I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

Prologue: I Don’t Want to Break off my Engagement


Accompanying the voice was a light smashing sound—

—it was the sound of a blunder; blunder that wasn’t at all suited for such a brilliant social event.

Those who loved scandals and mocking other’s failures—the hyenas—turned their attention towards the voice immediately.

I, too, turned my eyes—and immediately regretted doing so.

Uwa, I wish I could unseen it…

There was a girl who possessed two otherworldly traits—pink hair and pink eyes. She was also a Baroness—Schmia Bergner.

I released my breath—the sound incited my curiosity. Albeit thinking about it now, it couldn’t be anything more than a small blunder—

—I regretted thinking so as well.

Again—uwa, I wish could unseen it…


Looking at her champagne-drenched dress, Baroness Schmia paled. She probably spilled it herself. A petite face and round, cute, eyes… with long eyelashes.

As of current, the girl’s face didn’t reflect the title, ‘beautiful girl’ she rightfully deserved under normal circumstances.

If I wasn’t wrong, she was also known as both ‘Fairy Princess’ and ‘Flower Elf’…

Seeing her soaked in champagne, some men started to move.

My fiancé, who stood beside me, was also gazing at her. He was ready to head over there, too.

Baroness Schmia… she’s cute.

Although she was unmistakably cute, her personality was the bane of other girls.

That blunder just now, too—no, it would be more accurate to call that an ‘accident’ because it was most likely not on purpose.

I supposed that was why such a natural crying face incited the opposite sex’ desire to protect her.

But as the member of the same sex, I disliked it.

“…Your Highness, how about you go there and be done with it?”

I was honestly fed-up with the entire situation. My voice leaked out.

At my words, his eyes revealed his surprise.

His jade eyes swayed in perplexity.

‘There’s no way I can approach other woman in front of my fiancée’—was what was probably running inside his mind, anyway.

Aah, how annoying.

Suspecting such a thing of a Royal Family’s member was disrespectful—but I did so in my heart, so I was safe. Because I was so sick of this situation.

Someone, give me a gastrointestinal medicine, please.

“Isn’t Baroness Schmia like a sister to you? Hurry and help her already.”

…Did I sound a little hateful there?

By the way, the ‘like a sister’ part was what Baroness Schmia told me directly;

“His Highness think of me as his little sister. As such, I believe I am the most suitable person for you to consult on anything about your fiancé!”—so she proclaimed, rather loudly, too.

Besides that, this seemed to be her catchphrase. Other than His Highness, she had a lot of ‘mock-brothers’ in the social circle. That, in itself, was praiseworthy.

His Highness heard my words and raised his eyebrows—as if he was a little concerned.

“…There’s no need. It’s alright. Kevin is there.”

He said briefly. Kevin was one of His Imperial Highness’ attendants, and also one of the older brothers of Baroness Schmia’s.

I see.

It’s alright’ because her relative went to help. His Highness was probably thinking of comforting her later—of course, hidden from plain sight.

That’s a ‘wonderful sibling love’, indeed…

After all, he adored said cute little sister, likely more than his own fiancée—his future wife—whom was standing beside him the entire time.

I applauded myself for not cursing there and then. I also wouldn’t get into trouble because it didn’t show on my face.

The Crown Prince of this kingdom. The first child of the Haulfa Kingdom. In summary, royalty. The Kingdom of Haulfa was a vast, rich territory with an abundance of military strength.

He had a good-looking face, too. He was basically that prince who appeared in every romance book ever.

He had blond hair which shone silver depending on the amount of sunlight. His eyes were green, like emeralds.

The word ‘gentle’ would suit such a perfect-looking gentleman like him. But, his true character was hard to grasp.

To put it bluntly, he was broad-minded.

Even worse when I didn’t know what he was thinking. In fact, even though we had been engaged for ten years, I couldn’t grasp what he was thinking at all.

Now, as if that long, reasonable, passage of time—ten years—didn’t mean anything, he started falling for a Baron’s daughter who randomly appeared. It was out of nowhere.

I could bear that our relationship and engagement were in name only, that there was no color of love. But how was I supposed to be okay with this?

What were those ten years spent with me?

I glanced at him and caught him still staring at Baroness Schmia with unreadable gaze.

Kevin, His Highness’ close associate, escorted her and left the venue.

Aaah, this whole mess is ridiculously stupid…

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