Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

50.2 Increasing Brides

My scream echoes across the moss-covered plaza.

Mistral shakes my head without going easy on me. Thus, I collapse with my eyes spinning around in circles.

Priscilla-chan cries out in delight for some reason. We aren’t playing. This is abuse!

Mistral stands before me. Did she for some reason get angry at Priscilla-chan who’s innocently enjoying herself? With a surprising sigh, she turns back to Ruiseine and Old Sleigstar.[1]

I’m saved. I thought she going to continue and crush me under her foot.

Ruiseine smiles at me from in front of Old Sleigstar. However, upon following Mistral’s line of sight, she turns around to face Old Sleigstar she stiffens again.

Well, I don’t think it can be helped if she gets stiff from tension. After all, right in front of her face is Old Sleigstar’s giant maw with which he could swallow her in one gulp.

I remember the first time I met Old Sleigstar. I know exactly how she’s feeling.

Old Sleigstar and Ruiseine stare at each other for a while. His golden eyes brim with wisdom as he gazes at her.

And then,

Old Sleigstar licks at Ruiseine with his big tongue.


Ruiseine shrieks and faints.

“Venerable elder!!”
“Grandpa, what are you doing…?”

I get up in a hurry and makes my way to where Ruiseine lays with my unsteady legs. Her whole body is wet and sticky from Old Sleigstar’s saliva. She fainted with a stiff face.

“Venerable elder, take your medicine.”
“Wait, wait, wait, wait!”

Old Sleigstar falters at Mistral’s blood thrist.

“This young lady was too nervous, so I thought this would help relax her.”
“Your answer is meaningless!”

Mistral sinks her one handed rob into Old Sleigstar’s fingertip. Old Sleigstar cries out with tears in his eyes.

This is the consequence for your own deeds. Why are you always doing strange things that will make Mistral angry?

Priscilla-chan’s eyes widen, as if surprised at something, but she comes back to her senses at Old Sleigstar’s cry. She then approaches Ruiseine.

Uwah, sticky!”

She sounds happy for some reason. Why is she happy? Priscilla-chan seems to find joy in everything.

“Seriously, enough already.”

Mistral, with her hand on her forehead with a troubled expression, comes over to where we are. She then picks up the fainted Ruiseine, and with Priscilla-chan, walks towards the forest.

“Where are you going?”
“There is a swamp nearby. I will clean her there.”
“I see.”

I nod. Ruiseine is drenched all over with Old Sleigstar’s saliva. She should change her clothes.

However, won’t it be cold if she takes a bath in a swamp during this season? Summer has already passed, so the water will most probably be cold.

Maybe there is a hot spring? Mistral and Ruiseine along with Priscilla-chan and and Nymia disappear into the ancient forest before I can voice my question.

“Are there any hot springs nearby?”

I turn back to Old Sleigstar and ask my question.

“No, water isn’t rising from anywhere.”
Mumumu, then, won’t it be cold for her to bath in the swamp during this season?”
“That is the case for human tribe. Mistral should also become aware of the differences between human tribe and herself.”
“Then, does that mean that dragon tribesmen don’t feel cold?”
“Indeed, the dragon tribesmen and human tribes feel coldness at different degrees. This should be a good learning experience for Mistral.”

Uuumu, it’s good for Mistral who is resistant against the cold to learn about these differences, but won’t Ruisene catch a cold bathing in that cold water? I’m worried.

“If you’re bothered, then go take a peek.”
“No, no, if they noticed me, I’d be in huge trouble.”
“That won’t be the case if they don’t notice you.”
“I’m positive they will absolutely notice me.”

If I conceal myself to the point where not even Mistral won’t notice me, I’d be the best by now.

I obediently wait for Mistral and the others to come back. There is nothing else to do, so I organize the bags that had been scattered during the chaos just now.

Old Sleigstar asks me a question.

“Did something happen during the trip?”
“What do you mean?”
“No, it’s just that Mistral seemed a little tense. It’s rare to see her like that.”

Ohh, as expected from an aged dragon that has lived for 2,000 years. I’m impressed. I wonder if he noticed something was different in the small gestures Mistral always makes. His insight is amazing.

Still, if Mistral is troubled, it must be about the dragon tribesmen.

Hohoo, so something about the dragon tribesmen happened?”

Old Sleigstar narrows his eyes as he reads my thoughts with great interested.


Although I intended to leave the explanation to Mistral, I guess it’s fine if I explain it now.

I tell Old Sleigstar about what happened on our trip to the vice capital. Him being able to read my mind makes explaining even the hard parts easy.

He listens with a serious expression. Perhaps because I spoke too earnestly, I didn’t notice our surroundings had already become dark.

Speaking of which, I’ve never spent the night in the moss-covered plaza. I’ve never stayed here until dark either. This is an unknown time for me.

By the way, there is no sign of Mistral and the others coming back. It should have been quite a while since they left the plaza. I wonder if something happened.

Just as I start to worry, Priscilla-chan rushes towards us from the ancient forest.

[1] 倒れた僕の前に仁王立つミストラルは、なぜか無邪気に楽しんでいるプリシアちゃんに怒気を抜かれたのか、はあっとひとつため息をついてルイセイネとスレイグスタ老の方に振り返った。

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