I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

43. The Witch and the Mysterious Visitor (3)

“My head hurts…”

As the body sways, the feet stagger.

“It’s because you drink too much. Jjust a little bit more, hang in there.”

Three men are walking through the quiet royal castle which is enshrouded in darkness.

Two knights with swords hanging at their waists follow behind a man in a drunken stupor.

“Can’t you guys show me a little bit more kindness…?”

The staggering man—Yashm—the second prince of Marjan, glares back. Through the gaps of Yashm’s bangs, dissatisfied jade eyes can be seen.

There appears to be no end to the castle grounds. The royal castle, the symbol of authority, stands proud on the ground. It consists of several vast buildings. Each one plays a role—be it in political affairs or just for residence.

Even though Yashm managed drag his drunken body to the royal quarters, his own chamber is still far away.

Yashm approaches the fountain in the courtyard and leans down by the edge of the fountain.

Behind the fountain, escorting Yashm, are Georg and Harij.

A couple of months ago, the two were appointed as guards for Princess Billaura. After her marriage, they were both reassigned to be Yashm’s guards.

“His Majesty has already shown you kindness aplenty by allowing you to rest late today.”

The previous night, Yashm was invited to the Wahaz’s family dinner as part of public affairs. The Wahaz Family had also prepared a room for him to rest, but Yashm came home before dawn and started a fuss. He had woken up in a hurry and rushed to the carriage while apologizing for his uncouth behavior to the Wahaz Family.

“After all, Harij—! You’ve seen it too, right—!? That nobleman’s wife suddenly appeared in my bedroom in only a chemise—! Fully caked in powder and reeking of perfume, too—! That ham-like body—!”

Yashm shouts, his face turning blue. He immediately washes his mouth with water, along with his nausea. Gurgling sounds can be heard.

This man who is currently vomiting in the fountain is the same Prince Yashm that’s extremely popular among both aristocrats and commoners—being hailed as a refreshingly beautiful boy.

“Is Your Highness vomiting…?”

Georg calls out gently, but Yashm only shakes his head slightly.

For such a prince to stay overnight, it’s not entirely unexpected someone would succumb to their nightly desires like that and try to get their hands on the prince.

Until now, only young maidens have actually tried—but for a married woman to attempt the same… is quite rare.

Still, everyone couldn’t help but feel the slightest sympathy for the woman. After all, she was left by Yashm who pretended to not see anything and only said “I’m going home” as he passed through the door.

“Well, you did manage to escape her. However, I doubt you’ll be able to do the same with the rumors that might transpire after this…”

“Hmph. For Lord Wahaz to actually be willing to stick his fork into that ham, I have nothing but praises.”

After cursing, Yashm finally finds it unbearable and doubles down on the fountain.

As of that moment, he finds any touch unwelcome. As such, no one tries to rub his back. Harij and Georg decide to stay quiet and resume guarding.

“Say something…”

“Even if you say so, I’m on duty.”

When Harij refuses, Yashm replies, half-crying.

“I beg of you! At least be more considerate to your Master’s feelings and provide distractions!”

While feeling sorry for Harij who keeps getting harassed, Georg utters to him.

“Azm. Recently, you’ve taken a long break.”

“It was a holiday.”

Asked so by Georg, Harij answers curtly.

“Before, no matter how much we suggested you to take a break, you would come to work like nothing… could it be, because of a woman?”


Georg responds with “—Ha—!?” one second later.

Even Yashm, who has a pale face, looks up from the fountain. His eyes go wide as he gazes at Harij.

“Oi, Harij, you never told us about this.”

“You want me to invite you to the wedding?”

“What—!? Your relationship has reached that far, already—!? Of course!”

“Then please make time in your schedule because I will invite you.”

“The ceremony’s time has also been decided—!? You were going to tell me about this when—!? And here I thought we are like blood-related brothers!”

If Yashm continues to shout like this, then something serious would surely be puked out of his mouth.

Being sprayed with by fountain water from Yashm, Harij remains collected as always.

“Could it be—that rumor about a Witch is true?” Georg inquires with a dubious look.

“Maybe it is as you predicted.”

When Harij was once mistaken as a thief, he had given his name to the guards in the witch’s dwelling.

Moreover, at present, Harij no longer hides the fact that he frequently visits the Witch’s dwelling—or is plain living with the Witch—from anyone.

Therefore, no there’s no wonder Georg caught a tail about it.

“Oi, what is this rumor you’re talking about? A witch? Why does Georg know about something that not even I know?”

“What are you talking about… to gossip about something like this between males sickens me to the stomach.”

Seeing that the conversation had shifted to a ridiculous direction, Harij declares to Yashm.

“Aren’t we on good terms—!?”


“After you had escorted Lala, I even though of cheering you up myself! Turns out you’ve already found yourself a woman, you—!”


Harij emits cold air that seems able to freeze the fountain.

Rumors that Yashm is into men are but a ruse, but Harij doesn’t want any part in it.

Nevertheless, 80% of the rumors named Harij as Yashm’s partner…

“After all, you—“


“—don’t try to distract others when they’re talking!”

“No, I see an unusual person over there.”

Following Harij’s gaze, Yashm turns towards the castle.

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