Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

19. Point Convergence


Hagisawa throws his self-made mushroom bag at the Aquamarine Horn Rat. With that, we have a colorful assortment of red, green, and blue rats. It’d be fun to collect them all. I wonder if taming is possible? Unfortunately, there aren’t any abilities which control mamono.


It’s… clearing the spores away while spitting. The hamster washes its face, and begins to run as if there were no effect.

“Let’s watch a bit more!”

I check by catching it with my shield.

JUU! JUU!? Juu…”

Eventually, the Aquamarine Horn Rat’s eyes starts getting sluggish. It’s as if it’s about to faint. Although it was troublesome to catch, the effect activated in a reasonable amount of time. It doesn’t have much of an immediate effect. 

“Oh… did your self-made item work?”
“What do you think? Next, I have a mushroom bomb I made with my ability!”

He twists something capsule-like and throws it at another Aquamarine Horn Rat. The mushroom bomb explodes in front of the Aquamarine Horn Rat with a boof, and the Aquamarine Horn Rat gets blown away before landing on its butt.


The effect is immediate, and it starts to spasm…before dying. That’s amazing.

“…items made using abilities are more effective after all, huh…”
“Seems like it. The self-made items are able to replicate the mushroom attacks, but need time to take effect.”

Furthermore, we then confirm that it is effective against the weakest mamono, the Horn Rat. Upon confirming the condition of said Horn Rat, we strike the finishing blow together. 

“This is a tough problem. I wish it was cheaper to use.”
“It would be nice to be able to make stuff like medicine, but I’d have to make it from imagination…”

Even if I brought a book over from Japan, the plants in this world are completely different. Understanding those differences would be a major issue as well. In the first place, with Japan not having anything magical about it, finding something useful for my own use is a major challenge. Furthermore, coming up with an excuse explaining why I have it would be hard.

Even for the sweets, having so many in my bag will soon get suspicious. They’ll say something like, “Just how many pastries did you bring to school?” If I overdo it, before losing my good will, I’ll lose something as a human. 

“Even if you know the formula, I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix it…”
“I guess not. But even if not for that issue, just making a small amount would decreases magical power.”1

Hagisawa nods in response to my question.

“Yeah, if you try making something without using your ability, your magical power decreases. There might be some implications about the power of concentration there.”
“We properly need to investigate out what these points are.”
“We really do. It feels like breathing life into items. Items without points don’t really have any effects.”

That’s possible. What are points used for? From what I’ve heard, it’s supposed to be used by those with production type abilities. But, aren’t there other uses? How mysterious. I don’t really know the standard though.

“Maybe. In the first place, that was just an item that reused mushroom spores.”
“Either way, all we can do is steadily raise our Lv… we can solve that mystery later.”
“Yeah, anyway, Meguru-chan,Minori-chan, are you two fine as well?”

This guy, Hagisawa… he’s just ogling the girls.

“There’s no problem. We all need to hurry and get stronger.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”

Hence, we conclude the experiment with those results and raised our Lv for the next two hours while searching for the Metal Turtle. The Metal Turtle is just a small fry that happens have a hard shell, so it feels like a bonus mamono. Over the course of two hours, we take down two of them. 

“But this guy is tough… the class of weapons used by Taniizumi and the others can’t even scratch it.”
“The experience and points given is ordinary, despite its hardness. It’s completely for the purpose of materials.”
“Having Yukinari-kun who’s can defeat them is lucky.”

It’s also a convenient mamono that can be defeated on our breaks.

“Oh? I Lv’d up.”
“Me too.”

Minori-san and I both reach Lv 5.

Lv up! Gained ability! You can now use Point Conversion!

Point Conversion?

“What kind of abilityies did you get?”
“I hope it’s a good one.”

Hagisawa and Meguru-san asked Minori-san and me.

Etto… armament magic replenishment?”
“What’s that?”

Minori-san looks at her ability entry and tries it out. It seems like she’s testing it on the staff she’s holding. The staff is shining lightly.

“Ah, I see, it seems to replenish the magical power within tools.”
“Is it similar to repairing?”
“I’m not sure. I don’t really understand.”

In the first place, it said that magical power resides within weapons. Rather, Minori-san could replenish a person’s magical power from the start.

“I’ll use it on everyone’s weapons.”

While saying that, Minori-san fully replenishes the magical power of all our weapons. The power within a weapon, huh… it might be a useful ability for those guys in the player group. The enromous potential it offers is probably wasted on us right now.

“How about you, Yukinari-kun?”
Etto, wait a minute. Shouldn’t we test out Minori-san’s new ability?”
“Really? I just explained while using it though…”

Isn’t it better to test it out before explaining it here? Thinking over the events of the past, there might be some weird abilities. It’s better to be safe than to make fools of ourselves. Although I don’t think such will happen to anybody here, I feel like that’s something we should still do.

To be honest, the abilities you gain at Lv 5 are pretty dicey; Clairvoyance, Weapon Magic Replenishment, Point Conversion. For now, let’s test it out before saying anything.

Call out the ability entry and specify the point conversion. Perhaps points are something like gold? I wonder. 

Points -> Money
Money -> Points

…? What are these options?

Etto, it’s a bit complicated, so let me try it out.”
Eh? Sure, I understand, but is it dangerous?”
“It should be fine. It’s not a combat ability.”

Let’s try Points -> Money. With that, the text changes and more options appear. 


…huh? I test the yen option and the amount of points I possess along with a holographic calculator appear. Silently, I selected ten points. An hourglass appears. The exchange period… is a bit long, about thirty seconds. After thirty seconds pass, a ten-yen coin appears in the palm of my hand with a ring. 


Basically, this is an ability that allows you to exchange points for money!? I try converting the ten-yen coin in my hand back into points to see if the reverse is possible as well. As the hourglass appears again, I raise my head and open my mouth to explain–and stop. 

Wait…what will happen if I tell them I can convert money into points? Essentially, everyone in class will have no choice but to convert their money into points for Shigenobu to use in crafting equipment. Even if points can be converted into money, it’s unusable since no one can return to Japan.

Except… changing my perspective for a second. I’m the only one who can return to Japan from this other world. Because I can return home, I’ve been sharing pastries with everyone using my pocket money. 

Here’s my idea. Regardless of the circumstances, everyone is excited by the emergence of new abilities. At this time, in this place, nobody can determine if anyone is lying. It might be better to lie here. Therefore, I will compromise between the problem at hand with my own useful abilities. 

“…it seems like an ability to order Japanese items. It’s called transfer trading.”

Hagisawa lets out a loud cry from excitement. It’s an expected reaction. Well, I think it’s a pretty convenient ability for us.  

“How’s it work?”
“Looks like you can literally spend your money and points together to purchase items from Japan. There’s a catalogue of products.”

…I’m not lying. By teleporting to Japan and using point conversion to convert points into money, I can purchase goods to bring back.

“It doesn’t seem to be possible to order immediately because the casting takes a frustrating amount of time.”

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  1. 「と言うかな、作成の難点なのかもしれないが少量だが魔力は減るんだぞ?」