A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

47. Time Went Forward (5)

William frowned upon hearing Lewis’ words. He rejected his suggestion almost immediately.

Of course, I agreed with William. I’m sorry, but, when I imagined Lewis giving me a lap pillow—sitting down would be a hundred times better.

Lewis laughed—whether or not he knew what we were thinking was unknown.

“I was just kidding.”

As if nothing had happened, he turned his attention towards the outside scenery.

William sighed, giving up on Lewis. He relented to the idea of giving me a lap pillow.

“…Amelia, it’s okay, now. Just lie down and sleep.”

William peered down at me. He still looked unsatisfied with the outcome, but his faintly red ears conveyed what he truly felt.

I stared back at him, causing him to blush slightly.

“I said, don’t stare at me. Go to sleep.”

William turned away.

Oh, how happy I am!

Maybe this was caused by my fever. Perhaps I was seeing a very wonderful dream due to how much I yearned for William…

My eyelids closed slowly, thinking about it hurt. However, my wound no longer felt painful. My body was hot, but that was probably because of his warmth. Because of the faint vermillion on his cheeks…

I love you, William.

I gradually fell asleep. For the first time in a thousand years, I saw a very happy dream…

Feeling a faint light, I opened my eyes slowly.

My field of view was blurry… I saw a brown bed with a canopy. In the dimly lit room, the orange light from the oil lamp danced, casting a thin shadow on the ceiling. This was my own room, which I was used to seeing. A bleak room.

I woke up and blinked slowly.

since when was I in my room?

Until just before, wasn’t I riding the carriage?

The pain of the wound had receded. My fever had receded. I no longer felt as terrible as before.


I felt a tremendous loss …—why?

Ah, yes.

Because William isn’t here.

—eh? Could it be, all that was just a dream? Lies… it couldn’t be. My right hand was still wrapped in a white bandage.

I opened the window and saw that it was already dark outside. The kingdom was engulfed by the pitch blackness of the night. In the sky, only a white moon could be seen.


The door of my room opened quietly. At the same time, a very nostalgic voice reached my ears.


When I turned around, there was Hannah, whom I hadn’t met for two days—seeing her like this felt very nostalgic.

“Ooh, Milady—!!”

Hannah ran straight towards me with tears in her eyes. She strongly embraced me.

“Milady, oh Milady, thank God you’re save—!!! You’ve returned to me—!!!”

Hannah’s voice wavered, as her embrace tightened.

“I heard that Milady fell into the river. I was truly worried, how would I live without Milady—!?”

As she started crying, big droplets of tears fell—they were very pure, as genuine as her concerns towards me. It felt really warm… however, her embrace was starting to hurt—not that it mattered…

I smiled wholeheartedly at Hannah.

I decided, I was going to stop with all the pretenses—then, I laughed.

“Milady… oh, Milady…!”

I hugged Hannah back—her eyes were swollen red. Even if just a little, I wanted to share the pain she was currently enduring. I wanted to apologize for worrying her.

“Milady… I honestly regretted it. I saw that you were just pretending to like the idea of going out with Earl Falmouth, and I was the one who forced you into it… However, looking at Milady’s face right now… I’m relieved.”


Hannah’s words shocked me. She had mentioned William’s name.

“Milady was already asleep, hence you didn’t realize it. But who do you think brought you to this room? As you expect, it was Earl Falmouth. He held you like he was holding onto the world’s most precious treasure. After that, he bowed deeply to us servants, and also our Lord.


Wi, William brought me here? Then, he bowed to my father? Even though he’s the Marquis’ son?

That wasn’t normal. Aristocrats of the higher social status never bowed to those whom were of lower status than them.

so I wasn’t dreaming.

My heartbeat quickened.

“Earl Falmouth told our Lord, your father, that he wanted to welcome Milady to his house as soon as possible. He swore he’ll never allow Milady be in danger ever again.”


…Is this… a miracle?

Whether this was a lie or a real happiness—was God giving me another chance? Was He really giving me another chance to love him again?

“…Congratulations, Milady. Please, be happy!”

Hannah’s smile bloomed like a flower. A bright smile like a sunflower blooming in the open field.

I’ll do my best. I shall let that person love me again—I shall see his wholehearted smile once again!


Tears trickled down my eyes. I was so overjoyed thinking that I could be with that person again—I didn’t need anything more—I didn’t want anything more…!

I love him. Sincerely.

This time, I shall surely engrave his warmth into my soul—

—then, I would say good-bye to him, properly this time.

I shall never forget him.

I looked up at the white moon reflected in the window, my vision was teary.

It was beautiful—it was the same full moon I watched with Elliott that day.

That day, the dark lakes in the woods glistened, each ripple seemed like white snow—it was due to the moonlight.

His passionate eyes. His heart, his soul, and his embarrassed visage which occupied my mind forever—our burning love—once again, without fail, I would take his hand.

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