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20. Appraisal

“Amazing! Something like that is possible!?”

Minori-san also nods from excitement.

“It’s much more amazing compared to my ability! Everyone will be happy to hear, won’t they!?”

However, Hagisawa’s expression clouds over. Meguru-san and Minori-san understand the meaning behind his expression and theirs darken as well. 

That’s right. Who knows what might happen if the player group finds out about this. If they come to discover that I can order things from Japan, there’s no doubt I’ll end up involved with a lot of problems. Hagisawa probably thought the same. There’s also the inhospitality shown by Taniizumi and the others to consider.1

“Since it’s an ability to pull items from Japan, I think people like Otsuka will get mad and hit Hanebashi eight times.”
“Uu… it’s possible. In Otsuka-san’s case, she might even say that Yukinari-kun is responsible for us being pulled into this world.”
“Yeah… true. Taniizumi-kun and the others will probably interrogate him to find out how he raised his Lv too. Otsuka-san might also see Yukinari-kun and me as enemies and do something terrible.”

It’s possible. Right now, Otsuka-san is also part of the player group and simply has a high Lv. Currently, I can’t do anything against that.

“I’d like to hide it as well if possible. But… I want to help everyone with this ability.”

These are my true feelings. What should I do? I ask everyone.


Hagisawa groans. That’s right. This is something I’ve been worrying about all this time. It’s not something with an easy solution. 

“For now, how about I try ordering something like food using the Japanese currency we all have on hand?”

As I say that, Meguru-san, who is deep in thought with her arms crossed, raises a hand.

“Wait. Although I don’t think it’s a good idea to decide on such right now, but Yukinari-kun, didn’t you mention being able to use points and money together earlier?”
“Yeah. It seems like I can use money like points.”
“Then, what happens if you cancel the order?”

…Perfect! Yeah, Meguru-san noticed what I pretended not to notice. If she hadn’t noticed, I would’ve brought it up later acting as though I had just noticed.

“I’ll try it out.”

I take out a thousand yen bill from my wallet and use my ability. The thousand yen bill turns into light and becomes points.

“Cancel it here… ah, it turned into points! It didn’t turn back into cash!”
“Wait! That means we convert our money into points here, won’t we be able to gather points for Sakaede to use on equipment faster!?”

Hagisawa exclaims excitedly.

Yeah, t his is good! Later, once I get the Lv 10 ability, I should think about this again. I have no idea what I’ll get though.

“It’ll be difficult to gather everyone’s money, but it’s worthwhile considering we’re able to now turn those worthless bills into points!”
“That’s right. If it goes well, we’ll be able to make better equipment and fight somewhat stronger mamono.”
“But the problem is that it depends on how much money everyone has…”

I pass the thousand points to Meguru-san as evidence. She passes it to Minori-san who then passes it to Hagisawa. Finally, Hagisawa returns it to me. 

“We’ll check later. Though, do you think anyone probably brought anything other than small change to school?”

Aren’t we high school students? As expected, I didn’t bring much more than loose change to school. Just a normal amount buy lunch. Some people might also have some for the train or bus. Well… there might be some poor planners who already used up their money and have nothing left.

“Can you use things like debit cards?”

Ugh… damn Hagisawa, you just said something really difficult… suggesting a card… you, how much of a bourgeoisie are you.

“I’ve saved up my new year’s money so it should be quite a lot.”

Ah, so it’s like that. Thinking about it, some people might have had part-time jobs. Them having bank accounts isn’t all that strange.

“I wonder? We won’t know unless we try…”
“Is it fine? To use everything you have?”

As I said that, Hagisawa sticks out his chest and speaks with a manly expression.

“It’s a cheap price if we can get through this. In the first place, it’s unusable unless we return to Japan anyway.”
“You’re fine with being broke when we return to Japan?”
“If being frugal ends up with me being Taniizumi’s slave, I’ll be happy to give up all my money.”

Oh… looks like Hagisawa is a man among men. This offer of his with his new year’s money comes at good timing.

“Well then, lend you me your bank card later so I can try it out… include your PIN as well.”
“I’ll leave it to you. What does everyone think?”

