The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

9.2 The Ice Lady’s Advice

“No matter how much of an idiot that prince is, there’s no way he would try to eliminate Rosalind! After all, there’s no way he would look down on his own fiancé!”

“That’s right, no matter how much of an idiot he—umm…that’s actually possible?”


“…hmm, even if he did, the King and Ariarose Family wouldn’t stay silent—ah, yes, right, it’ll be fine!”

Apparently, Riol had already given up on the possibility of the first prince, Leonardo Randall Ulyssia Elgacia—to behave like a proper, sensible, human being. He had instead contemplated it from the perspectives of the royal family and Ariarose family.

“But… especially because they’re the parents of that idiot…”

—no, even his trust in the King had diminished. They were committing a capital crime.

“If a dragonfly could give birth to a hawk, the reverse is also true. It could also be that the parents are the exact same as That—it makes me sad to even think about it…”

Sharina was being Sharina—a person naturally devoid of respect.

“Well… there’s no point in doubting them, anyway. It has nothing to do with us.”

Riol, while pondering with his head in his arms, shook his head and swung his hands—

“—let’s return. There’s no use in remaining here.”


As usual, he extended one hand to Sharina, and Sharina went to receive it without the slightest hesitation—

“—wait, I want to look for Riol’s corsage. That bastard threw it away.”

“You haven’t given up on that—!? It’s impossible to do that in this darkness—! I’m going home!”

“Nooo! That won’t do! It’s my precious heirloom!” Sharina tried to find her heirloom by reaching out her hand through the fence.

“Ugh, decide—! Which is more important, that heirloom, or me—!?”

“Riol, obviously—!”

“Then, let’s go home.”

This time, she finally took his hand.

“Look, Riol—! Doesn’t the moon look amazing—!? That’s what I kept thinking about during our conversation with Rosalind—!”

“No wonder you were looking in the wrong direction at that time—!? Is that what you were doing when I was busy paying attention—!?”

“No, not only that. I also searched for summer constellations. That one is the bird—Gigant Eagle.”

“I give up on retorting…”

They held hands firmly and walked to the dorm.

Sharina looked up at the sky, sometimes halting to observe the constellations, some other times suggesting they take a detour.

Riol grunted as if he was amazed every time, but never said anything to hasten their way home.


—on the other hand, in the capital city, at the residence of Duke Ariarose…

“Why, why would His Highness Leonardo…—“

In a room with a small amount of decorations, but was furnished enough for everyone to see, right in front of the mirror—

—a beautiful noble lady quietly stood there.

However, said beautiful features were marred by frustration and sorrow, casting a shadow on the beauty that was praised as being on par with an Ice Fairy.

“Lady Rosalind, I hereby am reporting to you.”

“Irene, you did well today.”

A blonde twin-tailed maid appeared next to her from the shadow.

“As a result of talking and listening to witnesses… Ms. Sharina, who fainted at today’s party, keep wriggling and rubbing herself to His Highness as she was being carried. Later on, they were also reported to be laughing at each other, and talking in such an intimate way as if they were in a serious relationship.”

“I see.”

as expected. Rosalind clenched her fists in despair. She no longer knew how many times she had lost hope at this point…

…perhaps, her beloved fiancé did it out of pure generosity. He just didn’t want to leave a sick maiden unattended. Or so said her glimmering, faint, hope—

—right before it shattered.

“…and, how do I say this? Before the party, there were no signs of Ms. Sharina being unhealthy. However, the moment His Highness Leonardo had greeted her, she collapsed right away.”

Rosalind also saw it—

—that innocent-looking strawberry blonde girl had taken another man’s hand on the terrace.

Even though until just a moment ago, she was with Leonardo. But, as soon as Leonardo left, she was holding hands with another guy and seemingly having fun. Of course, there were also no signs of her being sick.

That girl also collapsed as soon as Rosalind gave her greetings to Leonardo at the party.

—there was only one conclusion.

She did it on purpose.

To attract Leonardo’s attention and prevent Rosalind from dancing with Leonardo.

“That girl has only been enrolled for a month or so, and yet she has been treated so specially by His Highness… when the strongest fiancé candidate like me can’t even secure a dance with him—!!”


Unable to bear it, the twin-tailed maid rushed to Rosalind.

—“This is officially the happiest day of my life!”

By merely listening to it, her anxiety expanded. That girl’s voice kept echoing in her head, over and over. Rosalind heard it when she wandered through the hall, looking for the missing prince. The voice of the strawberry blonde girl who should had left the venue with His Highness because she was ‘sick’.

Why didn’t Leonardo return?

So it turned out, the reason was because he was having so much fun with his ‘beloved cat’.

Everything fell into place.

“I’m sorry, Irene, but I want to be alone.”


The maid, looking miserable, left the room.

“Why, why that girl—!?”

Just because she was innocent, just because she was loved, it wouldn’t make the princess education any less hard—!

I’ve worked hard, compared to that girl, who doesn’t have the slightest qualification—

Rosalind shook in anger.

She never imagined that Sharina didn’t want anything to do with the Queen’s position.

Sharina would be neck deep in trouble if she were to directly refuse the courtship of the first prince—or reject his advances. Hence, she had to be very careful in her steps.

Rosalind, who loved and yearned for him, and had competed against many rivals, plus having endured the strict princess education, couldn’t stand such carefree girl. Rosalind assumed Sharina wanted to steal everything from her—

—it never occurred in her mind the opposite was happening—not even for a millisecond.

***T/N: And that’s cause Rosalind refuses to listen to Sharina …not even for a millisecond. And yo, who’s feeding that twin-tailed maid bullshit infos like that?

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