The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

7.1 The Best Escort

“Kyaaa—!! Riol—!! Riol—!! You look absolutely dazzling—!!”

On the day of the dance party, Sharina saw Riol in front of her dorm and rushed towards him with great joy.

Today, Riol wasn’t in his usual school uniform, but attire for the evening party. He wore an open front black suit embroidered with silver thread on the rim. Beneath it, a dark gray vest with light gray buttons, coupled with a white shirt could be seen. On the bottom, he wore a simple three-quarter-length culottes that matched the color as his suit. He wore simple boots and a leather belt.

“Taking my very image into consideration, along with this mostly black attire that had aged for more than twenty years, I’m the exact definition of bitterness itself. How suitable, don’t you think?”

“—I don’t think so—!? I personally think that the color black is much more elegant and that it exudes the aura of mysterious elegance rather than those flashy glaring colors. Moreover, Riol’s stunning jet-black hair accentuates the color of your suit, giving an overall intellectually cool charm—!! In a way, your suit, which is like the exact replica of the night itself, is like a backdrop for your deep green eyes, which are the stars twinkling in the quiet night—!!”

“You need to inhale.”

The steady line of praises that came out automatically made her forget to breath.

“Even if the color is good, my older brothers are much taller than me, so the size doesn’t fit. The suit that is supposed to be above the thigh reaches to the knee below, and the knee-length culottes are three-quarters. Well, better than literally wearing trouser, I guess.”

“—I’m so sorry but I have to disagree with you; the three-quarter length beautifully emphasized your feet lines. The simplicity of the culottes, along with the boots and the belt only accentuate it more. Your long suit gives your contour a nice, sleek, accent. Due to that, you also look intellectual and charming from behind—”

“You need to exhale.”

This time, she actually breathed in too much, she lacked oxygen. Because she was going to attend the party with Riol, she absolutely couldn’t die—Sharina took a deep breath.

“In summary, you look truly, truly handsome, Riol!”


…I’ve never imagine I would get the chance to walk alongside such a cool person before. Sharina swooned in admiration, and put her hands on her chest—where the corsage was placed.

Of course, it was the black and green corsage given to her by Riol.

To match the corsage, she chose a green dress instead of the pink or blue she usually wore to events.

“You, too… it must have been hard to pick a dress that matched the color of that corsage…”

“Indeed! But no worry, I specifically dyed it for today!”


Correction. She dyed a dress green.

“Y, you specifically dyed it—uh, what, how?”

“First, I prepared thirty liters of hot water—“

“—I didn’t mean how you exactly did it, but—“

She only had pastel colored dresses—such as yellow, light blue, and pink. They wouldn’t match well with the corsage.

“I didn’t have time to order a new dress, hence why, I have to re-dye it myself…”

“—no, first of all, where did you even learn that—!?”

This wasn’t the same as dyeing a small corsage with watercolor magic. To evenly re-dye a single dress, considerable effort was required.

“My maid Gabriella taught me of this trick after saying, ‘You can’t go out in the same dress again and again to the Count’s evening ball’.

“Who would’ve thought that the Count’s daughter would boil 30 liters of water in her room…”

All just so she could wear a dress that matched Riol’s corsage.

“…I probably doesn’t look too good, huh?”

…In the first place, why are my dresses only pink, light blue, and light yellow—?! Well, my parents thought they would suit me best, hence they prepared them…

Honestly, I’ve never worn a green dress before.

Even if the dress suited the corsage, she was unable to do anything if it didn’t suit her.

“My dresses are always either pink or light blue. This dress was originally yellow, too… My family told me light colors like that of spring flowers suit me well. They were right, I guess… I don’t look good in green…”

Sharina grasped the hem of her green dress.

“…that’s not true.”

Riol, after pondering a little, awkwardly opened his mouth.

“By wearing green, you— …you look like flower itself, so it’s a good… thing…—”

When Sharina lifted her face, Riol covered his eyes with one hand and turned away, while saying, ‘Give me a moment. Don’t look at me right now. It’s not good.’

“Ri, Riol…!!”

“No, wait, no, I said don’t look at me, it’s not good! J-just now, it’s just a slip of the tongue—!”

“I shall dye all my dresses green—!!!!”

“No!!! For real, stop!!!”

Regardless of how many students traveled by carriage, they walked together to the academy as usual.

Even though it was a dance party, no dance hall was reserved. It was because Fala Rubia Academy was one of the largest academies in the kingdom and was different from ordinary schools. The top floor of its largest building was always used for events such as dance parties.

“Listen to me. Stay on guard. Always check your surroundings through your peripheral vision, and keep your distance. Be sure to never meet his gaze, either.”

After a short while, they arrived at the venue. Both went to adjust their breath. Riol advised seriously while facing forward.

“Understood. Today, I’m going to think of That as Medusa.”

Similarly, Sharina responded seriously. If the prince of this kingdom were to invite her to dance in front of many people, she wouldn’t be able to refuse. However, if she overdid it, it would backfire, too. She had to keep it natural and distance herself from him—the Medusa.

“Good answer.”

As he complimented her, he extended his hand. Receiving his hand, Sharina stepped into the hall with a dreamy feeling.

…I’m currently walking with my most favorite person in the entire world. It’s as if I’m walking on cloud. In the gorgeous dance hall, I can’t even bother to hear anything else, all those noises, fly away—

“Your Highness! Where are you going—“

“—Your Highness Leonardo!”

“KYAAAA—!!! His Highness is coming over here—!!!”

Anything else—…

“Your Highness! Please wait!”

“Huh!? He isn’t escorting any of the Rose Garden’s members!!”

“The dance is about to start, and yet, it doesn’t seem that he has a partner yet!!!”

Fly… away—

“—Oooohhhhhh!!! As I’ve thought, His Highness is reserving himself for me!!!!”

“Huh!? His Highness went away…”

“Wait a minute! Your Highness~~~!!”

They aren’t flying away. The noises are approaching me—!!!


And judging by Sharina’s commentary of Riol’s attire alone, she should also enroll in the Written Magic Department.

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