I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

46. The Clear Lake, Thinness, Sukiyaki, and the Witch’s Carelessness (2)

While Yashm is changing clothes, Rose delivers the basket of eggs to Tara.

The servants appears to be quite used to Yashm’s sudden visit.

Roze expected that. With a flat expression, she prepares a change of clothes and a warm towel for Yashm.

Roze can just leave without a single word, however, she doesn’t want to leave without saying anything to Harij. Thus, she goes to the drawing room.

As she approaches, she can hear voices. Harij can be seen through the slightly opened door.

Harij seems to be talking while standing. Yashm is probably siting on the sofa, which is hidden from Roze’s sight.

Judging from his tone, it seems that he has relaxed after changing his attire.

“—are you sure about that?”

“Once both of you get married, all you have to do is…for her… like—“

“—Fool! That is nothing but the convenient delusion of a stupid man!”

Yashm laughs at Harij’s superficial remark. The silence that ensues shows Harij’s disapproval.

For some reason, Roze’s feet stop. Her heart is strangely heavy, she dares not approach any further.

“Once both of you get married, all you have to do is…her… like—“

The rest is…?

After that sentence, his voice becomes too low, she can’t hear it well—how many words would follow?

‘All you have to do is divorce her as you like’—?

Or, perhaps, ‘do with her as you like’—?

‘treat her however you like’—?

Whichever it is, Roze can’t picture anything good from it.

In addition, there’s also that remark—“—Fool! That is nothing but the convenient delusion of a stupid man!”

The easiest thing to imagine, and is likely to be the case, is that they’re discussing a relationship—…a woman.

Roze is shocked that her future husband is sharing his affair with his best friend.

Roze is a witch. Witches respect their promises.

To Roze, marriage is a promise between two people that love each other—a contract.

Witches don’t need marriage to bear children.

The reason is that they can raise one by themselves if they receive the seed.

For Roze, who isn’t bound by class or family, marriage is an unnecessary contract. She can live just fine without one.

Nevertheless, the only reason she accepted Harij’s proposal was because she loved him.

After all, she loves him. What’s wrong with accepting his custom? Or so she thought.

Right now, Harij’s courtship words to Roze—please marry me—feel too inappropriate and also dishonest.

A distant, foreign, kingdom has a spell called ‘furinhabunka’—it was written in the magic grimoire left by her grandmother.

But, even without resorting to such a spell, nobles in this kingdom usually enjoy love after marriage.

Roze forgets.

The reason she still puts up the signboard everyday—was it because she’s afraid what others might think if she finally made her love come true?

Or, was it because she didn’t love him enough?

“—ze, Roze.”

Before she knows it, Roze lifts her face, which has sunken.

“What’s wrong?”

It seems that she has halted in front of the room, thinking to herself. Harij comes to see how she is doing.

Roze responds, with a slightly averted gaze.

“I’m thinking of going back soon.”

“’Going back’, where, exactly? A tall tower on the peak of a mountain? A poison swamp? Or, are you going to say, ‘deep within the forest where nobody dares set foot’? Perhaps it can be considered a garden for you, after all, there are annoying queen bees who have been setting up their nests there for hundreds of years.”

Roze is talking to Harij, however, it’s Yashm who responded instead. To Yashm, who’s sitting on the sofa, Harij shoots a very piercing glance.

“Once again, let me say it clearly to you—if you dare say something rude to her again, I’ll quit being your knight.”

Even though he’s already been warned by Harij, Yashm still opens his mouth, not bothering to hide his contempt towards Roze.

“…Harij, am I dreaming right now?”

“This is not a dream, I’m being serious.”

“Then you must be an imposter. The Harij I knew wouldn’t be like this just because of a mere woman.”

Then, it must be you who doesn’t know me.”

Harij stops the conversation before it turns into an endless back and forth.

Then, Harij guides Roze inside. The color of shock is still dyeing the murky expression of Yashm.

“Yashm—she’s the Good Witch of the Lake, Roze.”

“I see… it’s good to be acquainted with you. What should I call you, Witch Roze—or, Lady Roze?”


“Then, Roze, have you been living comfortably in this house?”

Yashm calls her by name, even though she prefers being called a witch.

‘Roze’ is reserved for Harij only. She doesn’t want other to call her that. Roze is upset, but can only keep quiet.

She doesn’t feel like saying anything back. Roze is aware that her mental state isn’t like that man’s, who got covered in chicken droppings just now.

“Once both of you get married, all you have to do is…for her… like—“

The same words are repeated in Roze’s mind over and over. As a result, she can barely hear the exchange between Harij and Yashm. Roze can’t even see Harij’s face properly.

“I need to water the field, excuse me.”

“…Huh? Oi, oi, wait up!”

Roze doesn’t even spare a slight glance to Yashm’s fuss, simply bowing before leaving.

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