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9.1 The Ice Lady’s Advice

“Thank you for agreeing to my selfish request, despite of how sudden it was, Ms. Sharina Clydea, Mr. Riol Glen…”

In the center of the terrace, where the door was now closed, Rosalind Ariarose gracefully thanked them. The elegance of her bow was beyond measurement—from the top of the head to the tip of her finger, nothing was off by even the slightest millimeter—

—suffice to say, perfection.

“Ah, I should be thanking you, too. You’ve helped me dry my dress.”

“The same goes for me. Thank you for allowing me to be in your presence.”

Sharina and Riol bowed their heads.

After Rosalind had invited them to a talk, she helped dry Sharina’s soaked dress with Warm Air magic, saying ‘you’ll catch a cold if it’s left as it is.’

It was an advanced magic that combined both Fire and Wind magic, however, in the hands of Rosalind, it seemed like quite an easy task.

“What is it that you want to discuss…?”

Two people joined Rosalind at the table. Albeit her dress was dry, her back still felt chilly—

—no, her entire body felt like it would freeze underneath the piercing ice-like gaze directed straight at her.

“I’ll be straight with you—are you ready to take up the responsibilities of a princess?


Her body froze. In fact, her body was about to be sent flying from the impact of Rosalind’s sudden proclamation.


No. Wait. Perchance, she had just misunderstood. Rosalind probably, hopefully, meant something else other than what she had just literally said…—

—otherwise, ‘takeuptheresponsibilitiesofaprincess’ was probably an incantation for a Light spell. Yes, no doubt about it. A Light spell that would conjure seven colored lights to create a rainbow in the sky…

“To fall in love with the prince of the kingdom, there’s no way you don’t know what it means, or what it entails.

…aaah, I get it, it’s the name of some kind of magical creature~~~

She was running away from reality.

“I’ve researched quite a lot into you—about your friendship with His Highness. I don’t want to be too quick to judge, however, I won’t say that I don’t understand the meaning of your advances towards my fiancé.”

…I also won’t say I was trying to get close to him, either! No, I really want to say the opposite right now!

However, she kept missing her chance. After all, albeit composedly, this person kept talking like running water.

“You seem unconvinced. I understand what you want to say. I, and us, the ‘Rose Garden’, aren’t officially his fiancé, yet, only candidates. No matter how much you want to get close with His Highness, we don’t have any right to stop you. After all, every year, freshman who dream like that never cease to appear.”

The Prince’s most eligible fiancé candidate, Rosalind Ariarose, furrowed her eyebrows. Even when she was merely sitting on a chair, her figure looked beautiful and perfect. If Sharina was to describe it, it was like when someone managed to slide a thread in the needle on the first go. Even her fingers were aligned gracefully.

“Certainly, a candidate is a candidate. However, things aren’t like what they seem—“

Sharina kept coming up with explanations in her mind, however, she never managed to utter even a single sentence—

—because again, it’s Rosalind’s turn to speak.

She hadn’t been able to explain a single thing because she kept getting interrupted.

“—you see, all of us candidates are qualified to be the princess.”

The wind blew right at that moment, and Rosalind’s platinum blonde hair swayed.

“Not everyone is qualified to be a princess. To be a candidate means to have passed a certain process and be qualified to be a princess. Hence, we are hereby called the ‘candidates’.”

The fact that Rosalind could talk literally without interruption worried her.

—Is her breathing okay?

“Therefore, a candidate is actually in line with being his actual fiancé. Making advances on him is the same as challenging us, the Rose Garden—do you understand that? There might be many of us, but in the end, only one will be chosen as the princess. That’s why, until then, everyone is free to try until the choice is made—is what they think, anyway.”

‘Do you understand?’—Sharina was asked that. In her mind, that question had already turned into some kind of declaration. Do you understand.

“Ever since childhood, we’ve received strict princess education: etiquette, dance, general magic, Princess’ manners, political knowledge to support the King, the kingdom’s history, foreign cultures, languages—for the crowning of His Highness, Leonardo.”

Sharina gave up on explaining and could only squeeze out some “Uh-huh”, “No—“, “You see—“. Yet, she still managed to be swept away by the endless waterfall pouring from her opponent’s mouth.

the moon sure is beautiful.

