The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

2. The Returnee Noble Lady

when in a pinch, retreat until you’ve found a surefire strategy.

Such was the stratagem of Jill’s troop lieutenant in battlefield.

He was an excellent lieutenant. His tactic had rescued her when she was under attack from the Rave Imperial Army. It was during a situation where she had been cut off from the supply line and isolated.

Right at that moment, his strategy was proving useful—he had helped her again.

I mean—I’m not sure what’s even happening anymore, but this situation is absolutely dangerous—as such, I’ll withdraw!

“Dear Father, dear Mother, the crowd is a bit too much for me, as such, I’m out! Excuse me!”

“Oh, but you’re about to miss your favorite roasted pork! I’m not sure you’ll be able to get your hands on it when you return!”

“I have heartburn!”

“Huh? You’re suffering from heartburn? Isn’t that a terrible illness…?”

With her parents worried about their daughter’s sudden aversion to roasted pork, Jill escaped to the terrace. Of course, the castle’s entire structure was already in her head—which made it easier—and also confusing.

Calm yourself down—! For all I know, I might be dreaming—!

Once she reached the terrace, she halted and stared at her reflection on the window. Her fingers gently reached the reflection, making sure the child was indeed her. She maintained her composure and continued through the terrace.

—I’ve been resurrected—no, father and mother are still alive. I’m the only one who’s acting weird. Then, I’ve gone back in time? No way! This sort of reversal magic can only be used by God! How can this be…?

As she brought her palm to her mouth, she looked at her hand.

She should had begun to practicing swordsmanship a young age—however, her palm was soft and small.

Then, the time must had be before she had decided to take up the sword. A day when her parents were still alive. When she was but an ordinary girl and the princess of the Saber Family, who had some knack for sword fighting and martial arts—also known as the ‘Combat Race’.

Without considering whether or not an actual ordinary girl would enjoy martial arts, Jill regained hope. If time was truly rewound, she should have returned to that time when she wasn’t known as the ‘Battle Maiden’—when she wasn’t running back and forth on a battlefield for the sake of Geraldo.

When she still wasn’t Geraldo’s fiancé.

“…I’m starting over?”

Still unsure why it happened, she muttered while grasping her small hand tightly.

In a battlefield, those who can’t grasp the situation perish—

she took a deep breath.

Alright, let’s assume that I indeed have returned to the past. As such, Geraldo’s proposal, I should still be able to—no, there’s no way I can refuse the Prince…

Regardless of the fact that she was part of a combat race known as the protector of the border, inherently, she was still part of the Kingdom of Kratos.

Thus, if she refused the First Prince’s marriage proposal, she would instantly be considered as his enemy.

Then, the best solution was to get through this party without being proposed.

—if so, haven’t I already done it…?

According to Jill’s memories of the ‘past’, Geraldo came straight to propose to her right after their gaze met.

The moment she had stepped on the terrace, everything had changed.

“Because I’ve already escaped from there, the problem is thereby solved!”

“Princess Jill.”

“I triggered it—!!”

She involuntarily screamed. Geraldo, the boy she had previously met and also the prince, was scratching his head.

“You ‘triggered’ what…?”

“No, it’s nothing at all! Don’t pay it any mind!”

Her tone was a mess because she was both shocked and trying to sound like a lady.

However, it was very strange. Geraldo who had just arrived to the party appeared on the terrace.

Moreover, he held a single rose in his hand.

She recalled it instantly—that flower was meant for her.

When she asked for the reason behind the proposal, Geraldo answered with a smile—

“—I fell for you at first sight.”

Although she had desperately hid her embarrassment at the time, she was secretly pleased—she thought they were destined.

Could it be, was it already too late the moment our eyes met?

Geraldo narrowed his eyes at Jill, who was drenched in cold sweat. He began eyeing her—

it’s as if he’s inspecting some goods.

Besides, I know he’s already in love with his biological sister.

“Forgive my rudeness. I’m Geraldo. Geraldo De Kratos—the prince of this kingdom.”

“I, I see.”

“You’re Princess Jill of the Saber Family.”

Geraldo touched his glasses, seemingly nervous.

Yes—back then, she had indeed fallen in love with the Prince the moment he called her ‘Princess’.

“I have something very important to tell you.”

The Prince knelt under the starlit night. The courtship in the middle of the dance floor sparkling with chandeliers was beautiful—but this was even more so.

—if only the one proposing wasn’t this rotten, siscon, bastard.

—do you want me to spill your secret in a loud voice right here, right now—!?

…wait, ‘previously’, I was killed merely because I was aware of it…

If she truly had screamed such, she would be over. After all, he was famous for being a prodigy ever since he was a child.

“This might sound surprising but, the moment I laid eyes on you—“

“—Goodness gracious! My father and mother must be quite worried about me!”

