The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

19. The Returnee Noble Lady (18)

“Come on, come on, don’t cry! This Onii-san over here might seems unpleasant and crude, but he’s actually just a huge tsundere! He’s just putting up a front!”

“Oi, I’m warning you, you Okama[1], I’m seriously going to cut it and throw it away.”

“Ugh, if you don’t shut up, you’ll be ridden with holes, just like a beehive!”

Hoo, and how are you going to achieve that? Did you forget that your hands are tied?”

“The same apply to you, you War Freak!”

Jill was amazed by the two who begun fighting as soon as they could—a trait they retained until six years later. She lifted her face, no longer crying.

As of now, they weren’t her subordinates, as such, she couldn’t just order them around.

It was important to note that Sufia was scared stiff.

“Please stop, both of you. You guys are scaring Lady Sufia.”

“—who cares? Kid should just shup up!”

Jill stood up and freed herself of her bindings. The only way to discuss with these two was to prove her strength.

As expected, the silent fell on spot.

“First, let’s exchange information.”

“Oi, what are you saying with such a cool face—!? What did you just do—!? A magic trick—!?”

“…It seems that you indeed possess magic. Wait, did you hail from Kratos?”

Jill nodded to the calm Camila.

In Rave Empire, magic users were rare. The empire was mostly inhabited by dragons. Thus, it was easy to reach the conclusion that she was related with Kratos.

“Oi, this kid might be—“

“—are the two of you soldiers of the Northern Division?”

Looking at Zeke and Camila, and their glaring as ever military uniforms, Jill confirmed the answer.

“That’s right. We aren’t imposters, but the real ones. As I thought, is the intent of this commotion to cause trouble for the Northern Division?”

“I think so. The enemy infiltrated under the disguise of being the Northern Division soldiers, occupied the Naval Port, and took Lady Sufia, the daughter of Marquis Veil, hostage. Lady Sufia can confirm this.”

When Jill turned her attention to Sufia, she saw that Sufia had already regained some of her calm.

“Y, yes… I’m indeed Sufia de Veil…”

“The daughter of the Marquis Veil, who opposes the Northern Division, was caught up in an enemy attack at a naval port guarded by the Northern Division and ended up kidnapped—oh my, everything sounds so contrived!”

“‘C, contrived’… in the first place, it’s that girl from Kratos who guided them here…”

“…But that’s also where the contradictions begin. The enemies are hunting for the kid who supposedly guided them here. At first, the guard’s words sounded plausible, but, when you think about it…”

“…wha, what do you mean?”


Before Sufia could answer, a lookout soldier lying on the floor sat up. He was finally regaining consciousness.

“This, where…—where’s that girl—!? Why am I only in my underwear—!?”

“Perfect timing. Mr. Lookout, do you remember us?”

“Ah, if I’m not mistaken, you guys heard the fuss and came to save me…”

Jill naturally moved to shield Sufia so he couldn’t see her face.

“Uhh, so, what are you guys implying? The mercenaries who locked us here are looking for that girl…?”

“If you think about it, it’s quite simple. The mercenaries first disguised themselves as Northern Division’s soldiers, then came here. They then took Marquis Veil’s daughter as hostage and kept her in the naval port. That way, Marquis Veil’s private army will move. So far, even a young lady like you knows how the rule of battlefield usually goes right?”

“…Did you perhaps contract a disease where you must explain incessantly?”

“—then, once the Marquis Veil’s private army manages to defeat the mercenaries, can you guess what will happen next? The Northern Division will be deemed as worthless and be removed from Veilburg. Moreover, if they place all the blame on the child brought by the Emperor, they would be able to drag His Majesty into this. In short, it wouldn’t only be the Northern Division’s blunder, but also the Emperor’s, as well. That way, this place will be under the reign of Marquis Veil until the day he dies.”

Sufia paled immediately. Zeke snorted.

“He must’ve deemed his daughter as a ‘necessary sacrifice’. No doubt that’s whats run inside Mr. Aristocrat’s brain—sickens me to no end…”

“Likely so. But, it seems that someone noticed the enemy’s scheme. When we rushed to Mr. Lookout’s side because we heard screaming, the girl was no longer in the confinement room. The enemy was also in a hurry to locate her, weren’t they?”

“Y, yes, they asked me many times about her whereabouts. Then, when I opened my eyes again, I was already in this state…”

Jill spread her jacket, while the lookout soldier scratched his head.

Camila shrugged her shoulders.

“Then, no doubt about it, the girl didn’t guide them here—that was but the enemy’s lie. Spreading false information. The real question is, by framing that girl, who would benefit the most from this situation?


Sufia muttered in shock. “Good conclusion,” Zeke poked Camila with the tip of his shoe. Camila only laughed meaningfully. The lookout soldier blinked several times to confirm.

“Wait a minute, in short, the Northern Division is also being taken advantage of?”

“The security was too lax today. The army of that noble’s son has probably been subdued, too. Those that remain are those without strong backings—this can’t be a mere accident.”

“…Now, there’s a commotion to find that missing girl. If they managed to capture her, she would be lucky if she were also confined here with us, but… it’s likely they’ll kill her instead… after all, there’s no reason to keep her alive…”

The lookout soldier nodded to Zeke’s and Camilla’s words. Sitting down, Zeke muttered.

“Our only chance to stay alive is to take advantage of the confusion Marquis Veil’s army has created to flee the country.”

“B, but, shouldn’t we tell the Emperor about the truth—!?”

“That would be meaningless. Mr. Lookout, you’re also a commoner just like us, right? Who would listen to us? Not to mention, we are from the Northern Division.”

“He, he would listen to me…”

Zeke and Camila quietly turned towards Sufia. They seemed to doubt her privileges even though she was an aristocrat. Even the lookout soldier, who seemed to be a humble person, stared with anxious eyes.

“…We won’t lend you our aid, though, Milady. I don’t want to say this, but in this kind of situation, we prefer to prioritize our own survival first.”

“I, I don’t mean that… all of you, please go hide somewhere… If this city isn’t good, please escape abroad… I, I’m the Emperor’s tea friend, I’ll be alright…”

Sufia explained to the three people who bulged their eyes.

“I shouldn’t be killed easily, even more so if they can’t find the supposed spy girl… they’ll require my testimony, because I’m the victim. Somehow, I’ll find a way for the truth to reach His Majesty. His Majesty isn’t someone who’ll just turn a blind eye to this kind of thing.”

“But how would you take care of your anti-Northern Division Father? You can’t, right? Then everything would be the equivalent of cutting off a lizard’s tail—it’ll always regrow.”

“If we just talk properly with His Majesty, I’m sure he’ll understand. It’s because no one tried to talk to him, yet. I’ll let him know that none of you have committed any wrongdoing. So please escape, leave me here.”

Sufia smiled—everyone knew she was forcing herself.

Zeke and Camilla sighed. The lookout soldier was also appalled.

After all, Sufia did just tell them to run away and leave her behind.

[1] Okama: drag queen.

***T/N: Each new cast this story introduces is even more controversial than the previous–!!! Are my integrity as a Translator still intact–!??! B, b, but just a mere bishounen/ guy who looks as pretty as a woman, should be fine right……. but this one wants to be called Onee-san too… arrrggh, what is normalcy?!?!

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