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21.3 When the World Changes

“…That’s… impossible—!”

From just a short distance away from his attendant, whom fell to the ground…

…there was an unsatisfied person who had been lying on the ground from a while ago, wanting to utter the same line.

The person was Leonardo Randall Ulysia Elgacia, the loser of the duel—and also the former prince.


Ever since the enormous magic circle sapped all the magic from his body, he had been lying on the ground, albeit conscious. As such, he could hear the surrounding voices.

“Riol! Riol! You’re really awesome, Riol—!”

The voice of the girl who rejoiced in the name of that Hateful Rat, as she walked past him.

He didn’t understand. Not only did he lose to such a troll, dingy, Rat, that girl also ran to the Rat with such a happy voice.

Wasn’t he supposed to be the Rat that stuck to the Cat without being aware of his own status?

Leonardo thought he was bothering the Cat.

Because Leonardo himself thought the Rat was a nuisance—as such, the same should apply to the Cat, too. No questions asked.

“The only person I like, the only person I love—is this person. From the moment I met him for the first time, now, and in the future, I will only love Riol.”

The dignified voice of the girl further added to the pain his weak body endured—it was akin to a gut punch.

It was impossible, such a thing. He had decided since the start that the Rat was imposing himself on her. So he thought, without any doubts so far.

Now that he thought about it, would a girl that didn’t care about his status, wealth, and skill succumb to the Rat’s threats and whatnot?

At that very moment, would said girl lie in front of all the students?

“I—it is exactly as she said. Do you still think she’s lying?”

He could hear the proud voice of the Rat.

Before, if he was told he was under such an extreme misunderstanding, he would have probably laughed through his nose.

After all, every aspect of that Rat—be it position, status, magical prowess, talent, and appearance—was overwhelmingly inferior to himself.

Through the duel, Leonardo wanted to let it be known.

However, who would had thought this would be the result?

The Rat won the duel, proceeded to take the Cat’s hand, and was now receiving words of love from the girl.

He finally realized he was the one who had lost in that entire thing.

“W, why… would you refer to this Prince, me… as That?”

Then, he further realized it—

—he always believed the Uniquely Furred Cat would also bedazzled by his status. That was why he never stopped his advances.

However, the contradiction in reality was too big to be dismissed. He had acted that way because he thought he would naturally be adored by everyone—he was the Prince, after all.

Even though, not even a single time, had he ever received the professions of love, or delight, that the Rat received.

“This is… impossible…”

He repeated the same line from a few minutes ago, this time, with a stupid voice.

“Riol—! Riol—!”

“What is it? You needn’t shout so much, because I can hear you just fine…”

While holding Riol’s hand, Sharina called his name over and over.


“I said I can hear you…”

The air had completely changed from when the duel ensued. There were no more piercing glances directed at either Riol or Sharina.

She could no longer hear the mockery of those who barely even knew her.

Because this one person had changed everything. This one person had reversed the entire situation.

“I love you. I love you very much!”

Just like the moment they first met, when he easily changed Sharina’s world.

“…Same, I love you too.”

The person that had accomplished such a feat, was her beloved person.

Her eyes widened a little, before she laughed sincerely.

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