Sharina was watching the night sky behind Rosalind.

“Do you possess the same knowledge? The same set of skills? Are you ready to dedicate yourself to this princess’ education? Or, are you one of those people who think falling in love with him—of all people—require no foundation whatsoever—!?”

Sharina’s eyes were taking in the wonderful starry skies—her gaze wandered as she looked for a constellation.

“Can you please not get too close to His Highness? This is an advice[1] for you.” Rosalind stood up. “This concludes our conversation. I shall excuse myself.”

Until a while ago, Sharina sympathized with this beautiful girl, who had to shoulder the fate of being that prince’s fiancé.

However, as of the current… she was unsure of what to think about people that didn’t even bother to listen to others.

Be it that prince or her; their skill of not listening to others are on par with each other—

—doesn’t this make them a surprisingly good pair?

“…However… if you dare to say that you truly love His Highness… if you can, without the slightest hesitation, say that you’re ready to become the Queen—then, there’s room for argument.”

Rosalind halted for a moment, then finally turned away—

didn’t she retract her words too fast—!?

Shouldn’t this princess education include something about being responsible of what you say—!?

“If it’s me, I would, without any doubt. I’m different than those who fall in love with His Highness without concern to other aspects.”

When she opened the terrace’s door, Rosalind’s line of sight swept over Riol.

“I… from the first time I met His Highness in the royal palace… I admired him.”

—her final piece before taking her leave is too long—!! Can’t she just skip the rest—!?

I would like you to be more concise about it! Please, make up your mind, already!

As expected, she still wasn’t given a chance to say anything.

Even though Rosalind was currently in the tough position—leaning towards the door, her story remained uninterrupted. In such a posture, it was a miracle Rosalind’s spine stayed alright—

hey, it’s alright even if you decide to return and continue this another day, you know?

No one will blame you.

“Even though the princess education is harsh—for the sake of the prince—for the sake of this kingdom—I don’t mind it!”

No, your timing for saying this is completely off.

Can’t you just excuse yourself with one word?

“His Highness is probably attracted to both your innocence and your unexpected behavior that is unbefitting of your title whatsoever. But for me, you’re just being ignorant, rude, and careless. Please think about what it means to be an aristocrat once again, and properly, this time.”

For real, can’t you just conclude this with ‘this ends our topic’ or something—!?

However, until the bitter end, Rosalind didn’t let Sharina utter a single retort.

The door that had been open for a while was finally closed. The terrace was quiet.

“…what kind of research has she done on me to arrive to that kind of conclusion…?”

Sharina whispered when Rosalind had completely disappeared behind the door.

“’His Highness is attracted to your innocent, carefree attitude—while his actual fiancé is truly in love with him’—is it? Huh. Where have I heard this exact plot, before?”

From Rosalind’s view, who had been decided to be his fiancé candidate since an early age and endured a severe princess education—the presence of a certain bubbly girl who had recently entered the frame threatened her—

—Rosalind was probably worried her beloved fiancé, whom she should be marrying after graduating, would be stolen by a certain airhead.

To put it simply, there was no way she would have a good impression about Sharina.

“Even if she said ‘research’, it was probably executed by Ariarose Family’s henchmen, anyway. Most likely, they didn’t have a good impression about you to begin with. This whole conclusion was the result of their biases towards you. In no way is it a decent result.”

Even though she managed to repel Prince Narcissist a while ago, this time, a ‘tragic’ heroine appeared and declared her an enemy! There was nothing more troublesome than this…

and she suspects I’m in love with… That?

Goosebumps erupted on her entire skin.

“But now, we have a good card on our hand.”


Riol’s tired countenance slightly brightened. Sharina titled her head.

“Now, you can avoid the prince due to ‘being told off’ by Duchess Ariarose. Considering your own status, can you disobey her?”


It wasn’t an advice, but an order from the Duke’s daughter, who wasn’t only a mere duchess, but also the Prince’s most eligible candidate! There was no way she could disobey Rosalind!

She could already imagine being approached by Leonarcissist and excusing herself while saying—“—forgive me, Your Highness, but Rosalind—“ then, she could escape with no problems!!

They had indeed acquired the strongest trump card!

[1] The kanji for advice can also mean warning.

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