The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

12.2 Dreaming Angelica

As of that day, right at that moment, a noble lady was reborn.

She went from dreaming to actually staring at the hard reality. Angelica Kirklight finally shed off her cloudy filter and achieved an enlightenment.

“But, for the first time, I’m also starting to think Riol Glen is a bit cool—I, I, I’m sorry! I take that back, I take that back! So don’t stare at me with such a menacing glare like that, Shari! I’m not saying that I harbor a crush on him! After all, I like tall boys better!”

Their friendship, which lasted for almost ten years, endured instead of breaking.

“—today, I managed to get away from him through the help of Rosalind’s ‘warning’.”

—eeeeeh—?! B-but, I’m not even surprised anymore!? Hey, say it’s only a lie—!?”

—ten minutes later…

—declaration of ‘I’ll make you mine’ right after the Hamburger Sandwich Robbery incident;

—shoving towards her that stupid piece of jewelry with an absurd price tag;

—alleged invasion of the girls’ dormitory in the middle of the night;

—assaulting Riol at the dance party and also the subsequent kidnapping of Sharina;

—plus everything that had happened today—Sharina successfully told them all to Ange.

By the end of everything, Angelica was a hollow shell of whom she formerly was.

“—I mean, Shari always showed her indignations!? All of Shari’s words towards His Highness consisted of 50% direct refusals, 30% roundabout refusals, and 20% of you reluctantly obeying him—!! Why is he still so confident—!?”

“I don’t understand, either. Maybe His Highness is just innately unable to comprehend others’ feelings. Probably due to never having a single thing goes against his will.”

It was probably because, first, he thought too highly of his own position—

—and second, he doesn’t think about anyone that ranked below him.

“During the dance party last night, His Highness was gone before I knew it. I heard there was a commotion in the corner, but when I checked, it was over already. If I had witnessed the scene of him slamming Sharina’s beloved Riol to the wall, I surely would’ve instantly awoken to reality.”

“Shouldn’t there also be girls who were near the entrance around that time? Do you think they have awakened to reality?

“It’s hard to say. Since there’s no rumors about it, I think they only focused on His Highness. Even more so when they don’t know who Riol is. They probably suspect he was the one asking for trouble with His Highness.”

The ‘Noble Prince’ filter was so scary. No one had ever considered the possibility of the Prince doing anything wrong. Especially those girls in love…

However, it felt like their blindness only reached to a certain degree. Said blindness probably originated from the euphoria of being in the same school as the Kingdom’s First Prince.

“Shari, are you sure you’re alright? Being targeted by such a bastard…”

“I’m alright. After all, Riol has always helped me.”

“Then, is Riol Glen alright? He has incited His Highness’ wrath, after all…”


Sharina halted. The question Ange had casually asked felt shockingly heavy.

“Riol, is…”


Riol had always helped her—

—which in turn, redirected all Leonardo’s rage to himself.

Just so she could escape. Just so Sharina wouldn’t be targeted.

“He, shouldn’t be okay…”

Such a simple thing, and yet she failed to notice it.

All she ever thought about was, as long as she had Riol by her side, she would be okay.

Riol, who kept emphasizing to her how dangerous it was to incite the anger of the Kingdom’s Prince…

when it’s put like this…


“—eh, uh, Shari—!?”

Unable to stay still, Shari leapt from her room.

“No, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have helped you from the start. To be more precise, the consequences are probably not as catastrophic as you currently imagining…”

Near the entrance to the boy’s dormitory…

Contrary to Sharina, who turned blue and was breathless, Riol indifferently spoke with calm countenance.

“The Glen Family resides in the outskirts of a countryside. As such, there are no social outing places, and most of the noble children are too poor to afford the school tuition. As of today, my brothers are probably out in the mountains, hunting. I’m not physically fit, so I helped them by making small animal traps, bows, and arrows, instead.”

Riol said that his house was located in a very rural area, the pressure from the distant Royal Capital couldn’t reach it.

“B, but, I’m sure it’s still troubling for you, Riol!”

Sharina screamed in dissatisfaction, however, Riol only sighed.

“Besides—”—Riol held his temple, with a gesture like explaining to a toddler.

“Other than you, no one has ever tried to talk to me, nor even exchange proper greeting. I can’t use magic, but I got to become a scholarship student through writing. People talk behind my back, about how said special seat is actually reserved for failures like me. Basically, I have nothing to lose—nothing, besides you.”

“Wha, wha, everyone is being a total jerk! They’re blind! They’re the ones who’re weird!”

“Why do I think that you’re the one who’s blind, instead…?”

His casual replies became a bit stiff.

“In short, don’t worry about me. My reputation is already at the lowest of the low, it can’t get any lower than this. I truly don’t care if he targets me. I’m but the third son who will never become a successor—as such, it won’t affect my house. I’ve been worthless since the beginning.”

“But! …But!”

Even in such times, Riol’s self-esteem was still so low. Sharina felt the impulses to correct his wrong evaluations of himself—

“—I understand. But please stop saying such things regarding yourself.”

However, when she couldn’t find a proper way to word it, Sharina felt helpless and bit her lips—she felt useless.

“Personally, it would be even worse for me if you’re stolen by the Prince. As such, it can be said that I’m protecting you solely for my own sake. That’s why, don’t think too much about it.”


The sun shone on Riol’s hair. Silver rings of light formed on his jet-black hair. His deep, green, eyes, which could be glimpsed through the gap of his bangs were gleaming, their lustrous color made them akin to precious gems.

That time, Sharina truly couldn’t say anything back.

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