Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

21. PIN

“Tomorrow I’ll get to Lv 5 too. I’m excited to see what kind of expanded ability I’ll get.”

“That’s right. Shigenobu has a relatively good ability, so who knows what sort expanded ability it’ll be. I’m look forward to seeing it.”

“We’re both production-types, so maybe it’ll be the same as me?”

Hagisawa replies.

“Yukinari and Meguru-san got different expanded abilities, so we can’t say that for sure.”

That’s true. Meguru-san and I got different expanded abilities. Frankly speaking, in regard to transporting people, it’s obvious that Meguru-san’s is superior to mine. Does “transfer1” also include things like phase transitions? I would’ve been fine with something like clairvoyance too. Point convergence in short, seems to be a conversion ability, except only between points and money.

“Alright, so do any of you guys want to contribute your money into points? Or do you want Yukinari to buy you something?”


“Honestly, I think this ability is very versatile. If we can order weapons from Japan, it won’t be a disadvantage.”

“That said, isn’t a kitchen knife about the best that can be ordered?”

“Are iron hammers, crowbars, etc on the list? I get the feeling those kinds of things should be fine to order. And if we do, they’ll probably be better than our current equipment. At worst, I can use the iron as raw materials for blacksmithing.”

Ah right, Taniizumi and the others are still mostly using weapons made out of stuff like mamono fangs. Metal items, as well as stuff like mamono drops, are low quality due to having been misappropriated. So, suddenly obtaining things like kitchen knives, hammers, crowbars, etc might be useful.

“I think we can solve the problem of the Japanese weapons’ magical energy by having Minori-san use her ability.”

“Was there a problem like that?”

“Ah… you gave me a knife from Japan, right? I used it for an experiment, but it was strangely dull. Minori-san can temporarily solve that problem, making it useful.”

“I see, so that’s why you haven’t been using the knife I gave you.”


Fumu… we can use Japanese weapons. Would they sell stuff like that at a home improvement store? Well, I’ll go to a home improvement store at once and buy it.

“So, shall we try buying something? How about food?”

“MD burger.”

“I heard you before. I’ll try, so wait.”

“Is it safe to do that here? I don’t know what would happen if this got exposed to everyone.”

It’s my selfish request to help everyone while hiding this as much as possible. If this isn’t handled well, I can see a painful experience happening. Of course, it’s good incentive for attracting the undecided, but in any case, it’ll all be pointless if we can’t get into a position where we can, to a degree, press our opinions against Taniizumi and the others.

“Ordering cosmetics might be too much… right?”

What a girly response. Hagisawa has a, “In a situation like this?” sort of expression, but wipes it away. By the way, bathing supplies like shabby soap can be made using abilities. Taniizumi and the others have been supplying them. Being filthy can get us sick after all. I think Himeno-san can cure that to an extent though. 

“How frustrating. Right now, we can’t buy anything other than food.”

“Well…that’s how it is. I can buy stuff like sweets though.”

We all think together about what to buy. As I thought before, perishable items are ruled out one by one. We also rule out weird things. 

“Ultimately, we need a safe place to eat.”

That’s right. Hiding it is the main problem. It has to be big enough for everyone to discuss in, but we can’t do anything too bold because we’re trying to hide it. 

“But I think being able to use money as points is a good strategy. With this, we can obtain weapons that we were unable to make due to lack of points.”

“It’s best to leave this to Shigenobu, huh?”

Shigenobu nods.

“If we need equipment, let’s ask Yukinari.”


“That said, even if I use points to make a weapon out of the materials from a metal turtle, a Japanese crowbar might be better.”

“Is something like that really necessary?”

Shigenobu nods silently. 

“We’ll get one for everyone. If it’s a crowbar, it’s well worth our money.”

“For now, isn’t it fine to just give the best weapons to Meguru-san while the rest of us use the cheap Japanese weapons? Minori-san needs to replenish their magical power too.”

“Ah, there’s that. I agree with Hagisawa’s proposal.”

The discussion ends without any objections.

“I’ll try to see if I can use the cards. It’d be helpful if I got your PINs.”

With that, we disperse. After dismantling the day’s materials, I return to Japan with a dry expression on my face. Now to use the cards to buy the goods that have been requested.  


As soon as I return to Japan, I convert points into a 500-yen coin and use a vending machine. It recognizes it. It starts up. I was really uneasy about returning to Japan because I kept worrying about what if it became counterfeit currency. I try out the bills, they seem to work too. If it’s like this… it’s fine?

Next, I walk to a convenience store with Hagisawa’s card in hand. It’s fine if everything goes well… but if it fails? Well, for the first time, regardless of success or failure, I can just make an excuse. With that thought in mind, I stand in front of an ATM, press balance inquiry, and insert the card. 

…oh? It’s requesting the PIN. It seems like this place is suitable after all. As usual, it’s pretty sloppy at recognizing imposters. Or maybe because only the card returned to Japan, something changed? As Hagisawa told me, I enter a dangerous choice for a PIN, his birthday. Once I do that, the account balance is displayed. 

…yeah. I have his permission, so I withdraw the entire balance. Then, I casually put all of it into my wallet. At another convenience, I withdraw Shigenobu’s savings. It’s a bit troublesome, but I also withdraw the savings of Minori-san and Meguru-san. While I’m at it, I also withdraw my own. Somehow, I feel like I’m doing something wrong.


Oh no, now my wallet is overflowing with money. It’s completely inflated with bills…

“Next is…”

According to Shigenobu’s request, I head to a home improvement store so I can buy a kitchen knife, a crowbar, and a hammer. Only buying those things is kinda scary.

Like that, I search the home improvement store for a kitchen knife. The knives on display all emit a suspicious light. Which ones are sharp? Or maybe a survival knife is better? Should I look in the gardening and camping corners as well? 

“Is this even useable in a fight?”

Well, it’s bound to be better than a stone weapon or bone sword. Which is better for fighting mamono in another world, a kitchen knife or a survival knife…? It was in a game. A guy was in a situation where he was fighting mamono. He used a mop as a weapon. 

“Am I really wasting time thinking about something this useless?”

I bring a kitchen knife, a crowbar, and a hammer to the register. It’s my first time buying a kitchen knife. It’s scary being watched. I feel like the clerks are looking at me suspiciously.

Next is…well, things like bulletproof vests are of no use in the other world. Something like a protector maybe… would be better for the other world. In the first place, you can’t buy bulletproof vests in Japan, probably. I’d like to buy a bowgun or something, but as expected, they don’t sell such things at home improvement stores. Where do you even buy that sort of stuff?

This smells of danger. I’ll find out if I can order one over the internet. If everything goes well, I might be able to get one. The question is how to fool my parents. 


After putting everything into a bag, I leave the home improvement store. I have a kitchen knife, a crowbar, and a hammer amongst other things. This is a set of items that’ll make others doubtful to whether I’m planning something like a murder.

The sun sets, leaving me to walk through the evening streets with dangerous items in hand. I wonder if the sound of cars seems comfortable to me due to my situation’s superior conditions compared to Shigenobu and the others living in the woods. 

…If there is a person who gave us these abilities, I’d like to ask why I got mine. Of course, I think it’s a great ability. But I wonder if there’s a plan for why we were transported to that other world? 

The streetlights light up as I pass by the deserted shops. Should I buy sweets at the supermarket again? From now on, even if having them is unnaturally, Shigenobu and the others will no longer be suspicious. I think I explained it pretty well. 

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  1. The character for transfer has multiple translations: movement, metastasis(medical), phase transition, transfer of learning, transference in psychoanalysis.