She interjected loudly, and ran on spot. Geraldo’s utterly stupefied face was a sight to behold, but she didn’t have the time for that.

I have to run away! There’s still the possibility I might be dreaming, but, to return right to this moment—it’s the worst! I might end up dying early!

What card should she deal now? One that wouldn’t attract anyone’s attention. Jill slipped through people as she kept thinking.

Above all, she could see Geraldo’s figure, still on the terrace. She thought he had given up—but—he cried towards Jill.

“Princess Jill! For what reason are you running away!”

Because I have already thrown you away—how nice would it be if she could say that out loud?

The screaming Prince’s gathered everyone’s attention instantly. It was a little too late for her to pretend she didn’t hear it, but she did, anyway.

How to reject the First Prince’s proposal—say I already have a lover—!?

But, I’m still a child! It’s unconceivable! Other than that, it would sound as if I’m saying that Prince Geraldo lost to this man! Prince Geraldo is beyond compare! Both his physical strength and magic prowess are extremely high! Wouldn’t my claim be considered insubstantial—!?

She desperately escaped—she wondered if she could just escape reality altogether.

However, her 10-year-old child body was inevitable swept away by the sea of people.

She ended up in a spot where there were but a few people—where Geraldo could easily catch up to her.

“Princess Jill—!”

Through the abundance of the crowd, Geraldo somehow managed to reach her.

What else—!? What else can I do—!? Right! Make him swear to make me happy if I were to accept his proposal…? As if that would help!

When Geraldo was about to grab her arm, Jill avoided him and accidentally stumbled backwards—

—Her back collided with something. Before she fell down, she managed to grab a hold of something—from the sensation of it, it was a smooth, high-quality cloak.

Jill could feel that she was currently leaning on said person’s leg—

—it was an adult man.

Considering her childish appearance, he might not take her words seriously, which was exactly what she needed

—and Geraldo was about to open his mouth.

Instantly, Jill was filled with courage. Her heart resolved to escape—it’s now or never.

—thus, she screamed with all her might.

“I fall in love with this person! I’ve already promised to marry this person! I’ve sworn that I’ll make him happy for the rest of my life!”


Even from here, Jill could hear her parents gasping. A commotion had started. Geraldo’s expression became difficult as he drew his lips tightly.

Umm…? Shouldn’t all of you dismiss it as a childish joke…? Aren’t you guys overreacting…

—then, a voice came from above.

“Alright, from now on, you’re my wife.”

that, that doesn’t sounds like a proper, adult, response towards childish garble—!?

Jill truly didn’t expect that.

A husky, palpable, male voice. It sounded very amorous, it sent shiver down her spine. Thankfully, he didn’t whisper it right into her ear, otherwise, her legs would give away for sure—

—and it was to be a lifetime, unforgettable, sensation.

Huh? This voice, this voice sounds familiar?! I recognize it!

Right. On the battlefield, just recently—no, six year later—augh, it’s so confusing!

Anyway, in the future, that voice belonged her foe. She heard the exact same voice in her war against the Rave Imperial Army.

“Young lady, can I have your name?”

“Ji, Jill Saber…”

Jill responded without turning around. The mesmerizing voice responded back.

“The Princess of the Saber Family? That family with high magical prowess? It seems that even though your age is small, you already possess quite a keen eyes—to propose to this me.”

She could hear the man placing his glass on the table as he stood up. At the same time, she was gently lifted with one arm. The cape—which she was still holding—weakly fell from Jill’s limp hand.

Hair that shone under the chandelier’s radiance. The shape of his eyebrows; the bridge of his nose; and his thin lips possessed an overwhelming amount of beauty. The outline of his cheek to the shape of his jaw were perfect.

The most eye-catching was his golden eyes. His pupils were as tranquil as the moon, but deep within, brutality akin to a beast emanated.

Even though the hand around Jill was gentle, she felt as if a blade was pointed at her throat.

However, his gaze was too beguiling for her to look away.

“It seems that no matter the kingdom, there will always be that one summer bug who ignorantly flies towards the fire and gets charred. Are you aware of what I’m implying?”

Jill shook her head. That’s why I wanted you to release me right now!

However, the other party maintained his smile.

“I see. But it’s alright, don’t worry. I, too, have decided to bend my knee to my wife.”

Geraldo was at loss for words.

His face turned uglier and uglier—his fist was clenched.

It seemed that Jill had intuitively chosen the right person to annoy Geraldo—

—nevertheless, this was still considered a horrible choice, considering her life in general!

“This Hadith Theos Rave accepts the proposal—O princess with beautiful crystal-like purple eyes, I beseech you to make me happy.”

In front of Jill, the young emperor from the neighboring country knelt gracefully. He lowered his head. An intoxicating smile akin to poison laced his face.

***T/N: Oh my god, how disgusting! is he secretly a pedo? A relationship with huge age gap? I don’t know how I feel about that!


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