I also…well, I have some savings, more or less. I’ve been chipping away at them though.

“That’s right. Regarding the Japanese money, as long as we’re able to return, it’ll all work out somehow.”
“Cutting into our savings in order to overcome this difficult period…can we order for our personal belongings to be delivered?”
“Um… that’s a bit tough. Doesn’t seem like there’s a category for that.”

Even if it’s their personal belongings, it’s become as if they never existed in Japan. I wonder if their bank accounts even exist. Not to mention, break into everyone’s houses for their personal belongings would be difficult for me. If I mess up, I might even get arrested.

“I see… either way, you’ve got an amazing ability.”

Meguru-san smiles from delight and starts walking.

“Once we get back, Shigenobu-kun will also be delighted.”

Himeno-san is just as happy. Rather, Himeno-san, what happened to your extra ability? 

“I’m motivated all of a sudden. Can I order something later?”
“Ah… out of everything, stuff like food seems to be is the simplest to order.”
“Then, I want to eat an MD burger!”

Hagisawa is a calculative guy as well. His earlier manly image has been ruined. While thinking that, we continue hunting.

By the way, the effect of Minori-san’s expanded ability of magical power replenished is immediately made clear to us. Our weapons become sharper and blood-repellent. However, the sharpness returns to normal after a while. The knife I brought from Japan might not even compare… Overall, it seems that inserting magical power into a weapon temporarily sharpens the blade and makes it repel oils.

Considering that Taniizumi uses his ability to make magic swords, this ability is quite compatible with him.

Aiming to be as efficient as possible, we swiftly defeat more mamono to raise our Lv. We then fall back when Hagisawa reaches Lv 5. 

Uehh… I got an appraisal ability.”
Ehh… what can you do with it? Are unidentified drops a thing?”
“Maybe measure the price of items?”
“I don’t want a garbage expanded ability like that.”

While saying that, Hagisawa crouches… he then grabs some grass with an herb-like smell and appraises it.


Hagisawa passes the grass to me.

Bilcher | Effect | Morale Boost | Point Value | 10 
Medicinal herb: becomes medicine when mixed.
Spicy medicinal herb. Exciting effect when used in a meal.

So, it displays its effects in detail.

“Its purpose seems easy to understand.”
“Yeah, it might be good to use it with armor.”
“Until now, it was only possible to distinguish the differences between equipment by testing them once they were when equipped. We’ll also be able to identify which mushrooms are safe to eat!”
“That’s right. As long as you appraise something, you can determine whether or not it’s safe to eat.”
Hyahhou,” Hagisawa howls from excitement.

Hold up, does this only apply to food?

“Can this target people or mamono?”
“No, it seems to be limited to items.”
“I see, I thought we’d be able to see the statuses of Taniizumi and the others from a distance…”
“That would have been great…”

…No, aren’t I actually glad it’s not possible? On the other hand, it might indirectly expose my lies. Dangerous, too dangerous. Well, if that happened, I would just tell the truth. 

“Either way, this is a great harvest! We should get that guy Sakaede to hurry up and raise his Lv too!”
“That’s right. Let’s continue hunting later.”
“Although… isn’t it impossible for today?”
“Ah… that’s right. We don’t know when Taniizumi will return.”
“Either way, we should start getting back. Let’s report the good results we achieved.”

Meguru-san says such as she opens the portal.

“If it goes well, we’ll have new equipment and be able to appraise anything!”

Hagisawa skips his way into the portal. He’s a bit too excited.

“Everything went well.”
“That’s right.”

Minori-san is as delighted as I am as she follows Hagisawa into the portal. 

“We finally have proof showing how amazing Yukinari-kun is.”
“Yeah. So Meguru-san doesn’t need to worry about me anymore.”

After exchanging those words with Meguru-san, I enter the portal and return to Shigenobu’s workshop. Well, with this… I’ll be able to give Japanese items to Shigenobu and the others. To the rest of my classmates… I still can’t give them anything.

When I report to Shigenobu, he’s as delighted as I am.

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  1. 他にも、谷泉達に冷遇された事に対して、思う所もあるのかもしれない。