Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

22. MD Burger


I go to an MD burger resturant as Hagisawa requested. The M sign is a prominent landmark. Recently, MDs have been losing customers due to repeated scandals, but even so, you occasionally get an irresistible craving for a MD burger. Although it’s pretty expensive and not very friendly to the wallets of students, it’s good once in a while. 

“Welcome! What will be your order?”
“Five orders of the MD burger set please. It’s to go.”
“Yes. Would you like to order nuggets as well?”
“No. That’ll be all this time.”

I place an order with the friendly part-time clerk and pay. The nuggets were a small problem though. Hagisawa hadn’t said to order any. Well, once I receive my order, I’ll return to Shigenobu’s workshop.

“Five orders of the MD burger set-”
“Ah, yes.”

I receive the bag with the order inside. Both of my hands are full. I am burdened with carrying everything. 

…It all feels light. To tell the truth, I was part of the go-home club, and wasn’t very muscular. I shouldn’t have the strength to carry this much…perhaps Lvs have an effect in Japan as well? We~ll, I’m not really sure about it, but this is a nice side benefit. 

Currently, I’m Lv 5. I’m surprised that reaching Lv 5 changed me this much. Up until now, I’ve only used my strength in the other world, so I’ve never really been able to feel the difference.

Incidentally… upon entering a stall in a public bathroom, I immediately activated my ability and picture Shigenobu’s workshop. Honestly, I want clairvoyance. It’s scary being unable to see the details. 

Before long, the hourglass runs out and I return to the other world. Exterminating mamono by day and now shopping…just how the heck did I end up living a life like this…?

Zuu, the teleportation finishes and I arrive. My feet appear so close to the ground, I’m afraid they’ll get caught inside of it.

“I’m back.”
“Welcome back, but it kinda sounds like you went somewhere. What happened?”

For some reason, Shigenobu is looking towards the door of his workshop. He is stuffing the dismantled parts of an unfamiliar mamono into a bag. It kinda feels as if Taniizumi and the others have just come by. Oh shoot! A place we could act without being exposed is this place.

“I just went outside for a bit.”
“Ah, I see… there’s a nice smell.”
“You noticed? I finished the order from Japan.”

I look around. Hagisawa, Minori-san, and Meguru-san aren’t present. 

“Calm down.”
“I’ll call the others, so keep it hidden.”

Shigenobu closes the workshop’s windows and leaves. Everyone soon show their faces, starting with Hagisawa. Shigenobu carefully checks the outside, closes the window again, and opens the bag with the MD burger sets that I had hidden.


Hagisawa lets out a cry. All of us raise a finger to our lips, and Hagisawa lowers his head as an apology. He then unwraps his meal bag set, stuffs his face with fries, and smells his burger.

“It’s not a lie… you’re not using an ability to make this look like that, right?”
“Am I a tanuki?!”

Well, the cognitive obstruction due to the world transfer is something like that after all.

“Don’t worry. I ordered it… from Japan, so eat to your heart’s content.”

I’ve already eating some fries by the time I say that. Hagisawa isn’t the only one, even Shigenobu and Minori-san are swallowing down their saliva. Well, even if someone were to say it doesn’t taste bad, they’ve only been eating the mysterious corpses of mamono day after day. They don’t know how to feel. I nod and they all whisper in unison.


This scene of them devouring their food… Ah, everyone is starved for Japanese products. While everyone’s entranced with eating, I take the money in my wallet and converted it into points. Oh, that consumed a fair amount of magical power. I’ll ask Minori-san replenished it for me later. 

“Ku…This might be the best thing I’ve eaten until now!”

“That’s right. It’s been a while since we’ve had something this tasty. Especially because we’ve just been trying to survive.”

“Yeah, it’s so delicious. But, even though this is good, I really want to eat rice.”

Minori-san, also with a satisfied look on her face, makes a suggestion.

“Is something like that not possible? What about onigiri from a convenience store? Could we order a bento and warm it up?”
“This time, can we ask you to get rice? Already cooked if possible.”
“Cooking-… wouldn’t that expose us?”

