Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

47.2 Thinking About it, Stuffed Animals are not Souvenirs

I blow bubbles as I sink down into the hot water. Nymia happily swims around above my submerged self. Then, ten minute later, having warmed up, we get out of the bath.

I change into my sleepwear and return to the room. Mistral is brushing her own hair.

“The bath was perfect.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”

I then ask Mistral to brush Nymia’s fur. I’m not good delicate tasks like that. Mistral calls Nymia. Once Nymia is one her lap, she brushes her long fur. Nymia looks quite comfortable.

Arere? Priscilla-chan is already sleeping on the bed. Her hair must not have fully dried. Spread underneath her head are layers of cloth. She’s gonna have an explosion of bed hair tomorrow morning.

“Come on, I’ll do Ernea’s hair as well.”

Mistral offers and I too have my hair combed by her. Even though I’m a little embarrassed, Mistral combs my hair with practiced hands.

“Ernea’s hair is pretty long too.”
“Yeah, since Yuusha Ristia has hair up to his shoulders, I want to copy him a little bit and grow out mine.”
Fufufu, except I think it would be better if you don’t grow it out too much.”
“Your hair is soft and fluffy. If you grow it, it might spread sideways rather than go downward.”
Mumumu, so it’s like that…”
“Do you want to try growing it to make sure?”
“Yes, my hair already a bit long.”

My hair has already grown to the point of completely hiding my ears.

“It is. Making it a bit shorter might be cuter.”
“Not cool?”
“Your attribute is, cute, you know.”

As a man, I yearn to look good, but being cute… I’m happy to hear Mistral tell me that, but it’s complicated. Well, I’m still a child. From now on, I will become handsome so that she can one day compliment my looks.

Mistral finishes combing my hair and then resumes brushing her own. Ah, she prioritized us.

“Thank you.”

Mistral gives me a soft smile to my thanks.

“Are you already sleepy?”
“Yeah, why?”
“I’m sorry. My hair will need a little more time to dry.”
“I see. Don’t worry. I’m also waiting for mine to dry.”
Fufufu, thank you. Well then, shall we talk until both of us have dry hair?”

We then enjoy ourselves talking until quite late into the night.

“Shall we start getting into bed?”

Just as we finish our conversation, Mistral suggests such and we get into the bed. We decide to have Priscilla-chan sleep between us.

Sleeping in the same bed with a woman, much less to say Mistral, makes me nervous. Despite that, I soon hear the rhythmic breathing of sleep next to me. Isn’t Mistral nervous about sleeping together with me? While I’m troubled with that thought, I also fall into the dreamland.

The next morning, Mistral and me are sent into a fit of laughter at Priscilla-chan’s explosive head. Priscilla-chan hops around in joy at seeing us laughing. Her explosive hair flutters about, making her even more amusing.

We then get dressed and go to the temple to pick up Ruiseine.

“So that’s the temple.”
Nnmtto, it’s big!”

While waiting for Ruiseine in the plaza in front of the temple, Mistral and Priscilla-chan looks up at the temple in front of us.

The temple in vice capital was built just like this one starting from the entrance. The solemn stone architecture makes me sigh. A countless number of sculptures have been carved into the pillars and walls while the skylights are covered in brightly colored glass panes.

Fuaa,” I yawn as I look up at the temple. At some point, Ruiseine appears and heads towards us.

“Good morning.”

We greet Ruiseine as she comes to a stop before us and gives us a polite bow.

“Did all of you rest well last night?”
“Yes, we also bought souvenirs. It was a fun night.”

My words lead to Mistral proding my head.

“Please be mindful of the situation.”
Fufufu, I’m envious that all of you had fun.”

Ah, that’s right. Saying we had fun even though Ruiseine didn’t join us could be taken as excluding her.

“Sorry, Ruiseine.”
“My, my, well, well, no need to worry. I’m delighted that Ernea-kun and everyone had a fun night.”
“Didn’t you just say that you’re envious of that?”
Fufufu, I did.”

After chatting a little in front of the temple, we decide to return back home. Apperantly, on our way back, we’ll be entering the dragon forest for the moss-covered plaza where Old Sleigstar resides. According to Mistral, we will arrive the same way as usual as long as we enter the forest and wander around

In that case, if we’re able to reach the same place no matter from where we enter the forest, and then Old Sleigstar’s space transfers us back home from the moss-covered plaza, we’ll be able to save an incredible amount of travel time.

When I ask Mistral my thoughts, she readily agrees.

What an incredible discovery. With this, I will be able to go home from anywhere around the forest! When I celebrated that, Mistral scolds me.

“You shouldn’t rely on venerable elder’s power.”
“I disagree with the practice of relying on others for attaining one’s own objectives.”

As Ruiseine’s rebuke makes me feel down, Priscilla-chan takes my hand and walks together with me.

Nnmtto, Priscilla won’t make fun of onii-chan, okay?”
Ahaha, thank you.”

It doesn’t look like Priscilla-chan is able to understand what we were talking about. She seems to have thought I was being bullied by Mistral and Ruiseine.

Mistral, Ruiseine, and I look at each other and release strained laughs.

After that, we leave the vice capital with Priscilla-chan taking the lead.

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