I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

34. The Witch Sets Off (3)

Tara leaves the room.

Roze follows her while still carrying her luggage. They walk down the hallway—the entire time with Tara explaining the rooms.

“This is the linen room, and if you turn to the corner over there, there’s a bathroom. I’ve already prepared the lady’s room yesterday, as such, Roze will be helping me in the kitchen. Can you cook Trippa[1]?” Tara turns towards her.

Roze only shakes her head.

If she could cook such a grand thing, her staple food for many years wouldn’t have been lettuce…

“Then, how about Acqua Pazza[2]?”

—Bunbun bun, she shakes her head again.

“At least, you should’ve been able to make a simple Quiche[3]—“

—as she said that, Tara seems to have already been aware of Roze’s answer.

Firmly, Roze shakes her head.

“I can take care of the chickens.”

“We don’t need more meat. The rabbit, which will be our main dish for tonight, is already being soaked in herbs. Alright, you can start by cleaning the entrance.”

Just as Tara finishes saying that, they’ve reached the end of the hall.

“Eh…? This is the entrance…?”

Roze points at the beautifully engraved door.

There’s a staircase nearby, so the light spilling from the atrium ceiling softly illuminates the entrance hall.

“That’s right… no way, Roze, you think that the place you entered from before is the main entrance? That entrance is meant for employees!”

She seriously thought it was the main entrance…

Without saying anything, Roze opens the real front door to start cleaning.

When she pushes the heavy door open, there’s a beautiful garden.

Now Roze knows why it’s called the ‘main entrance’. It’s truly splendid looking. Such that the entrance specifically meant for employees pales in comparison.

Roze, however, maintains her calm. She gazes over the entrance with a cool face.

The bushes are aesthetically pruned in a perfectly round shape. The colorful flowers, which are tended diligently by the gardeners, are in full bloom.

“Alright, give this place a nice cleaning with these!”

Tara, who takes out a scrubbing brush and a bucket from somewhere, shoves them to Roze.

Roze receives the cleaning tool, draws the water from the instructed place, and polishes the front door with a thorough scrubbing.

While Roze is crouching at the door and polishing, she meets the other remaining servants.

She has met one of them previously.

It’s the servant who accompanied Harij to her dwelling when he accidentally drank the Love Potion.

At that time, Roze had pulled her hood deeply, as such, the servant probably doesn’t know she’s the same witch.

It’s really unthinkable that a maid, who’s sweating and desperately polishing the entrance, is the same witch from before.

Two of the servants greet Roze and playfully invite her to the tavern. “Let’s go to the bar~”

However, Roze is devoted to the scrubbing of the main entrance.

But then, when Tara comes out of the kitchen to take a look at her work—

“That won’t do. It won’t be clean that way. You must do it like this.”

Tara takes the scrubbing brush from Roze and begins scrubbing the floor.

gasha washawasha washa…

The loud sounds tell Roze how hard Tara is polishing.

“It’s like this. You can do it, right? Well then—…ouch, ouch…”

After giving an example to Roze, Tara stands up—however, she starts grimacing while holding her waist.

“What’s wrong?”

“My back is aching a lot, lately. I’m too old, already.”

It seems that standing up right away is a bad idea for Tara. After receiving the scrubbing brush from Tara, Roze helps her sit on the nearby stairs.

“Aah, right, we can’t sit in the middle.”

“Why is that?”

“Why, you ask? Because servants can’t use the middle of the stairs—such is the rule.”

Tara is amazed by Roze’s unawareness.

Above all, a maid who received a letter of recommendation should’ve known of such a basic rule.

Roze responds without the slightest hesitation.

“Nobody is here right now—and if someone were to catch us, I shall be the one who apologizes.”

“Thank you, but I feel better now after sitting down. As such, you can continue your job, Roze…”

Either she’s worried or embarrassed, Tara waves her hand in dismissal and drives Roze away.

…so, her back is hurting.

While Roze is pondering whether or not she should take out a compress from her luggage, loud voices echo—

“—she isn’t in her dwelling—!?”

“The paper stuck to her door said she’s heading here, but as of now, there’s no sign of her… I’ll head to the guard station right away!”

Those voices belong to both Safina and Harij.

Since she’s keeping the front door open, she can hear the voices coming from outside.

Harij sounds terribly upset.

Roze immediately stands up after releasing Tara’s shoulder.

“…I’ve forgotten.”

In a hurry, Roze goes outside.

From the entrance, Roze reveals herself.

“—the paper stuck to the door, what does it say—!?”

While asking to Safina in an angry tone, Harij, who’s approaching the entrance, sees her.

Her eyes lock with Harij’s.

Harij abruptly stops.

Harij’s stunned face can clearly be seen even from a distance.

[1] Trippa: Roman style beef stomach stewed with tomato, also known as Tripe.

[2] Acqua Pazza: Italian cuisine consisting of white fish poached with lightly herbed broth.

[3] Quiche: French tart consisting of pastry crust filled with savoury custard and pieces of cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables

***T/N: ROZE, SINCE YOU’RE ALREADY THIS DEEP IN THE ACT, WHY NOT JUST GREET HIM “WELCOME HOME, MASTER” ALONG THE WAY? X’DDDD Meanwhile the panicked Harij, probably suspecting his future wife got cold feet and is botching their plan to get married, is probably also ready to utilize half of the kingdom’s knights to locate Roze.


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