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11.2 The Rose Garden’s Retreat

Sharina spent two to three steps acting like a fragile, disheartened, maiden.

I’ll implode in joy when there’s more distance between us.

“I’ll also be taking my leave, Your Highness. Thank you for forgiving my past rudeness.”

After bowing to the Prince, Riol’s eyes locked with Sharina—

—those eyes were saying, ‘Stop, stop dashing—!!! Stop those feet that are speeding up little by little right now—!!!’

“…Apparently, there seems to be no time to enjoy a relaxing picnic.”

Sharina was worried that he might grab her arm, or something, thus, preventing her from escaping. Contrary to her expectation, Leonardo just stood there with a hand to his mouth, pondering.

“Hmm… now, if I were to say ‘don’t worry about it’, I doubt your anxiety will go away.”

Leonardo suddenly lifted his face and placed his palm against his chest, as if realizing something.

“Everyone around me loves to decide on their own, huh. Compared to the order of a fiancé candidate’s, who belongs to the rank of Marquis, my words will be… hmm.”

He shrugged his shoulders. Then, he said with a wry smile, “really, those people only have status to back them up.”

…have you ever listened to your own words? The boomerang will come back to hit you.

“Alright. I have something urgent to do. Let’s leave this picnic to another time.”

Leonardo turned away, but after a while, he stopped.

“I said it, didn’t I? I’ll make you mine, and I’m not going to yield.”

Then, he left without looking back, only waving his hand. “See you.”

Leonardo Randall Ulysia Elgacia turned around the corner of the school building and disappeared.

By the way, Sharina was hurriedly walking to the corner of the opposite building while making sure she wasn’t running. As such, the words Leonardo had spouted just now, she heard none of them.

“Hmm… I think being charged of the crime of profanity is nothing compared to the everlasting satisfaction I would feel once I’ve kicked him once or twice…”

“That which would be chopped off for that is your neck and not your feet—!? Absolutely refrain from doing that—!?”

The lunch break was about to end. They sat on the corner of the table in the courtyard, instead of the backyard. Sharina and Riol quickly devoured the fried chicken sandwiches.

“Can’t I just directly tell him that I have someone else I like?”

Although there were no students in vicinity, just as a precaution, Sharina kept her voice low.

“If only the Prince is that understanding…”

In fact, no matter how high your stature was—even if you were a prince of a country, that didn’t mean you could absolutely get any women in the world.

well. Whether the woman was married or still underage, the King certainly could summon them to the shrine…

Among the successive kings, there was a king who drowned in excessive liquor and fine meat who did that exact thing.

It was the 19th King Domingo of Elgacia. He was always mentioned in history class. However, not in a good light, but as ‘that king who was sent to the block after his younger brother dethroned him,’ kind of bad example.

“I would rather suffer some punishment rather than being misunderstood like this…!”

“Have you ever thought of the consequences that your family would suffer if you were to commit offense to the next king, the First Prince?”


Sharina’s body trembled as she realized that. Tears welled up in her eyes. She was embarrassed for not thinking of the consequences and could only say “that’s no good” weakly.

“You aren’t to blame. However, you should consider the nature of that prince carefully. One of his fiancé candidates has the most powerful family after the royalty—the House of Ariarose—and yet still, he takes such a terrible attitude towards her. The fact that the two are on bad terms is well known throughout noble society. He is someone who can pull such a thing off with ease.”


“Even so, she’s both a Duchess and a fiancé candidate. He can’t do serious damage to her without suffering dire consequences himself—but you, on the other hand…”

She understood what Riol was trying to imply.

The Prince that didn’t bother to mask his attitude towards those that he disliked or found distasteful. Even at the party the other day, he didn’t hesitate to ignore and humiliate Rosalind in front of many students.

“My hate for him is a hundred times bigger than my fear of him.”

Even so, Rosalind’s family was one of the most prominent kingdom’s Dukes. She was also the most eligible fiancé candidate. No one dared to mock her. No family would dare excommunicate her family, either.

But what if the same were to happen to a mere countryside Countess? Who would dare support the Count, whose daughter was the enemy of the next king?

“…However. He is a prince. It’s exactly because he’s a prince, he isn’t able to decide his marriage partner on his own. No matter how much he dislikes it, he won’t be able to overturn the marriage engagement decided between the king and the duke.”

Riol put his hand on Sharina’s head to comfort her. It was different from when Leonardo did it, which nauseated her.

“It’ll be alright. Once That and Duchess Ariarose’s wedding is decided, you’ll be able to escape. If That still won’t give up even after that, and still try to make you his bride, he’ll need the consent from our current Queen. Suffice to say, it won’t be easy.”


This hand on my head has helped me so many times.

If Riol said it’s going to be alright, then I won’t be scared of those bastards who keep misunderstanding…!

“Yes! Let’s run away, Riol! To the end of the world, only the two of us!”

“That’s too extreme—!”

Sharina regained her energetic self and smiled wholeheartedly.

“It feels nice that we’re able to use that trump card. But remembering his reaction… I’m worried.”

“You mean, you feel disgusted?”

“Well, there’s that too, as usual.”

“I agree.”

On their way back to the classroom, towards Riol whom was thinking about something, Sharina uttered. “The way Riol looks when he’s thinking about something… mhm, I think I can make a sculpture out of that!”

Such a concept earned her a smack from Riol.

“I hope he doesn’t do anything ridiculous.”

“But everything he does is ridiculous…”

“Well, right.”

Soon after, they reached Sharina’s classroom. Riol waved his hand before leaving. “See you after school.”

Even his appearance as he turns his back to leave is super cool!

Sharina kept watching his back until it completely disappeared.

“Shari—! Where have you been—!”

The moment she stepped into the classroom, her hair was tugged.

“You promised to tell me more—!”

With a blazing red hair, Angelica, her best friend, approached her, flaring.

“Oh, yeah.”

“How dare you! After school, you shan’t escape me!”

She had forgotten about her promise to that dreaming girl from that morning.

“What actually happened? Tell me in detail! I promise I won’t utter a word to anybody!”

Angelica Kirklight, Sharina’s best friend, was beaming—she was expecting a romantic tale with this kingdom’s lovely Prince.

Be honest and flat out destroy her dream? Or protect her dream through lies? That was the problem.


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