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6.2 Dance Party Invitation (Part 2)

“Well, what your friend said is reasonable.”


During lunch break, Riol expressionlessly said so while eating a hamburger sandwich for the first time in a few days. They were in the backyard.

“Since the school thinks the perpetrator is the Prince, they won’t conduct a serious investigation.”

While lifting a fried potato, Sharina tilted her head.

“Huh? Is there truly only one blond with blue eyes in this school? There should be many more in the school alone, right? So much that I think the dance party customs need some restrictions.”

“How many times do you need to lump them together until you’re satisfied?”

Sharina was talking about the rumored “Pleasant Corsage Prank in First Year Female Dormitory” when she accidentally told him about her conversation with Angelica. Riol nodded, unamused.

“Although it’s very likely that it was done by a student, it would be a major problem if it was—by any chance—committed by outsiders. Normally, they’d look for the culprit with more diligence.”

“Even if you say that…”

Riol was right. The fact that Sharina was the only one in the dorm throughout the entire day alone should suffice for her to be alleged as the culprit—and yet…

…the morning after, she was only asked a few questions like “did you see anyone suspicious?”, and “did you leave your room?” before immediately being released.

“However, if the culprit is the Prince, then there is no problem because it means no outsider entered. Or rather, if it is revealed that the Prince sneaked into the girls’ dorm, it would lead to an even bigger scandal, for sure. Even if they found evidence, the teachers would surely turn away from it.”

“If the teachers dare to accuse him, obviously, some heads will fly. Hence, they turn a blind eye—it’s indeed reasonable…”

After all, who would dare to incite the Royal’s wrath?

The upper echelon of the school wanted to keep making money. At the same time, they wanted to give the impression that they tried to solve the problem by conducting a small-scale investigation. After all, it would be troublesome if any evidence turned up, since they knew it was the Prince’s doing.

“But why are all the teachers so sure it’s the work of Leonarcissist?”

“Don’t casually invent new nicknames for him as you please—although he’s indeed a narcissist…”

The dance party corsage revealed the hair and eye color of the partner. If it was blond with blue eyes, surely, there would be many more. It was too early to conclude that it belonged to Leonardo.

“It’s obvious, already. Only Leonarcissist is capable of such a feat—to violate both the tradition’s custom and the rule of the girls’ dorm, a place considered ‘banned territory’ to all boys. Even though he wasn’t allowed to step a foot there, he managed to put a corsage in front of a girl’s room.”

“Ah, I’m beginning to see your point now, in our recent studies of Leonarcissist…”

“Indeed. Your dormitory manager overlooked—or to be more exact, was forced to overlook That’s entrance. Otherwise, That would be unable to place a corsage in front of your door.”

Riol, who had finished eating the sandwich, was sipping the matcha juice instead of eating the dessert. The way he held the water bottle with both hands was very adorable.

“Did Narcissist go himself? He could’ve just sent his attendant…”

“As if they would let the prince do such a thing. All he needed to do was use his expert wind magic to unlock the dorm entrance from the outside. That was probably an easy feat for him, he doesn’t need to chant, remember? After leaving the corsage, he probably went away with a dash.”

“You mean… that was how the manager figured it was him?”

“Yes, the door was unlocked, but there was no sign of a forced entry—then, there was also that blue rose corsage. Well, who else could it be? There’s also a high chance the prince visited the night before this incident—as a kind of a preliminary inspection, or something…”

Riol explained while drinking juice, as if he was answering a simple quiz.

How did he manage to reach that conclusion in such a short time?

“—I love you.

“Yeah, yeah…”

His amazed face due to her abrupt words seemed a little bashful…

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