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19.2 The Imprisoned Princess

Because the premise that she was a conniving woman thirsty for power and wealth was embedded deeply in Edward’s head, whatever she said only made it worse.

“Just you remember this! His Highness is intelligent! Your deceptions wouldn’t last forever, I know it! Right now, I think His Highness is just being deliberate! By the way, there’s no use telling His Highness. His Highness won’t be caught in your web of lies forever!”

It was a decisive hit of a finishing line—or at least he thought it was.


He slammed the trolley again. After that, Edward left the room, but not before slamming the door with a bang.

Even though Sharina never intended to be a Princess, Edward’s behavior was overkill. If she was indeed the evil woman as he had claimed, a single report to Leonardo would be akin to a one hit kill to that guy.

“…who is actually being deliberate, here.”

Perhaps his true motive was to cause Sharina to make a run for Leonardo. After Sharina reported him to Leonardo, Edward would then deny all claims.

It would result in Sharina being labelled as a scheming woman and lose her Princess position—such was his scheme.

That guy spoke too much about his real intentions, as such, it was easy to detect the ulterior motive behind his words.

Riol would probably arrive at that conclusion, too.

“…but, I don’t think that would work out.”

Sharina considered the idea—even if she were to be denounced as a liar, she would at least be freed from the Princess position. But there was also a high chance of the plan not going the way she wanted.

Because it involved Leonarcissist. ‘I was deceived by a conniving woman’ that Narcissist wouldn’t admit that, even if he died. In addition—

—to be labelled as such; Riol, who had desperately worked to maintain her status clear all that time—what would have been the point of all that? She would also undoubtedly drag him down with her.

Sharina, with renewed determination, abandoned such a plan completely.

—day six of house arrest.

“Starting from today, I’ll be in your care, Sharina Clydea—I mean, Lady Sharina Clydea.”


Suddenly, in the morning, she was told by the maid that ‘there has been an appointment.’

Did somebody from the upper ranks finally come to oppose the idea of Sharina becoming a princess?

However, as it was, she doubted the person would actually listen to her side of the story. As such, she came to the guestroom in the Royal Palace without much expectations.

“It’s no wonder that Lady Sharina is upset. But, this is His Highness’ decision. I can only fulfil my duties. Please don’t hold it against me.”

Contrary to expectations—…

…there was an unexpected person, in many senses, who bowed to Sharina—Rosalind Ariarose.

“Umm, what do you mean, previously…?”

“I’m here under the order of His Royal Highness to pay the penance for my rudeness to you, Future Queen Sharina. Starting from today, I’ll serve as the teacher for Lady Sharina’s queen education.”

What she had just said was also unexpected.

“The education that we spent over a decade to learn must be mastered by you in the coming years. His Highness has decided to use all means to achieve such.”

Before, she thought that fool was stupidly idiotic, but now she realized that fool was hardcore stupidly idiotic.

Where else in the world could a fool who makes his ex-fiancée take care of his new fiancée be found?

“Do not worry. His Highness promised a severe punishment for me if I dare lay hands on Lady Sharina.”

Those were the least reassuring words in the world.

“…Please lift your face, Lady Rosalind, for I don’t intend to receive Queen education because I—“

“—that’s what I said before, didn’t I—!? You immediately don’t want to proceed with it—!! We’ve put bloody effort just to stand beside His Highness for over a decade—!! Do you understand now, that love alone wouldn’t solve every problem in the world—!?”

The moment Sharina told her to raise her face, she did exactly so, locked eyes with Sharina, and clenched her fists while shouting. Rosalind didn’t bother to hear the rest of Sharina’s words.

Rosalind’s eyes were burning like magma, likely because of her pride as the former Princess-candidate.

Like I said, doesn’t that severe education of yours include ‘listening to others’—!? That sounds like the basic thing a Princess should be aware of—!!

“I want you to throw that saccharine riddled mindset of yours away right here, right now—! Don’t think that love will be the key to everything—!”

NO, it’s your mindset that ‘every girl in the kingdom loves the Prince’ that should be thrown away!

“I’m begging you here, please listen to me—“

“—if you aren’t even aware of that, then you’re unworthy to be a princess—!! …guh, never mind, I was overcome a bit by my emotions there. Lady Sharina is free to report all my uncouth behavior today to His Highness. I’m willing to accept any kind of punishment. Intensive Queen Education will begin the day after tomorrow—until then, fare thee well.”

Still ignoring Sharina’s words, Rosalind turned away.

It seemed that today was only face-to-face meeting. She hurried to the exit room.

“Lady Rosalind!”

Sharina called to the straight, firm, back of hers.

“If… if I were to say that the one I love isn’t His Highness, but instead a student that belongs to the same year as me, His Highness’ opponent—Riol Glen, the student of the Written Magic Department, would you believe me?”

It was now or never.

The only way to deliver her words without fear of being obstructed was while Rosalind had her back turned to her and was stopped in front of the door.


The door was opened by the maid, however, Rosalind halted her steps—

“—you’re just pretending to be interested in another man to bask in attention! It’s a shameful behavior, considering that you’re going to become a Queen! From now on, never again shall you do that!”

Rosalind turned around and her hateful glance bit at Sharina.

As soon as she finished saying that, the door is slammed with a bang.


She again realized how naïve she was.

…it’s my ‘saccharine riddled mindset’ of how explaining will solve everything that should be thrown away…

Looking up at the ceiling, Sharina wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Two days until the duel.

***T/N: Gaaaaaaaaaaawd, Rosalind is that daft huh. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

Where else in the world could a fool who makes his ex-fiancée take care of his new fiancée be found?

93829281782738183456 other broken engagement stories involving foolish prince(s)? But I can biasedly say that no one can hold a candle to our Leonardo. That’s all he’s good for, really.

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