I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

27.2 The Long Night and the Witch (3)

“The lookout will change tomorrow morning. Thus, I’ll explain to them tomorrow to transport this man.”

Jones brings Harij back to reality.

“Thanks, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

After thanking his colleague for his kindness, Harij returns home.

Safina is probably already on his way to Roze’s house, Harij has sent a message earlier.

Back in his mansion, Harij recalls how he was wrapped in Roze’s futon—

—how his heart bounced like that of a boy.

Purple clouds are in the skies—morning sun is rising.

After returning home, he takes a bath—it’s comfortable. Then, he quickly finishes a simple meal.

Jones has probably testified about the thief already. He’s quite good at that.

Later, it’s revealed that the thief had heard in a certain tavern—

—some villagers were talking about how the witch of the lake is apparently a young woman. They were surprised by the the actual appearance of the witch when the mud ball incident happened.

The intrigued thief listened to the villagers, full of intrigue.

The villagers boisterously talked about how the Witch sold drugs day and night, and that she was thriving.

It was already common knowledge that the Witch’s customers were mostly, if not always, aristocrats. The thief’s head filled with evil thoughts almost immediately—

—if the Witch is truly a young woman, she wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

Overjoyed with the idea of obtaining the Witch’s riches, the thief immediately began to explore the area around Roze’s hut as part of his strategy.

Roze rarely went out, and lived like a hikikomori. The man that was supposed to deliver her meals only came every two days.

In a flash, the thief’s plan was ready to be carried out.

Along with the report, Jones also informs Harij that he has completed Harij’s application for vacation. After again thanking his colleague, the bell of Harij’s house rings.

“Safina… shouldn’t be returning. Who could it be?”

Immediately, a footman appears.

“It’s about that which I requested—has it arrived?”

“No, I was informed that it’s going to take some time.”

Harij sits on the couch while tying the lace of his boot.

“It’s not that I’m in the rush, however, it shouldn’t be that late. Please inform them to speed it up.”


“Other than that, bring me my wake-up potion. It’s on my shelf. After that, prepare the horse. I’m departing as soon as I finish drinking it.”

The servant bows and leaves the room.

Harij stares at the blue sky spreading out beyond the window.

***T/N: Short, I know! But tis’ important to know how Harij felt that night.

And Harij, our hearts had leaped on that scene, too, the only difference was how it then grow thirty times its actual size and caused a big bang

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