I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

33. The Witch Sets Off (2)

“It’s right here.”

Tara finally stops.

Tara’s soft fingers twist a simple-looking doorknob. Inside is a room much plainer than the luxurious hallway.

The décor is simple—too simple, even. There’s only a plain bed, a closet, and a small desk.

The size of the room is much smaller than Roze’s hut, but, at the very least, it’s clean. She doesn’t have to remove any clutter from the bed in order to lie down. There’s a small window from which sunlight properly enters through.

Tara opens the closet. Inside are several smoothly ironed clothes hanging.

Tara makes Roze try on several outfits. They’re rustic, but the color is a pastel shade a young lady would wear.

“Including Roze, there are five servants. Although our Lord prefers to do most of the things by himself. Hence, there’s not much for you to do—keep your face up.”

Roze, who’s staring at Tara’s hand, lifts her face as she was told.

“The gardener comes four times a month. There’s a horse drawn carriage, but no driver. However, all the men can drive the carriage. So, when your errand dictates you to go somewhere far, you can ask Safina’s permission.”

“I see.”

“Because you have some colleagues, you should be able to learn right away. Roze will be replacing the maid that’s currently on maternity leave. Do your best. Alright, this is your size, isn’t it?”

Roze is handed a cream-colored dress. Pale light blue flowers are scattered on it. She’s also given a blue apron, neckerchief, and a hood of matching fabric.

“You mustn’t embarrass our Lord, okay? I’ll give you a proper wardrobe. Later, I’ll also give you some afternoon clothes and formal clothes that are in your size.”


“Go change immediately and head to the kitchen. A young lady will arrive today, we mustn’t let her down.”

—a young lady would arrive today.

After hearing the words, Roze finally grasps the entire situation. In other words, Roze seems to have been mistaken for a newly hired maid who should’ve come earlier that morning.

Apparently, the ‘real’ Roze should be welcomed as a guest in this mansion.

Towards Roze, who appears utterly relieved, Tara is bewildered.

“Since Roze will be working here from today, I think Roze should know…” Tara mutters in a barely audible voice—

“—the young lady that will be coming today is a witch.”

Roze keeps her calm façade, but she’s quite surprised.

I don’t think Harij has told anyone other than Safina that I’m a witch…

—can this witch me truly stay beside him?

Roze’s anxiety only swells. In her mind, no matter how many times she keeps repeating that she’s not being welcomed due to a few misunderstandings—she can’t calm down.

Roze—the soon to be wife of this mansion’s Lord—clutches her luggage. In her mind, she notes to refrain herself from resuming her potion mixing activity. It would be weird if she starts crushing the liver of an animal out of nowhere.

Because she can’t carry them, she left her utensils at home—thus, in the end, she can’t perform any concocting.

In this mansion, she should or at least try to pretend to be a decent human being.

Harij’s magnanimity of inviting her to his house as a guest left a deep impression on Roze.

“Since it’s the person of our Lord’s choosing, you shouldn’t be too concerned—however, be sure to not anger, or offend her! Otherwise, with one swing of her cane, she might transform you into a frog!”

only Great Witches of the past could use such powerful magic—

but Roze desperately holds her urges to retort.

Thinking that Roze is a kindred spirit, Tara laughs. After venting her anxiety, Tara looks relieved.

Although Tara is scared of the witch, it seems that her trust for her Master weighs more than her fear.

Tara, who was trying to exit the room, returns when she sees Roze is unmoving, even though she has already received the dress.

“Come on, don’t laze off… and what’s with your figure? Why are you so thin? Did your previous Lord starve you or something?”

Tara approaches and grabs Roze’s cheeks. She then turns Roze’s face to left and right to get a good look.

“With such a face, it’s inevitable that someone would be jealous of you and cause you harm”

Tara pulls Roze’s dress down all at once. Roze, having never experienced such treatment before, stands upright in shock.

“Fortunately, the wife of your previous Lord is a good person. She wrote an astounding letter of recommendation. Even Safina, the butler, decided to let you in without an interview. So, work hard. Depending on how good your performance is, our Lord might take care of you, even if you later decide to take a maternity leave.”

Tara helps Roze put on her dress on while she stands there like a mannequin.

“Roze, you might’ve been hired as a maid—however, as I’ve said earlier, there are only a few servants. As such, you have to do all the work—lighting the furnace, cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping…”

Lastly, a neckerchief is draped on her chest. Tara pats Roze on the chest as a signal for her to begin working.

“Every year, during the festival, each employee will be granted a holiday and also a present. You won’t be able to find a Lord as good as ours anywhere else. Besides, he’s also good-looking. Do your best—but also do your best not to fall in love with him.”

That word pierces Roze. It stings. Roze straightens her back.

Both ‘yes’ or ‘no’ are out of the answer.

***T/N: Can’t wait until your Generous Lord saw what you’ve made of his soon-to-be-wife! Depending on how cute her garbs and her greeting is, you might get a raise, Tara!!!!

…Aaaah, Maid x Knight genre, a genre we don’t need but deserve….

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