The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

22.2 Unchanging Everyday

However, if it turned out that Riol regretted saying those words back then… then that was a different story.

He was just being carried away and responded carelessly. Then, the moment he calmed down, he realized he didn’t mean it that way…

“I’m sorry, it seems that I misunderstood… I shall do my best from the very beginning again…”

Every day, since that day, she kept professing her love to him. How noisy it must have been for him—! All because she misunderstood that they felt the same for each other—!

“Eh? Ah, no, you’re mistaken—“

Sharina, who was all withered and gloomy, started to review which part of the, ‘win his heart through his stomach’ menu had failed.

“—I don’t mean it, not that way, my point is…”

Riol grabbed her arm, his voice grew impatient.

“Is the sunny side egg hamburger sandwich no good?”

“What are you talking about??? No, it’s not that!”

She was just thinking about the first hamburger sandwich she made…

“…I didn’t say I don’t like you… because if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have helped you at all from the start.”


She thought it was because of the fried egg hamburger sandwich, then realized it wasn’t. At least if she concluded from his previous statement…

“It’s, it’s just… my present state of mind is still a mess… give me some more time to prepare my heart…”

Hiding behind his long bangs, she didn’t know what kind of face he was making right now.

But his neck and ears appeared to be burning red.

“Riol…! Then… then, that basically means—!”

There was no mistake. He truly meant it.

“In short, if I ever find myself in a similar pinch and needing your help, I shall say the same thing.”

“Coming from you, why does it sound ominous instead—!?”

Rather than achieving peace of mind, what if Riol’s normal mind was shattered and her wait became fruitless?

“…imagine if a new enemy appears.”

“As I’ve said, stop saying such ominous things!”

As a side note, the first prince that was supposed to be the future king was disinherited. As such, the second prince, whom was currently studying in another country, became the next candidate and had been summoned back in a hurry.

“The Second Prince… or, is it more precise to say, our second enemy?”

“Don’t slander the second successor of the Kingdom like that.”

An enemy comparable to the future king would be the next future king. Well, this was completely irrelevant, though.

“I was kidding.”

“Your joke doesn’t sound like a joke.”

In the first place, she shouldn’t had asked her beloved person if he shared her feelings.

If the second future king proved to be their enemy as well, the kingdom’s future would be shrouded in darkness instantly.

“I love Riol—and I’m not kidding about this one.”

“…I know.”

If she just told him her feelings directly, he would accept it.

Compared to when they first met, his current response was already a great improvement.

She decided to keep professing her love hundreds—no, thousands of times, until she would one day receive that same response. Sharina firmly grasped the hand of her cherished person—

—and Riol gently held her hand back.

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