towards Jill, Mihari exclaimed.

“As ordered, we are blocking the doors and windows to prevent any break ins. However, we’re surrounded—other than that, it’s the same as when before Captain and the others headed out.”


Mihari and the others nodded to Jill, who pointed at her own face.

“Yes, it’s what we decided on earlier. If we call you by your name, the enemy will be aware of your location, besides, you’re the one taking command.”

“I see. I must convey my gratitude—thank you for your concern.”

With this, the enemy would find out that Jill had escaped the warehouse—but that was it.

In response to her words of gratitude, they changed their tone and returned her salute.

However, the situation wasn’t good. Half of the cathedral’s inhabitants were wounded. Only about ten people could fight—including Jill.

Despite such, even if they were cornered, the mental burden from between surrounded by allies was different from being cornered by the enemy. Those who could move helped erect barricades and looked for things to use from within the cathedral. The morale of those who carried weapons were rising.

Zeke carried a great sword and propped it on his shoulder.

“We’ve destroyed the ships. Escaping won’t be easy. It’s fight-or-die—be it for us or for them!”

“Don’t you realize how reckless that sounds, you muscle-brain—!? We don’t have any chance of winning!”

“Well, then why go to such length to destroy their ships? What’s the point of sealing their escape route?”

“This is to prevent the assailants from escaping the naval port as soon as the Marquis Veil’s private army attacks. They’ll have to switch their tactics if they don’t want to be attacked by Marquis Veil’s army.”

Even if behind the scenes they were in cahoots, on the scene, they were the supposed enemy of Marquis Veil. With the Northern Division fighting like this, Marquis Veil’s private army would have no choice but to join them and attack those assailants.

More likely, both sides would be thrown into confusion.

Right now, they should focus on a way to not be outdone by Marquis Veil.

“There’s also the possibility that they will just burn this place altogether.”

“There’s that. But I don’t think they’ll do anything extreme until they’ve annihilated us all. It’s profit that those mercenaries prioritize; as such, they’re a pragmatic bunch. Either they’ll rake up their brain to secure an escape route now, or…”

“—Oi, Northern Division! I’m the leader of this guys! Let’s make a deal!”

Before the explanation could be finished, a voice came from outside. The voice was more youthful than expected.

“Is the spy kid there—!? Won’t you hand the kid to us—!? Then, we won’t touch the Marquis’ daughter, and we will depart from the naval port immediately! If not, the cathedral may catch fire!”

“W-we are being surrounded by archers! Th, those are fire arrows!”

A person on the lookout reported after peeking through a gap in a window that was blocked by the chaise longue of the cathedral.

Camila looked sour.

“Albeit the walls are made of brick, there are many wooden parts. If they release flaming arrows, it’ll burn in a flash.”

“We’re going to be annihilated. What are you going to do, Captain? Do we have no choice?”

“That’s not true. The enemy’s Leader has finally come out.”

“Do you hear me—!? I’ll count to thirty—!! In the meantime, tie that kid up and bring her to us—!!”

From outside, the voice was heard again.

Jill suddenly glanced around.

No one diverted their gaze from Jill. Although their situation was unfavorable, nobody tried to route her to the enemy. Sufia, who was tending to the soldiers’ wound, also shook her head the moment their eyes met—seemingly telling her not to comply.

What, so we do have a choice, after all. Everyone…

Rather, they seemed to be waiting for instructions. It was only natural for her to want to respond when looking at such a sight.

“I’ll go.”

“Wait! Jill-chan, didn’t you say that you will protect us? Did you forget that?”

“That’s right! If Jill-sama is planning to sacrifice herself, I won’t let her go alone! Bring me with you!”

“It will be alright, Lady Sufia. Everything is going as planned. I won’t do anything that’ll ruin it.”

Sufia blinked in bafflement.

Jill held out both of her wrists to be tied up. Zeke clicked his tongue and brought a rope. Camila tied Jill’s wrists, both eyebrows furrowing.

“Will you be alright?”

“Yes… I leave Lady Sufia to you—“—she whispered in a low voice that could only be heard by Camila.

“Sufia is far more of an effective trump card for Marquis Veil, because she is the victim, rather than this ‘spy’ me. Don’t let your eyes wander off her.”

“…are you basically saying there might be an enemy inside this cathedral?”

“…yes, there’s still that priest. He should be in here. That’s why, I’m depending on you.”

Staring straight onto Jill’s eyes, Camila nodded. Zeke also listened. Sufia should be okay now.

“Mihari, I would like you to be the one to escort me out—it’s the Captain’s order.”

Mihari swallowed what he was about to say, and nodded.

The count passed twenty—it was time.

“P, please, return safely…”

Mihari whispered to her, before shouting—

“—it’s a deal! We’ll hand the spy kid to you! Stop counting!”

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