Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

48.2 Rare Beasts of the Forest

I explain to the situation to the bewildered Ruiseine.

The beginning of this situation goes back to when Priscilla-chan was first brought to the moss-covered square from her village. At that time, Priscilla-chan space jumped many times on demon beast’s back. And the demon beast was surprised, continuously trying to shake her off.

However, this demon beast is one that would chase me because it enjoyed my abrupt disappearances from being transported to the moss-covered square. It’s brimming in curiosity.

As such, no matter how many times it shook Priscilla-chan off, she would disappear and jump onto its back again, making herself interesting to it. Ever since, it often accompanies Mistral whenever she goes to pick up Priscilla-chan from her village.

Priscilla-chan doesn’t mind the demon beast’s true nature. Instead, she always jumps on its back calling it, “Wanko,[1]” every time it appears. As the demon beast was frightened Mistral to begin with, it won’t do anything bad to Priscilla-chan who is Mistral’s companion.

Thus, the demon beast is now Priscilla-chan’s vehicle.

Mistral nods with my explanation. At the same time, she drops her head into her hand. Afterwards, Ruiseine’s face cramps as she watches Priscilla-chan and the demon beast.

Nnmtto, isn’t wanko cute?”

Priscilla-chan innocently boasts so to Ruiseine.

Hey, Priscilla-chan, a demon beast resembling a gray wolf twice as large as us is not cute in the slightest.

Nnmto, I want to go for a walk.”
Yare, yare.”

Mistral heaves a heavy sigh and then signals me with her gaze.

“Then, just for a little while.”

When I beckon, the demon beast comes to my side and lowers its body. I thus jump on its back.


For some reason, this demon beast seems like it will also let Mistral and me onto its back. It seem reluctant about it either.

“A walk, a walk~”

I wrap my arms around the delighted Priscilla-chan from behind so that she won’t fall off. The demon beast then rises and takes off into the forest.

“We’ll be going!”
I wonder if they could hear my voice?

Mistral and Ruiseine become smaller in an instant before then being enveloped by the trees. I am able to get a glimpse of Ruiseine, but her expression is tightly strained. Mistral, please make sure Ruiseine recovers by the time we return.

“Kyaa, kyaa!”

Priscilla-chan is utterly delighted.

The demon beast, like usual, dashes without any complaint.

What amazing speed. The scenery flashes before me faster than I can take in.

I realize now that back when the demon beast chased me, it was seriously held back. Even now, if I were to run away at full power with my dragon spirit, I absolutely wouldn’t be able to out run it.

“Don’t go too far away!”

Demon beasts can’t speak human tongue, but they can understand it. It occasionally communicates its intentions with Mistral too. The demon beast barks out in reply to my words.

“Faster, faster!”

The cutting of wind whistles within our ears.

Is the demon beast being conscious of us on its back? Not a branch, or even a leaf, brushes against us.

This probably relates to why Old Sleigstar overlooks this demon beast despite sensing its presence. It isn’t that bad of a guy. The unhostile demon beast has become one of our forest friends.

As the demon beast dashes, its ears twitch. Then, all of a sudden, it changes directions. The abrupt turn almost throws me and Priscilla-chan off its back.

I stare in the direction the demon beast runs in. Did some sort of emergency come up?

Uwah, a rabbit-san!”

Priscilla-chan raises her hands in delight.

“No, no, no, that’s not a rabbit!”
I cry out.

A heavy body lays down before us. It’s an ultra-huge, wheat-colored rabbit demon beast.

How did I determine it’s a demon beast?

Because its body double the length of great wolf demon beast! Wild rabbits don’t get this big.

We approach the rabbit demon beast. It notices and turns to face us. However, it isn’t vigilant at all. It continues to remain laying down.


Priscilla-chan separates from my arms and jumps off the back of the great wolf demon beast. Immediately after, she’s burying herself the soft fur of the rabbit demon beast’s belly.

“Fluffy fluffy~”

Priscilla-chan happily rubs her face into its fur. The rabbit demon beast’s eyes widen in surprise, but it neither gets angry nor makes a fuss.

That is when the great wolf demon beast arrives before the rabbit demon beast. The two animals rub noses and nod.

“Is it possible, that both of you are friends?”

When I ask so from the back ofthe great wolf demon beast, the rabbit demon beast nods. Seems like this demon beast also understand human tongue.

Still, this situation, what should I do…

I look at Priscilla-chan who is buried in the demon beast’s side and make a wry smile.

[1] Wan is the sound dogs make when they bark. 

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