The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

22. The Returnee Noble Lady (21)

…it sure is getting noisy outside, he thought.

Doesn’t matter, though. I’m going to die soon, all because of the incompetent Emperor.

Apparently, mercenaries had attacked under the guide of the child the Emperor had brought. The naval port was captured. Along with it, the Marquis’ daughter had also been kidnapped. The Marquis Veil’s private army, rumored to be elite, had started moving.

…this is the Northern Division’s fault.

There was no hope left—help wouldn’t come. In addition to the naval port being captured, if the daughter of the Marquis died, the Northern Division would suffer a huge blow.

But who cared about that? The people would still die.

The Northern Division, the supposed Imperial Army—they had the highest salary among the other professions, but possessed no skills whatsoever. All they boasted about was their youth and physical strength.

It would had been nice if he could have sent a lot of money to his family… but it seemed that he had run out of luck. What was awaiting was instead was a disgraceful death.

But, I feel that something is not right, here…

Those that were imprisoned there, are only commoners…

Where did all those high and mighty aristocrat soldiers go?

However, he probably wouldn’t ever know the true answer. Even if he survived, all he could do was curse the Cursed Emperor.

That was why, when the ceiling of the cathedral opened, he doubted his eyes.

Even more so when the girl—the supposed spy—jumped from there.

He was left speechless.

“You—from where are you—“

One of the two enemies who were keeping watch fainted when he was slammed against the wall.

The other, who just realized, turned around and drew his sword.

I’m… saved? The moment he realized that, the other patrol had also fallen from a kick to his abdomen.

“I came to help.”

In such a situation, those words alone were akin to a godsend.

After a ripping sound, his rope was torn off—exactly like paper. She reached out her small hand, and his upper body was finally freed.

—she was merely a child.

But her dignified gaze shone through in the dark cathedral.

“Four people are going to enter the cathedral. One of them is Lady Sufia, daughter of Marquis Veil.”

“S… she was rescued?”


“B, but… shouldn’t you be a spy?”

“My name is Jill Saber. I came to save you at behest of the Emperor.”

A commotion started to spread.

“No way, the Emperor…?”

“The cursed Emperor would help us commoners…? Absolutely ridiculous…”

“Hear me well. The cause of this uproar, the bandits’ raid—those were nothing but a staged performance, done by none other than Marquis Veil himself! This is a trap to crush the Northern Division and besmirch His Majesty the Emperor! He also used the unknowing Lady Sufia as his pawn! As someone said earlier mentioned, I’ve also been framed as spy!”

She wasn’t loud, but her speech accentuated its intonation.

“—such despicable treachery this is! It’s absolutely unforgiveable! No, even the word ‘forgive’ is unthinkable!”

It wasn’t the voice of a girl.

It was the voice of one who used to stand on top and lead the people.

“Those who can move, make a barricade as soon as you can to shield Lady Sufia in the cathedral! Injured soldiers, the wounds you hold are honorable injuries! Do not be ashamed! Remember, we fight for the Empire, for the Emperor—! The naval port will be reclaimed with our own hands—all members, ready for battle—!”

Everyone responded with a firm salute, their bodies unbending.

That was the moment the Northern Division finally displayed the proper attitude for confronting the enemy.

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