Shigenobu answers in response to Meguru-san’s comment. Then, ignoring what had just been discussed, Hagisawa says. 

“Can you buy games?”

No, a game… Hagisawa, you…

“Well, it’s not that I can’t buy it but…”
“In the first place, can one even be charged?”

I think one can be charged. I just need to bring it home with me and charge it with the charger. 

“Setting aside the matter of the food, games will be problematic.”
“Yeah, wouldn’t such a luxurious items be better once you actually have the leeway for it?
“I think so, too.”

As expected, Shigenobu and Meguru-san put out their own objections too. Well, looks like it won’t be possible to buy a game at this point in time.

“What we’re doing right now is already like a game-!”

No, that might have been intended as a joke, but I can’t laugh. Everyone has faint smile. Hagisawa does as well. You said it yourself, so don’t get depressed.

“Yukinari, are there any weapon dictionaries or blacksmithing books? As we get more materials to make more equipment, those kinds of books might be useful.”
“Understood. I’ll try ordering some.”

Certainly, there’s a chance that the number of weapons Shigenobu can make will increase in proportion to his knowledge. I’ll check the bookstore later. 

“That said, MD burgers are the best!”

Hagisawa declares while clapping his hands together after finishing his meal.

“I want to eat it tomorrow too.”
“Ah, I withdrew your money using your bank cards… and converted it. I’ll give half to Shigenobu and half to Hagisawa.”

I sent a request to exchange points with the two of them. This is the most points we’ve ever had. 

“If you want anything, just send me points and tell me. I’ll order it for you.”
Arigatou1! Just… this is a lot of points. With just this much, I can make a decent amount of equipment.”
“The metal turtle material as well?”

Shigenobu nods in response to my question. Rather, how many points did you need last time for making metal turtle equipment?

“However, if I’m using the metal turtle material, the limit is one.”
“Do we have the points for that?”

Certainly, one hundred thousand points is trivial. It’s the result of converting everyone’s savings. By the way, that includes my own savings too.

“Ah, I think I’ll search around after this and try to order a crossbow or something.”
“Oh yeah, I see the MD burger, but did you buy the items I requested?”

I give a silent thumbs up.

“I put it in that box. Check it.”

Shigenobu and the others all start to search for the things.

“Yeah, if we just have this… a crossbow might be useful. How much do you need?”

It should be fine to say twenty thousand, right? I hold two fingers up and receive twenty thousand points from Shigenobu and Hagisawa. 

“Getting provisions from Japan are difficult to get and it take a while. I’ll need some time.”
“Got it… in any case, the more complex structures cost more points. Yukinari, I’ll leave it to you.”

Well, we leave the day’s harvest of points with Shigenobu and resume our meal.

“There’s one left over… Yukinari-kun didn’t eat?”

Meguru-san asks after seeing the last paper bag. Actually, Hagisawa seems to be eyeing it. Though I bought five portions on the spur of the moment, thinking about it, I didn’t really need one.

“I’m fine, anyone who’s still hungry can have it.”
“Then I’ll–”

Meguru-san lightly slaps away Hagisawa’s extended hand and holds the bag out to me.

“No! Yukinari-kun needs to eat.”
“I’m fine though.”

I’m just going to go home and eat the dinner my parents prepared after this… but I can’t say that. They’re worried about me. 

“Actually, I’d be happier if Meguru-san or Minori-san, who’ve been working nonstop today, ate it instead.”
“The one who’s been working nonstop is Yukinari-kun.”

Meguru-san seems to have become sullen.

“That’s right. Yukinari needs to eat. You’ve been so busy, you’ve completely forgotten.”

Ah-… with how this is developing, I have to eat it. It can’t be helped.


I accept the bag with the MD burger in it and eat it in front of everyone. Well, if it’s just a burger, it’s more like a snack. I can probably burn the calories by walking a little… I’m not on a calorie diet.

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