The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

23.1 A Way for Using Empty Houses and a Method for Recruiting a Certain Tribe

[As expected, we don’t have enough hands.]
[“Hazama Village” only has 100 people in it after all.]
[Until there’s more, “Dragon Tree Castle” will remain disused.]

Within the chief’s house, Lizette, Haruka, and I sigh.

Thanks to the barrier, the forest between “Hazama Village” and “Dragon Tree Castle” is now a safe zone. While that allows for the smooth development of “Hazama Village,” everything else ending up neglected.

The problem is that no one can travel to “Dragon Tree Castle”. The current ongoing cultivation of the fields around the village is keeping everyone very busy. That said, we can’t just ignore “Dragon Tree Castle.” Even if the mamono have been driven away, other aijin[1] live within the safety zone. Humans come by every now and then too. If that place were to be occupied by someone else, taking it back again would be troublesome.

[That’s why, I think we should ask a trustworthy tribe to take residence there.]
I say,
[We can request friendly aijin families to migrate into the forest and the area surrounding the “Dragon Tree Castle” under the promise to “not fight against each other.” As they’ll be able to live free from the threat of mamono, we can entrust them to manage Dragon Tree Castle and its surroundings. We could probably exchange information with them too? It would be a sort of give and take. What do you think?]

Of course, if they don’t trust us then whole this plan will fall apart. This is because we can turn off the barrier around “Dragon Tree Castle” at any moment and leave their homes free to be ravaged by mamono. But, as long as we properly explain ourselves, they should be convinced to live there.

[Lizette thinks that’s… a good idea.]
Lizette places her hand against her chin and nods.

[Making the most of both the people and the land… Lizette is certain, this is the ideology of ​​a king. When Lizette is together with Shouma-nii-sama, Lizette feels like she is receiving lessons on ruling.]
[That’s because you’re over thinking things….]
[Lizette fully supports this idea. Haruka?]
[It’s a good idea, just, which tribes should we approach?]

Haruka leans back against a chair and crosses her arms.

[“Hazama Village” doesn’t have many connections with other tribes. Aijin don’t like the humans. Thus, the Oni tribe who trade with the humans are somewhat treated as a tribe of weirdos.]
[If everyone were to learn Shouma-nii-sama is the successor of the “Dragon Emperor”, then Lizette doesn’t think there’d be any problem…. but this also depends on the tribe.]

According to the two of them, save those of us within this area, there’s also the “Mermaid tribe,” the “Werewolf tribe”, and the “Long Ear tribe.” Each race has its own unique abilities, technologies, and culture.

…Thinking that the “Dragon Emperor” actually united all these aijin tribes, I realize once again how amazing he was. However, I don’t really have the level of ability he did. I’m better off not imitating him. That’s why, let’s start by collecting information first.

[For now, let’s visit a tribe with a wide range of activities and are knowledgeable about various things.]
I say to Lizette and Haruka.
[That being said, do you know of any such tribes that we could turn to for information?]


The next day,
Lizette and I set off to visit the dwellings of the Harpy. Since walking is too troublesome, I invoke “Flying Species Awakening” to fly and act as a guide for Lizette.

The Harpy dwell within a rocky mountain west of “Hazama Village” inside the forest. Since their’s is a race that doesn’t make permanent settlements, their village is simple. The way they collected branches to make simple housing, it’s like they built nests on top of a large tree.

Coincidentally, we catch sight of the Harpy that came to “Hazama Village” last time. We tell them our plan, but—


Somehow, I feel like they’re puffing their cheeks. I didn’t plan to say anything that would make them angry though….?

[Was my explanation bad? What I’m trying to say is, we are searching for a tribe that can take residence the “Abandoned Castle”– no, that’s not right, near “Dragon Tree Castle.” Neglecting it could lead to various troubles. It would be a waste too, being a place safe from mamono after all.]

I repeat my explanation once more.

[I came here because I thought the Harpy, with your wide range of activity, should possesses a lot of information. I’ll properly thank you for this, so how about it? If you happen to know of any tribes, would you mind letting me know?]
[[You’re awful, King-sama!!]]

They tell me off.

[Why we need to introduce other tribes to you!?]
[Land with no mamono? The Harpy want to live there!!]

Both of the Harpy cry out.
…..Ah, so it’s like that.

[Except before, didn’t you say, “If mamono come, then we will fly away, free of worry”?]
[We said it, but that’s because the monster are scary, King-sama!]
[That was, “We wander together with the wind, the Harpy can’t be tie down by anybody. That which binds us down are only love and destiny.” Or I think that’s what that meant.]
[It’s different! But that was very cool, so I’ll use it next time!!]
[Thank you very much, King-sama.]

You’re welcome.

[Putting that aside, you’re fine with this? Once you migrate, I’ll become your King and Lizette your castle lord.]
[About that, King-sama.][Haven’t we already been calling you King-sama?]

……Then, alright.

[Just, should we get the opinion of the adult Harpy first?]

Both of them tilt their heads in confusion at my question.

Lizette also tilts her head for some reason.

[About that, Nii-sama. These children are already proper adults.]

I looked at the Harpy in front of me.
…..According to the standards of my original world, they are at most in the upper grades of elementary school.

[Harpy don’t get too big.][Large body, hard to fly.]
[So, we’re already adults.][We can also give birth to children?]
[Even with different races is okay.][In the history of the Harpy, there’ve been plenty of half breeds.]

So it doesn’t matter if it’s in between races….. interesting.
….Seems like I’m still being dragged along by the way of thinking I had in my former world. It’s true though, lighter bodies are better for flying in the sky. Therefore, smaller is better.

[Then, the both of you are able to make decisions? Etto, your names—]
[It’s Rurui!][While I’m Roroi!]

Both of the Harpy, Rurui and Roroi answer.

[Since we are adult, we’re entrusted with a certain level of decision making.][Still, it’s better to listen to the elder-sama.]
[[Please come, King-sama!]]

After saying this, both of them pulled me and Lizette into the village.

[1] demi human

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