Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

46.2 Just One Souvenir Per Person

“Certified adventurers?”

Once we finish leaving our bags in our room, we go out to have a meal. That is when Mistral curiously asks me that.

“Is it different from ordinary adventurers?”
“Yeah, it’s a bit different.”

I, while holding Pricilla-chan’s hand, explain as we walk.

Ordinary adventurers are the people who join the adventurers’ guild and work there. Apparently, most everyone can join the guild after taking a basic test. After joining, they can get benefits like discounts at various shops and receive employment mediation. While becoming an adventurer without joining the guild is possible, such people are met with a drop in confidence. It’s probably because of such that most aspiring adventurers make sure to join the guild.

As for a temple certified adventurer,

The temple occasionally commissions the adventurers’ guild for someone with excellent achievements and has a reputation for morally integrity. However, the rewards from the temple requests are negligible, they’re almost like service work. Nevertheless, accepting and completing those commissions generates a lot of praise from others.

Adventurers who take the initiative to do the temple’s requests are highly regarded. They also receive favorable treatment from the temple. With them, the temple will share valuable medicinal herbs and cover lodging fee like what happened just now.

In other words, while there are almost no rewards at first, favorable treatment and admiration will come as achievements are piled up. Honor is earned.

Thus, adventurers who gain that honor are commonly referred as the “temple certified” adventurers.

“I see,” Mistral says while nodding after listening to my explanation.

“So, then, the staff at the inn earlier viewed me as a certified adventurer.”
Gununu, it’s frustrating, but you’re probably right.”

Mistral is a beautiful woman with a prim and proper appearance. Plus, the jet-black, one handed, rod at her waist gives the impression of being a sharp sword. The staff of the inn should be familiar with adventurers. They should be able to immediately infer their guests’ prowess through their gestures.

While we are talking, Priscilla-chan’s eyes sparkle as she looks at the various products displayed on the various storefronts. I keep hold of her hand to stop her from being drawn over to them.

Nnmtto, I want to go there!”

Wry smiles cross our faces as Priscilla-chan directs her feet towards a street stall wafting with a delicious smell.

“Priscilla. If you eat snacks now, you won’t be able to eat dinner.”
Nnmtto, separate belly for desserts!”
“Priscilla-chan, who taught you such a phrase?”

Mother, what are you teaching to her? What if Priscilla-chan gets fat?

“The separate belly will have to wait for another time. Right now, it’s already time to eat.”
Uuu, then, I want to see the shop over there!”

Priscilla points at a shop with puffed cheeks. The décor at the shop’s eave is absolutely lovely. The shelves are brimming with stuffed animals and dolls. Looks like dolls and little girls is a common pairing in all races.

“What should we do?” When I look at Mistral, she smiles.

“Let’s take a quick look before the dinner. It would be troublesome if the store closes while we’re eating.”

What’s this? Mistral is surprisingly interested as well.


Priscilla-chan jumps up in delight and pulls my hand to the store.

With the words, “It can’t be helped,” I enter a shop meant for little girls. As I’ve never entered one before, I am curious about it.

The inside of the store is filled with cute displays of dolls and stuffed animals that tickle the hearts of children. Parents with their children fill the store, we are the only exception. Furthermore, all the children are girls.

Priscilla-chan lets go of my hand and immediately rummages through various stuffed animals. Looks like she prefers stuffed animals over than dolls.

Nnmtto, nmmtto, they’re cute!”

Priscilla-chan says so while carrying a massive number of stuffed dolls in her arms. Her appearance is too precious. Not just us, but even the attendants and parents smile.

“Hey now. I won’t buy you that many. Please pick one.”
“No, nyo.”

Priscilla-chan shakes her head. Everyone laughs at the sight. She really is adorable.

I’m not a dad, but if such a child were my daughter, I would never tire of looking at her. I’d also probably end up buying all those stuffed animals for her. That said, I don’t have that much money on me.

I casually glance at a price tag and discover the doll is more expensive than I had guessed. Stuffed animals are surprisingly expensive.

“Just one. I won’t buy any if you don’t.”
Uuu, Mist is mean.”

Priscilla-chan looks up at me with teary eyes.

Gununu, appealing to me with such cute eyes is no good.”

Priscilla-chan, that’s a scary weapon you have there. Adorable gestures and big teary eyes are the strongest of weapons.

“Ernea, don’t pamper her.”
“Ye, yeah, I know.”

Mistral warns me and I manage to somehow keep my reasoning. If I were alone with Priscilla-chan, I’d absolutely have bought her everything I could.

“Now, please choose only one thing that you want.”
“No, nyo.”

Mistral, with a wry smile, persuades Priscilla-chan who whines about wanting all of them. Watching them from the side, they really look like a mother and daughter. Only,

Mistral is too young when compared to Priscilla-chan. It feels somewhat off.

I wonder if come off as the father?

“What a cute imouto.”

The clerk’s casual comment stabs into me. Not a father, but an onii-san. With an, “Ahaha,” I scratch my head.

“Please feel free to look over our products.”

The clerk recommends a lot of stuffed animals to us with a smile. Afterwards, we desperately press Priscilla-chan, who wants all of them, to choose one.

In the end, Mistral is defeated at the end.

Priscilla-chan has a cute, round, large, monster that also serves as a cushion and a yellow, stuffed bear. Nymia has a two-heads tall, green, stuffed pterosaurs. Then finally, for some reason, Mistral also buys one for herself. She buys a stuffed caterpillar that’s made of long, tube-like, linked segments, yet is still cute.

The money…

Apparently, Mistral pays for everything. Ah, looks like she has money on her. By the way, I was satisfied just by watching everyone else have fun choosing their stuffed animals, so I don’t buy anything.

Then, with satisfied expressions, we look for a place to eat. Once there, Mistral and Priscilla-chan are troubled over where to put the big stuffed animals they bought. I watch them with a wry smile.

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