A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

46. Time Went Forward (4)

I kept staring at Lewis, however, he said nothing more about Lionel. Probably because of his consideration towards William—on the contrary, his eyes swayed kindly as he bowed his head, as if he was conscious of me.

“I’m very sorry, Amelia-sama. For leaving you after knowing what happened to you, you must’ve been hurt… I’m truly sorry.”

Having said that, Lewis trembled. William consoled Lewis.

“Lewis, don’t blame yourself. I was the one who originally left Amelia. Doesn’t your leaving Amelia prove the fact that you indeed found Mr. Lionel trustworthy? Certainly, his chivalrous spirit is very respectable. He said, ‘leave Amelia to me!’, if I didn’t trust him, I wouldn’t just let that pass. Besides, there’s nothing we could do about it.”

“But… I still can’t forgive myself.”

“It’s alright. He even repeat his oath to me—‘To protect the aristocrats, is my obligation’—that kind of thing…”

“No way, Lionel said that? For what purpose, I wonder? Was it… for my sake?” Lewis widened his eyes, seemingly moved by William’s words. William smiled slightly as he answered.

I felt nauseous due to their interactions—it was because I didn’t know which was truth, and which was lie…

However, one thing I knew for sure, was that Lewis didn’t actually care about Lionel. He was just trying to take advantage of him.

William turned to me.

“Amelia, I certainly said I believed Mr. Lionel. But, I said those cruel words to you. I really meant it—it was because I got upset, Lione—Mr. Lionel, and you, seeing the two of you, like that… I got so mad—I’m sorry, that was really the last straw…”


William’s gaze was in turmoil, he looked embarrassed after admitting his true feelings.

I was utterly taken aback—because, didn’t that just now sounded like… jealousy?

But that was impossible. Until two days ago, he thought nothing of me. But, what if it was the truth? What if it wasn’t a lie?

I stared back at William—his cheeks reddened, as he turned away.

“—don’t stare at me too much… right now, to be honest, I’m confused by my own feelings. I was truly prepared. I thought you would never forgive me, for breaking that night’s oath. I honestly thought… you would break this engagement. Right now, I’m really relieved.”


break? Did he just say that he broke his promise of never loving me…?

William turned serious.

“I want you to feel safe. I broke my ties with Arthur… he’ll never appear before you again. If he ever appears beside you, I swear I’ll protect you, so…”


I lost my words—finally, I had grasped the entire situation.

That’s right. Lewis was targeting Arthur’s eye. This entire situation was his stepping stone— breaking William’s tie with Arthur. It was a good thing my voice couldn’t come out, otherwise, I would’ve screamed for sure.

…What a terrifying man—

—but, I couldn’t think for long. William kept staring at me, full of determination. He never broke eye contact with me.

“So… as to protect you, when we return to the Capital, I’m going to meet your father. I want to welcome you to my house. We aren’t married, yet, but it shouldn’t be too far off in the future. I want you to feel at home in my place, first. Actually, I had already received the permission from your father yesterday. The rest is up to you—after that, I plan on earning your father’s forgiveness, together with you…”


…Me, living with him? For real?

That was the first in a thousand years. The nostalgic and precious days I spent with Elliott—ever since then, I never had the chance to marry the person that had Elliott’s soul. But now… I could spend time with William…

…what a dreamlike situation…

However, it was about to become reality, now.

I was just too shocked to reply.

William asked me, his smile mischievous.

“Could it be… you hate spending time with me?”


No way! There isn’t such a thing!

I swung my head to deny William’s question.

I was so happy, I couldn’t speak—wait, I can’t even speak, right? However, my heart was beating and my body temperature rose in excitement.

I felt guilty towards Lionel and Arthur, but I must thank Lewis. Lewis gave me the chance to be with Elliott’s soul once again—the fact that it was timed and conditioned was beside the point…

…I wouldn’t regret anymore, no matter who got hurt—only he mattered to me. Too excessive, I knew. But, I couldn’t go back anymore—I knew that, too.

I smiled with William, expressing all my love.

William returned my smile—his face was very gentle. His pupil reflected the color of the deep forest.

My passion for William overflowed—it kept getting hotter and hotter…

? No, I feel too hot?

My field of vision tilted—I fell forward, towards William.

“Amelia—!? Are you okay—?!”

William held my shoulders, in panic. Lewis touched my forehead, appearing very concerned.

“…she has a fever.”

“A fever—!?”

“That’s probably because of the injury she had just suffered. The other day, she did have her physical strength drained by that fall in the river.”

Lewis’ words made me recall the event with a strangely cool head. Certainly, the wound from a while ago felt painful.

“William, move aside a little more.”


“You’re really too dense, sometimes! It’s to do this!” Lewis got angry and pushed William to the corner, while my body remained unresponsive.

“Excuse me, Amelia-sama.”


I was suddenly rolled to the side.

“Le, Lewis—this—!!”

It was William who was the most upset by Lewis’ actions… that was right, because this was…

“—I, I’m giving her a lap pillow—!?”

I was happy… this was a truly happy situation… William was giving me a lap pillow, something I don’t remember Elliott ever giving me in the past…

…no, no, he certainly had. Only once, thought. What bliss—a really commendable decision, Lewis.

However, William’s shoulders were trembling. Is he angry? Did he hate the idea of giving a lap pillow that much…?

“Yes. So what, you hate it? This is the only way to let Amelia lie down in this space—if you don’t like it, then okay, I can substitute for you.“

Lewis indifferently told William.

***T/N: Neat trick, Lewis.

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