The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

9. The Returnee Noble Lady (8)

The ship that glided through air arrived at the naval port with only a slight collision.

Amidst the splashes and uproars from the sea, Jill shouted towards Hadith—

“This is the Emperor’s ship—!! We were attacked and managed to escape—!! Take His Majesty to the clinic immediately—!!”

“He—he is the Emperor? Then, why is he bound—!?”

“It’s the enemy’s work!”

“—what about you—!? Who are you, exactly—!?”

“…She is…my future wife…”

Hadith replied breathlessly. The surroundings were appalled.

“…don’t be rude to her, since she’s my fiancée—my Amethyst Princess…”

It seemed that he still had more to say, however, Hadith fainted before being put on a stretcher.

“He sure gets it hard, huh? Not only was he seasick, he’s also sleep deprived and all that…”

After fluttering with his small wings from someone’s head to another’s, Rave settled himself on Jill’s shoulder.

When Jill was about to respond, Rave warned her.

“—you’ll be perceived as some kind of a loony if people see you talking alone, you know?”

Jill kept her gaze straight ahead as she replied in a barely audible voice.

“So it’s indeed true that no one else can see Rave—what about your voice? Can they hear it?”

“They can neither touch nor hear—as they should be. After all, I’m a different entity altogether. Well, if they manage to see or hear me, they would be super grateful, of course. I’m a Dragon God, after all.”

“You sure you don’t want to accompany the Emperor?”

“Not being by his side for a little while should be fine. Thank you for ensuring that fool’s safety.”

“I merely did what I thought is the right thing.”

Fyuuuu—Rave whistled.

“You sound real awesome! I like it! It’s really great for Hadith, to be able to settle down with such a fine bride like you. As such, I’ll be around to help you, too, Little Lady! After all, that idiot’s bride is also my bride!”

‘How is that right?’—whoops. She had inadvertently retorted.

“Do you know where this is?”

Jill pictured a map on her mind.

The Continent of Prathi—which was divided into the Kingdom of Kratos and the Empire of Rave, was shaped like a butterfly spreading its wings.

On its center was the Laquis Mountain, the sacred mountain that separated the East and the West.

She recalled the aforementioned notions that they had to cross the sea from the West of Kingdom of Kratos to reach the East of the Rave Empire.

“Since we are in a harbor that leads to the Kingdom of Kratos… we should be in Veilburg, the Water City.”

Ooo, correct. You did amazing figuring it.”

“It’s nothing. After all, it’s quite famous, the ‘Veilburg Double Murde—

—she almost said something she shouldn’t. Said story didn’t belong to the current timeline, but certainly happened in her previous future;

This Water City had ironically been burned into nothingness—by the hands of none other than the Wrathful Young Emperor—Hadith.

Her feet, which were walking on the deck, stopped. Rave stared at her, but she just shook her head.

“No, I’m just talking nonsenses… umm, so what is the current situation, exactly?”

“That, you know, that. Hadith announced it just now, right? Little Lady is his fiancée, now. You might get stuck here for a while.”

When she tried to confirm what it meant, she heard a high-pitched voice coming from the pier.

“—then, is Lord Hadith safe!?”

“P, please calm down, Lady Sufia… he’s still being treated, the extent of his injury is still unknown.”

Pondering what the fuss was about, Jill finally stepped off the ship and set foot on land.

Across the pier, a young woman was approaching the soldiers.

With a mere glance, anyone could tell that she was a daughter of a noble.

The well-tailored silk dress appeared wonderful when coupled with the comely features of the lady, whom still had some girlish charms to herself.

Her hair, which seemed to shine gold, seemed fluffy and soft. She was a maiden as sweet as sugar candy.

“Then where is he—!? Let me talk to him—!!”

“W, well, even if you say so, I’m but a soldier… Why don’t you consult with your father, the Marquis of Veil…”

“B-but, it has reached my ears that he has returned from Kratos—with a girl!!! No… what should I do—!!”

The corner of her anxious sight caught Jill—

—Rave then whispered to Jill, whom was utterly stupefied.

“In short, she’s one of your rivals, Little Lady. Sufia is the daughter of the Lord who rules the entire territory—including here. The Marquis’ daughter—or, to put it simply, Hadith’s fiancée candidate.”


“I, it couldn’t be, you’re the kid Lord Hadith has brought here from Kratos…!?”

Her shoulders trembling, Sufia approached Jill and raised her voice—

—however, her heartbroken face soon distorted into grief.

“…w, with such a small kid! T, then Lord Hadith is indeed…—!!”

Jill wanted to join her and responded with, “right?”

But Sufia was being serious. With handkerchief in her hand, she screamed as she pleased.

“I, I absolutely won’t hand Lord Hadith to you—!! You …you thieving cat—!!”

…That’s the FOULEST curse she’s got—?

With tears spilling everywhere, Sufia turned back and started to run—however, she slipped and soon fell to the ground with a loud bang.


“Y, you better remember this—!! I refuse to be defeated by the likes of you—!!”

Even if she was told to remember, she hadn’t done anything yet, or even say anything…

Sufia, with her forehead glaring red, walked away as fast as a rabbit—ah, she’s running away…

The baffled Jill was left alone.

“…she’s my ‘love rival’?”

“Yes, your love rival. Don’t bully her too much, kay’?”

…even if he’s the Dragon God or whatever, I would like it if he didn’t encourage a ten year old to win against women in the battle of seduction…

…but, Hadith indeed chose me over such a beautiful woman—as expected, that guy’s got a hardcore case on his sleeves…

The path she had chosen—the path of rehabilitation, seemed to be more severe than she initially thought…

The wind blew through Jill’s feet as she sighed.


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