The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

Extra 1: Letter to the Clydea Family

A few days after the duel, Sharina exchanged letters with her parents at home.

Dear Father and Mother.

I’m sorry for the late reply. I haven’t had much time to write recently.

Things have finally calmed down, so I’m going to write what I’ve been up to. I shall warn you, that it’ll be a little shocking, so be prepared.

I’ll start with the most important news.

—I, Sharina Clydea, have met my soul mate! I’m definitely marrying him in the future!

His name is Riol Glen, the third son of Baron Glen. His department is different from me, but we enrolled in the same year so he’s also a freshman, just like me. He’s very smart and truly deserving of his special scholarship student title! He also scored the highest score ever on the entrance examination!

Of course, I didn’t fall in love with him based on those alone. He’s really cool and kinder than anyone else. He has also helped me a lot. He has so many good traits, I can’t even count them. If I start to list them one by one with this letter, my wrist might fall off! So, I’ll just write a part.

First, how I met Riol.

The first time I met him was during lunch break, a month after I entered school in the school’s backyard. He stopped me as I tried to touch an uncommon flower blooming there.

Father, Mother, have you ever seen blood-sucking flowers?

They are poisonous flowers shaped like black bells. Dire consequences await those who dare touch it. At that time, the ignorant me tried to touch it.

From behind, Riol’s voice… which wasn’t too high, nor too low, but super cool, mysterious, quiet, formidable, and profound, said—

“…those are blood-sucking flowers. You’ll get burned if you touch them.”

—his gentle words echoed, rippling in my heart.

When I turned around, I saw a really cool person, I was breathless.

Jet-black hair, which was the reminiscent of the pitch-black night, surrounded by darkness. It covered half of his face like a veil, as such, it wasn’t easy to see his whole face—which made him even more mysterious and intriguing. Perhaps it wasn’t per his intentions. However, he had the natural talent to attract people through his coolness, which also wasn’t per his intentions.

He possessed intelligent, emerald, eyes that could be seen through his jet-black bangs. Albeit his eyes looked cold at first glance, I knew the kindness hidden beneath them. Just like the stars that twinkled gently and quietly, instead of radiating light too strongly like the sun. I think their most attractive point was how mesmerizing they were, it could absorb anyone who saw them. I personally think their brilliance embodies Riol’s deep knowledge and thoughtfulness.

Also, he was of the same height as me, if not taller. His physique was like any other girl of the same age. He was a boy, however, he was delicate. There were times he could be intimidating, but most of the time, he was friendly. He could easily gain insight into another’s perspective, too.

As such, I didn’t need to worry that my neck would hurt or worry about adjusting my pace whenever we walked together.

But, more than anyone else, I knew how his thin back and his hands, which were smaller than other men’s, were actually the strongest and the most dependable.

To put it simply—Riol is the coolest person in the world.

I’ll introduce him to Father and everyone else someday, so please look forward to that day. In the unlikely event our relationship is opposed, I’ll consult Apollon.


I was courted by Prince Leonardo, then subsequently got imprisoned in the Royal Castle, but thanks to Riol, His Royal Highness is kissing his right of succession goodbye.

From Sharina

To My Beloved Daughter,

Thank you for sending that letter. It seems that you’re doing fine.

Since Astraea, Gabriella, and the others kept receiving letters from Sharina, Father was a bit down—“Why aren’t there any letters addressed to me?” “Did she forget her father, already?”

But, after reading the contents of your letter, just like the others, Father is elated. Of course, mother is happy too.

First of all, Sharina, Good Job! You’ve done your best. I don’t really know what happened, though, but I am sure it’s something serious because it has occupied most of your time, to the point that you could barely write to us.

I’m sad that I wasn’t there to support you during the hardship, but if there’s anything you need, just ask. I would love to help.

Other than that, if it’s the person of Sharina’s choosing, then Father has nothing to complain about. After all, Sharina has inherited the eyes that can easily discern people from Father, whom inherited it from Grandfather. That’s why, don’t worry about anything.

…that’s why, no consulting Apollon on helping you elope. If it’s Kyuruppi, you’ll surely be taken somewhere really far away—you needn’t do it—don’t do it! Next time, invite Riol to meet us. He’s very welcome.


Can you provide a little more detail regarding the previous letter’s postscript?

From Father

To my Beloved Father and Mother,

This is in regard of providing detail to the last postscript. Because it was all thanks to Riol, if I were to explain it in detail from the beginning, I would run out of paper, so, let me divide it into three most important points:

Riol is cool, nice, and gentle. Refer to my previous paragraphs under the theme of how cool, how nice, and how gentle Riol is if you’re still doubtful.

From Sharina

To my Beloved Daughter,

That wasn’t what I was referring to at all!

From Father

***T/N: LMAO! THAT’S HOW YOU START A LETTER WITH A BANG, AND THAT’S ALSO HOW YOU FINISH THE LETTER WITH A BANG! Every other family would suffer heart attack reading that postscript but not the Clydea Househould, I guess. The incidents with Prince Leonardo ended up becoming but a mere fragment of the past to our airhead noble lady here!

I thank you all for your support, thanks for reading until this point! This isn’t a goodbye but a see you! See you on my next project! Please also check out my other projects!!! Ta~ta!

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