Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

49.2 Beast Master

I don’t understand what’s unfair about that, but Mistral and I get onto the back of the great wolf demon beast together. I’m in the front, Mistral behind me.

This time, the great wolf demon beast and rabbit demon beast advance at a walking pace.

Arere? By the way, where’s Nymia? The moment that thought comes to my mind, I hear a rustling sound come from Mistral’s handbag and out crawls Nymia.

“So cruel, nyan! You forgot about me, nyan.”
“Anyway, what are you doing in that kind of place?”
“This is a punishment.”

It’s like when a child angers the parentsand is punished by being locked up in the storage shed. Looks like up until now, Nymia had been shoved into Mistral’s handbag. Still, this is the result of her own actions.

“It’s scary, nyan.”

Nymia trembles as she shakes her head. Mistral then grabs Nymia and she flinches still. Just how scared is she? I can’t help but continue to laugh.

“Onii-chan is really cruel, nyan. Should I say about what happened in the bath yesterday, nyan?”
Ah! You can’t do that.”

I take Nymia from Mistral in a fluster and pet her.

“What happened in the bath?”
“I-it’s nothing.”

Mistral stares at the strained smile on my face.

“My, my, well, well, you look like you’re having fun.”

Ruiseine looks down at us from the back of the rabbit demon beast. In her arms is Priscilla-chan.

Fufufu, I entrust Priscilla to your care.”

Ruiseine shoulders droop at Mistral’s smile.

I wonder what they are talking about. They’ve gotten quite close with each other. I can’t help but feel a bit alienated.

Nnmtto, go that way!”

Priscilla-chan is completely carefree towards our interactions as she joyfully instructs the demon beasts on where to go. They don’t resent being told where to go and do as she instructs.

These demon beasts are seriously strange. My belief that demon beasts are crafty and terrifying creatures is crumbling.

It’s going to be noon soon. Priscilla-chan has been riding the demon beast the entire time. If we leave her be, she will definitely play all day. Therefore, we take a small break for lunch.

Although we’ve been planning to eat what we bought in the vice capital, we need to find a place to sit down and eat. I’m sure that Mistral and Ruiseine are thinking the same thing.

It’s great that we can get off the demon beasts, but there’s no place for us to eat calmly.


For some reason, we are surrounded by heaps of demon beasts.

“Why did it become like this?”
I hold my head in my arms.

Ruiseine places her hand against her cheek, troubled by the situation. Mistral meanwhile makes a wry smile as she catches Priscilla-chan who is joyfully jumping around.

Seriously, what happened?

We were merely riding the demon beasts and proceeding through Dragon Forest according to Priscilla-chan’s instructions. Then, at some point during all that, parent child deer demon beasts gradually started to appear behind us, bird demon beast started to appear in the sky, and snake demon beasts started to appear on the ground.[1] In the end, we had gathered more than ten kinds of demon beasts.

Aren’t demon beasts rare? Don’t they normally not appear in front of humans?

“When looking at them like this, demon beasts are cute too.”
“No, no, it doesn’t matter how I look at them, they are not cute at all.”

I retort to Ruiseine.

At any rate, demon beasts are big. The deer demon beasts are smaller than the great wolf demon beast, but their horns have incredible twists and bends that give the impression they are floating a bit. The snake demon beasts have two heads, one mouth spews flames while the releases cold air. The bird demon beasts have claws at the tip of their wings, and the bear demon beasts have four thick arms. Regardless of the one I look at, if I were to come across any of them alone, I’d faint.

“Now then, let’s hear their explanation before having lunch.”

Mistral approaches the great wolf demon beast. Priscilla-chan, still being held within Mistral’s arms, reaches out to the demon beast and pets it.

Mistral and the great wolf demon beast stare at each other for a short while. Then, with a, “Haa,” Mistral returns.

“How was it?”
“What happened just now has been made clear to Mist?”

As Ruiseine tilts her head, Mistral explains that she can understand the intent of demon beasts.

“My, my, well, well, that’s amazing.”

Ruiseine looks at Mistral with envy. Yeah, I also jealous.

“This will be a little troublesome. So, once we return to the moss-covered square, I’ll explain.”

For the time being, we decide to eat. As such, we start searching for a suitable place. I wonder about what’s actually going on though. I have to make sure to ask once we return to the moss-covered square.

“Meal, meal~”

Priscilla-chan, same as always, enjoys herself without reading the situation. She releases herself from Mistral’s arms and bustles around the demon beasts.

“So many animals!”

Yep, like I thought, she really doesn’t recognize them as demon beasts. They’re just animals to her. Mistral also recognizes Priscilla-chan’s misunderstanding and makes a bitter smile.

“There is a place where flowers are blooming over there, nyan~”
“Then, let’s have our lunch there.”

We follow Nymia to a small space filled with sunlight coming in from an opening in the canopy. Laying on the ground is a large decaying tree. The place is filled with colorful flowers blooming.

“This place is nice. Let’s eat here.”

Mistral says such and starts preparing for lunch. Ruiseine and I help out. Priscilla-chan, with Nymia on her head, quickly secures a place and sits there.

[1] In Norse mythology, a snake, deer, and bird live around the Yggdrasil, the world tree.

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